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Jason Ashworth Ashworth, Jason Health and Physical Education
Amie Bailey Bailey, Amie Science Teacher
Katie Baker Baker, Katie International Liason
Emma Barlow Barlow, Emma World Languages
Rachel Barnell Barnell, Rachel Advancement Assistant
Alexis Barnhart Barnhart, Alexis Mathematics
Samantha Bauer Bauer, Samantha English
Andrea Bertke Bertke, Andrea
Ann Bertke Bertke, Ann English
Ashley Bowers Bowers, Ashley Mathematics
Beth Branum Branum, Beth World Languages
Luke Brenner Brenner, Luke Social Studies
Matthew Brenner Brenner, Matthew Mathematics
Brooke Butler Butler, Brooke Assistant Band Director
Cody Byrd Byrd, Cody Social Studies
David Conard Conard, David Teacher
Heather Crago-Weston Crago-Weston, Heather School Psychologist
Heather Crago-Weston Crago-Weston, Heather School Psychologist
Samantha Doggett Doggett, Samantha English
Michael Donohue Donohue, Michael International Liason
Nicole Druck Druck, Nicole Student Information Coordinator
Joyce Dunham Dunham, Joyce School Nurse
Linda Edwards Edwards, Linda Yearbook
Elizabeth Emser Emser, Elizabeth Mathematics
Kiersten Fenske Fenske, Kiersten Family & Consumer Science
Melissa Fisher Fisher, Melissa Religion and Campus Ministry
Emily Fogus Fogus, Emily Intervention Specialist
Allison Ford Ford, Allison Intervention Specialist
Michael Franz Franz, Michael Director of Communications
Laurie Fuhr Fuhr, Laurie Science
Julia Gomez-Cambronero Gomez-Cambronero, Julia World Languages
Courtney Graham Graham, Courtney Counselor
Cecilia Grosselin Grosselin, Cecilia Mathematics
Kimberly Hensley Hensley, Kimberly Computer Science and AP Coordinator
Jennifer Hentrich Hentrich, Jennifer Attendance Secretary
Jason Hughes Hughes, Jason Facilities Manager
Marcia Hughes Hughes, Marcia English
Tiffany Hunsinger Hunsinger, Tiffany Religion
Kelley Ingram Ingram, Kelley Business Assistant
Kevin Kates Kates, Kevin Business Manager
Diane Keller Keller, Diane Computer Science
Jill Kilby Kilby, Jill Dean of Academics
Tara Knopp Knopp, Tara Director of Community Engagement and Inclusion
Dana Koesters Koesters, Dana World Languages
Michael Lakin Lakin, Michael Industrial Technology
Melissa Leaman Leaman, Melissa Advancement Assistant
Sarah Lesiak Lesiak, Sarah Mathematics
Renee Merland Merland, Renee Art
Scott Molfenter Molfenter, Scott Athletic Director
Mindy Monell Monell, Mindy Assistant to the Principal
Acacia Morrell Morrell, Acacia English
Meghan Mulligan Mulligan, Meghan Science
James Murray Murray, James Religion and Campus Ministry
Christina Neidhard Neidhard, Christina Teacher
John Neuman Neuman, John English
Katie Nielsen Nielsen, Katie World Languages
Gretchen Obergefell Obergefell, Gretchen Science
Chris Ochs Ochs, Chris Business
Mary Ollier Ollier, Mary Mathematics
Christopher Pennington Pennington, Christopher Counselor
Erik Ramsey Ramsey, Erik Director of Student Affairs
Marilou Rulli Rulli, Marilou Administrative Assistant, Athletics
Matthew Sableski Sableski, Matthew Principal
Stephanie Sagasser Sagasser, Stephanie Intervention Specialist
Martha Saurine Saurine, Martha Director of Campus Ministry
Andrew Seyfang Seyfang, Andrew Social Studies
Cassandra Shea Shea, Cassandra Religion
Cody Smith Smith, Cody Science
Christopher Sorrell Sorrell, Christopher Social Studies
Suzanne Sorrell Sorrell, Suzanne Scholarship Coordinator
Carl Soucek Soucek, Carl Music
Emily Sreenan Sreenan, Emily Religion
Tony Stefanek Stefanek, Tony Mathematics
Lydia Stickel Stickel, Lydia English
Benjamin Swick Swick, Benjamin Intervention Specialist
Todd Tayloe Tayloe, Todd Science
Heather Terbay Terbay, Heather Director of Admissions
Courtney Thompson Thompson, Courtney Social Studies
Julie Weitz Weitz, Julie Director of Alumni Relations
Toni Weitz Weitz, Toni Bookstore Manager
Kathy West West, Kathy Administrative Assistant, Counseling
Peter Williams Williams, Peter Director of Advancement
Jessica Wilson Wilson, Jessica
Donald Wright Wright, Donald Information Technology Director
Laura Wright Wright, Laura Science
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