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Why People Give to the Carroll Patriot Fund

Why Members of the 2019-2020 Leadership Team continue to give back to the Carroll Patriot Fund year after year...


Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1980

“When I look back, I remember the strong sense of community Carroll offered me with all the dedicated teachers, devoted families and my involvement with band and drill. As my freshman son begins his journey, I have been overwhelmed with all Carroll is able to offer their students, while keeping that same sense of community a strong part of their program. Please join me in supporting Carroll as they continue to provide opportunities, open doors, and challenge their students to be part of that community.”

~Linda Edly-Mead, Carroll High School Class of 1980; Parent of Alex '23

Parent Captains, Class of 2022

“As parents of two daughters (Meredith 2019 and Miranda 2022) who have attended Carroll High School, we couldn't imagine our girls attending anywhere else. We believe the faith-based education they receive is spectacular and this will make them very ready for college. Our daughters are the 2nd generation in our family attending CHS (after Marcia Evers, class of 1992). It is a great day to be a Patriot!”

~Anthony Schock & Marcia Evers '92, Carroll High School Parents of Meredith '19 & Miranda '22

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1965

“My formal Carroll education may have ended with graduation in 1965, but not a day has gone by since when I didn’t use skills I honed at CHS. Today, Carroll’s world-class faculty continues the tradition of instructing its students in skills—and values—that will serve them for a lifetime.”

~Tom Clark, Carroll High School Class of 1965; Parent of David '02

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2000

"Carroll has provided me with a tremendous education, lifelong friendships, and values and morals that have and will continue to shape my future. I give back to continue the legacy of this great institution and to honor those who came before me who gave so generously of their time, talent, and treasure." 

~Tony Kraus, Carroll High School Class of 2000

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2005

"Carroll High School gave me the foundation and skills necessary to be successful in my adult life. Because of this, I give back to the Carroll Patriot Fund yearly so other students can continue to have the same high-level education and unique opportunities that I did." 

~Dr. Katie Schmidt, Carroll High School Class of 2005

Parent Captain, Class of 2021

"Not knowing much about Carroll High School, it was not on the list of options for my children when they were younger. Now having my third child graduating soon from this incredible school, I realize how God lead me there, and I am grateful every day that He did. I tell everyone who will listen about the strong education, instilled with incredible faith, integrity and moral guidance Carroll High School has provided my children. It is a community I’m proud to be a part of, as are my children. I am most grateful for both the strong educational foundation that has helped them with their successful college careers, but also for the inspiring role models they have found in the staff and teachers at Carroll." 

         ~Dr. Mary Lebamoff Chellis, Carroll High School Parent of Jacob '14, Andrew '16 and Hanna '21


"Every day, I'm reminded of the tremendous support we have from the parents, faculty, alumni, and friends of Carroll High School. We know that God calls us to be sensitive to the needs of others and to be willing to do what we can to make their lives easier. This is the Spirit of Giving that we all strive for -- to give generously to the people, places and causes that are important to us. Thank you for your support of the Carroll Patriot Fund. May the joy of such giving bring you great peace. It's a great day to be a Patriot!"    

~Matt Sableski, Carroll High School Class of 1991; Parent of Annie '22 and Patrick '22

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2015

"There were many things I was happy to leave behind when I graduated from Carroll High school four years ago: curfews, Spanish homework, uniforms, rushing between classes, staying up late for homework, and barely making it to school in the morning. But for everything I was happy to leave behind, something from Carroll followed me into college and now into post-grad life, shaping me into the person I am today. My life long friends, dedication in serving others, my commitment to my communities, my interest in global cultures and current events; all of these stem from the time I spent walking the halls of Carroll High. I have only spent 5 years away from Carroll but the fruits from my time there have already begun to benefit me in my young adult life. There is no way to know how much Carroll truly impacted me, but I am grateful for the friendships I made and the values I gained during my time there." 

~Emily Marticello, Carroll High School Class of 2015

Recent Graduate, Class of 2019

“Being a student at Carroll allowed me to continue developing my faith especially through retreats and service opportunities.  I am grateful for my education at Carroll where they educate mind, body and spirit!”

~Jessica Roberts, Carroll High School Class of 2019

Alumni Class Agents, Class of 1995

"We can't believe that it has been almost 25 years since our graduation from Carroll High School. We are grateful that our parents made the sacrifice to send us to Carroll. We know that the trajectory of our lives changed for the better because of it. We remember our time at Carroll fondly. We had teachers who were invested in us as people. They not only cared about our academic achievement but also about our personal and spiritual development. In addition to the academic and spiritual education we received, we also received the gift of friendship. The friendships we formed at Carroll are those that will last a lifetime. We give back to the Carroll Patriot Fund because we are grateful for our experiences and want to provide similar opportunities to current and future Patriots." 

~Aaron & Heather Crago-Weston, Carroll High School Class of 1995

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2009

"I give to the Carroll Patriot Fund because Carroll High School provided me with a supportive community where I could grow in faith, gain an excellent education, and form life-long friendships. I enjoyed participating in the diverse opportunities Carroll offered such as service activities like Christian Service Workcamp, extracurricular activities like Recycling Club, and competing in sporting events. These experiences provided me with important life skills that prepared me for all the challenges I encountered in college and beyond. I appreciate the sacrifice my parents made to send me to Carroll and I want to help provide that opportunity to others. It's always a great day to be a Patriot!"

~Sarah Puchala, Carroll High School Class of 2009

Parent Captains, Class of 2023

“We chose to send our kids to Carroll High School for the positive environment.  Carroll has high expectations for behavior and responsibility while maintaining a fun, vibrant sense of community.”

~Jason & Karla (Wourms) King '94, Carroll High School Parents of Jason '20, Logan '22 and Dylan '23

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1985

"We shared a lot of great memories in our 4 years at CHS and it's hard to believe that some classmates have kids that have graduated from Carroll as well. We are truly blessed to have attended such a great high school that continues to grow and thrive. The relationships and friendships that we made during those 4 years are some of the most precious ones that we have today. It was great to be a Patriot back then, and still is today! Please make sure that you mark your calendar for the 35th reunion and continue to support CHS with a donation today."

~Steve Nagel, Carroll High School Class of 1985

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1975

"Reflecting on my education at Carroll, I don’t really think I appreciated the faculty, the staff, the coaches and all the volunteers that dedicated their time and sacrificed to support me and my fellow students. They truly cared about the students. As the years have gone by, I now know what they were trying to instill in me. They were teaching me to take ownership and that you can accomplish anything with the right attitude and the yearning to learn. That’s why I give back to Carroll. I give so the students today and tomorrow have the support and guidance of the faculty, staff, alumni and volunteers to prepare them for their future." 

~Greg Schneider, Carroll High School Class of 1975

Director of Advancement 

"When I think of all the opportunity and growth that I was able to realize because of the sacrifice and faith of my parents and my family through a Carroll High School education, I am filled with joy to be able to extend those wonderful things to Patriots today and tomorrow. The Patriot Fund ensures that our students will also have the chance to fulfill their promise one day wherever life takes them, it is equal parts Gift and Investment. I hope you will join me in supporting the Patriot Fund and play your part in carrying on the Tradition of Excellence that is a Carroll High School education."

~Pete Williams, Carroll High School Class of 1998

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1970

"I am beyond grateful that my parents had the wisdom to send me to Carroll. By contributing to the Carroll Patriot Fund I feel I am paying forward the amazing academic, spiritual and social opportunities that I was truly blessed with."

~Elaine Hedges, Carroll High School Class of 1970

Parent Captains, Class of 2020

“As a military family new to the Miami Valley, it was important for us to find an environment supportive of our values with a commitment to a quality education. Upon our arrival, Carroll was highly recommended to us and welcomed our daughters with open arms and we have not looked back since. Carroll's educational standards, along with a strong commitment to faith, have allowed our daughters to flourish and has set them up for success in life. Because of these experiences, we support the Carroll Patriot Fund in the hopes others can have the same opportunities. We could not be happier and are proud to say our daughters attend Carroll High School!”

~Col. John & Kathryn Devillier, Carroll High School Parents of Amanda '17 and Breana '20 

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1990

“I coach my 6th grade son and his Carroll Spirit basketball team. That means I'm back in the CHS building on a regular basis now, for the first time in a long time. Every time I walk into Carroll for an open gym or practice or a game, I remember old friends and teachers and successes and disasters, and I feel like I'm home. The other day, I walked past the place where I sat shocked when I got cut from the baseball team, and remembered Coach Mike Roberts welcoming me onto the track team a couple of days later. I see Matt Sableski, Julie Weitz, Erik Ramsey, Chris Sorrell, Tony Stefanek, and others I know from back then who are there working hard to give the kids today a leap ahead in life. I'm proud that I come from Carroll, and I am proud to be able to give a little bit back to the school and students, in return for the great start I got there. Also, if you know any 3rd to 8th grade boys who want to play basketball, have them try out for the Spirit this year! Information about the team is at Fun Competitive Youth Basketball (”

~Matt Joseph, Carroll High School Class of 1990

Faculty & Staff Chair 

"I know the value of a Carroll High School education as a teacher, as a coach, and as a parent; and that's why I support the Carroll Patriot Fund and hope you will consider doing the same. Any amount can help and there is no doubt the dollars go to support our students.”

~Scott Molfenter, Carroll High School Athletic Director; Parent of Ian '16, Grace '19 and Ty '23

Director of Alumni Relations

"My husband, Sam Weitz '91, and I have made it a priority to give back to our Alma Mater every year, since our marriage in 1998.  We do this, not only for the students of today, but because of the amazing teachers, topnotch education, lasting friendships, and fun extracurricular activities we both experienced.  I, especially, am inspired by Carroll's history, traditions and countless number of dedicated alumni who do everything in their power to ensure Carroll's success into the future."

~Julie (Hemmert) Weitz, Carroll High School Class of 1994; Parent of Cameron '18, Mandi '20, and Max '22

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