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Carroll High School provides intervention services to students with a current Evaluation Team Report (ETR) and Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Services Plan (SP) and employs four, full-time Intervention Specialists.  Our Intervention Specialists provide support to students in order to be successful within the general education curriculum and work to ensure that students are using strategies and resources throughout their four years here, as well as to prepare them for college or a career of their choice after they graduate high school.

At Carroll, most students in the intervention program receive one period a day of individualized instruction with an Intervention Specialist.  Instruction provided to students is based on their IEP/SP and varies based on their identified needs.  Common areas of instruction include reading comprehension, mathematics problem solving and calculation, written expression, study skills and organization, and social skills.  We also provide additional support to many students within their general education classroom through a co-teaching model.

All incoming freshmen must take the High School Placement Test as eighth grade students.  If your child needs accommodations during testing, documentation in the form of an SP, IEP with ETR, or a 504 plan must be provided to Carroll High School by your child’s school principal.  The elementary schools have a required form that must be completed, signed by both the principal and the parent/guardian, and accompany documentation.  The required form and documentation must be received by Carroll High School no later than the first Friday of November prior to each test.  No testing accommodations will be provided without documentation of eligibility provided by the student’s school principal by the due date or for students who attend a HSPT make-up session.

Department Faculty

Mr. Ben Swick, Jon Peterson Scholarship Coordinator

B.S. Education (Major: Intervention Specialist), University of Dayton

Ms. Allison Cleaver

B.S. Education (Major: Intervention Specialist), University of Dayton; M.S. Education (Major: Literacy), University of Dayton

Mrs. Stephanie (Pugar) Sagasser '08

B.S. Education (Major: Intervention Specialist), University of Dayton

Mrs. Liz Terry

B.A. (Major: Political Science), Morehead State University
M.A. Education (Major: Social Studies), University of Louisville