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Patriots win 2023 GCL Co-ed All Sports Championship

June 20, 2023
By Archbishop Carroll High School

The Patriots are back at the top of the GCL Co-ed standings after a year of outstanding seasons by Archbishop Carroll High School student-athletes.  Eight of Carroll’s 24 varsity teams won league championships, tied for most in the league, and three other teams finished as runners-up.  The Patriots’ most recent victory in the All Sports Championship followed the 2018-19 season.

“We are honored to be the 2022-23 recipients of the Greater Catholic League Co-Ed All Sports Trophy," Carroll Athletic Director Scott Molfenter said.  "It is a true tribute to the commitment of our student-athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, support staff, volunteers, and families to be recognized by a league with so many talented schools.  It is always great to see the accomplishments of our students extend beyond the classroom and into the many athletic opportunities we offer at Archbishop Carroll High School.  Congratulations, Patriots!”

2022-23 League Champions

  • Boys’ Cross Country (state runners-up)
  • Girls’ Cross Country
  • Boys’ Bowling
  • Girls’ Bowling
  • Boys’ Wrestling
  • Girls' Wrestling
  • Boys’ Track and Field
  • Girls’ Track and Field

2022-23 League Runners-up

  • Boys’ Soccer
  • Boys’ Volleyball
  • Girls’ Lacrosse

Archbishop Alter High School, Stephen T. Badin High School, Chaminade Julienne High School, Bishop Fenwick High School, and Archbishop McNicholas High School comprise the rest of the league.

2023 Senior Art Show: Meet the Artists

April 04, 2023
By Archbishop Carroll High School

Enjoy the work of Archbishop Carroll High School's Class of 2023 artists! These artists will be displaying a vast body of artwork showcasing the art program at Carroll.  Each senior artist has invented their own unique visual language that they have explored and developed over the years into one cohesive body of artwork that will be on display.

Where: Dayton Metro Library, Wilmington/Stroop Branch
When: April 3 - 27 during regular business hours

Guinivere Bishop

Up until my senior year, I found that I really loved drawing and painting structures and architecture. I then focused my art on the different types of architecture throughout different time periods. The mediums I use are mostly watercolor and different types of paints to emulate the natural resources used in each building. Next year in college I plan to continue studying structures and buildings through the Architecture program at the University of Cincinnati.

Ruiyi (Hary) Chen

I strive to transport viewers into different worlds through my artwork. With a focus on attention to detail, I carefully consider each element of my drawings to enhance the overall atmosphere and immerse the viewer in the story.  I am constantly seeking to improve my skills and create increasingly vibrant and engaging pieces. After high school, I am planning to major in Industrial Design.

Abby Noss

My art concentration involves my love of animals. I draw and paint a variety of different animals. In some of my pieces, I use charcoal to focus on details such as textures and contrast to bring the animal to life and allow the viewer to see features in a new way. On the other hand, my paintings use large and messy brush strokes to simplify the animal into shapes. I want people to realize the beauty of the world around them. I will be attending the University of Findlay. I plan on majoring in animal science/pre-vet and hope that one day I can achieve my goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Isabella Olivas

Thank you for supporting young artists. Technique is at the heart of most of my artwork. Rather than a piece that evokes emotion, I devote my work to finding unique ways to portray an image. I took a liking to loose, thick, and undefined brush strokes. It was in this style that I felt most comfortable, thus continuing to experiment and grow. I enjoy painting still life objects, especially if they include an interesting shadow.  I have committed to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. I plan on majoring in Media and Communications, as well as minoring in Film. I hope to remain participative in theater. I can't wait to start my future as a Redhawk!

Maria Sills

My concentration is “broken but beautiful”. I take my drawings and add a photograph of a memory I have. I put pieces of the photo into the drawing where it most stands out and gives a sense of brokenness. With concentration, I am able to transform my work into a digital image. I plan on attending the University of Dayton to study Graphic Design.

Emma Williams

My concentration focuses on the emotions represented through body language. People have always been fascinating to me. I believe the emotions they can show through body language is greater than any emotion represented through facial expressions. That is the main thing I try to show through my pieces. Each of my paintings represent someone I love. Cousins, grandparents, siblings, anyone who is important to me. I think that painting someone familiar gives me a better understanding of how to express them while also expressing what I enjoy. After high school I plan on majoring in architecture at the University of Cincinnati.

Samantha Yates

Ever since I was little, art has been one of my passions and my favorite way to express myself. Creating art brings me a sense of peace and allows me to share parts of my life and memories with others. The focus of my sustained investigation has evolved over time, but the main idea focuses on the important figures in my life. The pieces that I have created showcase the personalities and emotions of these figures as well as the relationships that these people and animals share with each other and with me. I have recently started thinking about how the portraits that I have created are kind of like reflections of my life. Every person that I have drawn or painted has influenced me; and because of this, parts of them reflect through me and have shaped who I have become. Personalities are reflections of the soul.  Next year, I plan on attending the University of Cincinnati and majoring in psychology.

Meet JP Nauseef '84

March 07, 2023
By Archbishop Carroll High School

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the Winter 2023 issue of Reflections.  Click here to read the full magazine.

Helping guide the State of Ohio’s economic development policies and long-term plans is based on a heritage of service for JP Nauseef ‘84. The son of a United States Air Force general who served at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Nauseef followed in his father’s footsteps and was commissioned into the service after graduating from the University of Dayton.

His most profound and lasting legacy at the Dayton region’s largest single-site employer would come decades later when the US Department of Defense initiated another Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process that threatened to eliminate thousands of jobs in 2005. In the years since the conclusion of that round of base closures and shifting of resources, the number of employees inside the fence at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base grew from 19,000 to 33,000.  An estimated 27,000 additional permanent jobs for contractors, suppliers, and infrastructure to support the base and its operation nearly double the number of people employed locally thanks in large part to the leadership of Nauseef and his team.

JP Nauseef '84: JobsOhio President

Nauseef is continuing that work as the president of JobsOhio, the state’s private non-profit economic development agency.  He manages a
team of 100 people and six regional partners across the state that look for opportunities to create new jobs and
protect the ones that already exist in ten major sectors of industry and commerce. Much like the efforts to build a secure foundation for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Nauseef’s team is focused on making Ohio a place where major organizations want to do business.

Taking advantage of JobsOhio’s capabilities and a talented team, Nauseef led the efforts to land Intel’s $20 billion capital investment to
build semiconductors to power the next generation of manufacturing in the Buckeye State. The impact of the September 2022 groundbreaking
ceremony in Licking County could reach up to $100 billion and is expected to reverberate throughout Ohio, including in Dayton where several Intel suppliers are already doing business. Nauseef says this project, along with recent investments by Honda, Abbott, and Ford signal a massive on-shoring and re-shoring of high-paying jobs. Nauseef credits the lessons he learned in his past to help create a bright future for the people of Ohio.

“The experiences and lessons I learned in Dayton and at Archbishop Carroll High School have positively impacted my entire life,” Nauseef said. “Like a lot of Air Force dependents and kids, you don’t know a soul when you get to a new home. They embraced my family and me. That was my first exposure to what I consider my home. Carroll is an elite learning institution to prepare you for the next chapter of your life.  I am proud to be a Patriot, and I am confident the current students there are as well. The lessons I learned at Archbishop Carroll High School to work hard and welcome others have been essential in forming who I am.”

Meredith Sanders '23 named National Merit Scholarship Finalist

February 15, 2023
By Archbishop Carroll High School

Archbishop Carroll High School senior Meredith Sanders has been named a National Merit Scholarship Finalist for the Class of 2023, one of the highest honors a high school student can earn.

The College Board has selected 15,000 students from across the country for this recognition based on their scores from the 2022 National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, more commonly known as the PSAT.  Meredith is Archbishop Carroll High School's third student since 2021 to qualify as a NMS finalist.  She also earned a perfect score of 36 on the ACT.

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