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Why People Give to the Carroll Patriot Fund


Why Members of the 2020-2021 Leadership Team continue to give back to the Carroll Patriot Fund year after year...


Faculty & Staff Chair 

"Carroll High School is and always has been a second home to me.  Everything I think of with my home, I think of with Carroll High School.  The love, the nurturing, the caring, and the safe feeling are present every time I walk into the school and on the grounds.  Just like my immediate home and family, I want those good vibes to continue and that is why I support the Patriot Fund and give back with my time and involvement.  Giving to the Patriot Fund and committing time provides me a way to say thank you for everything that Carroll is to me.  It is not an easy feat to continue the tradition and progress of Carroll.  I am a member of this community and I take pride in doing my part and giving back, no matter how small it may seem in the grand scale of things."

~Erik Ramsey, Carroll High School Class of 1993; Carroll High School Social Studies Teacher; Boys Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach; Boys Spirit Basketball Director; Parent of Eli '18

Parent Captains, Class of 2021

"We were initially impressed by the high academic standards at Carroll, but we soon realized that there was so much more.  Strong academics, life skills, and a deep sense of faith and community has more than prepared our daughter for college and life in general.  We give to the Patriot Fund to continue this legacy for students for many years to come." 

         ~Lou & Debbie Rose, Carroll High School Parents of Josie '21

Parent Captains, Class of 2022

“We are a very small family, and we have always viewed Max’s school community as an extension of that family.  We chose Carroll High School because it is the type of community that demonstrates the integrity of its values.  We recognized these values the moment we stepped on campus.  Our giving is the way we honor the blessing and privilege of being a part of the Carroll Community and to do what we can to ensure that it exists beyond our brief stay so it may be as much to others as it has been to us."

~Jayme and Kim Horton, Carroll High School Parents of Max '22

Parent Captains, Class of 2023

"Choosing private over public school is a tough and important sacrifice for a family to make.  A critical factor to us is that Carroll provides the teachings and values of Jesus in our child's daily life.  Over the past year, we have witnessed Carroll's exceptional teachers and staff who truly care for our son and his education.  We know we made the right choice because Carroll feels like home for our entire family." 

~Chet & Elaine Bryant, Carroll High School Parents of Cody '23

Parent Captains, Class of 2024

“We chose to send our children (Conner ’21 and Katelyn ’24) to Carroll High School as it had the reputation for high academic standards and a place to help grow their faith.  We could not have predicted how much of an impact this decision has made in the growth and development of our children as the community of Carroll does a tremendous job of taking care of our kids.  The skills, values and community spirit from Carroll, that our children will have for a lifetime, is well worth the investment.  We support the Carroll Patriot Fund as the best way to give thanks and to ensure that future students receive the same standard of education and community."

~Bryan & Amie Bailey, Carroll High School Parents of Conner '21 and Katelyn '24 

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1966

"I make my annual contribution to Carroll a priority.  My family is now in our third generation of Carroll Patriots.  I’ve watched three siblings, a son, and three grandchildren blossom and grow in their years at Carroll.  I actually turned out pretty good myself.  I will continue to give because I know the value of this education first hand.  Giving to the Patriot Fund is a wonderful way to contribute to the success of all generations of young Patriots to come.  They are our future.  It truly takes a village.  And your Carroll Alumni Association and those who give back to the Patriot Fund are a big part of that village."

~Jan (Voss) Galiardo, Carroll High School Class of 1966; Parent of Rick '90; Grandparent of Maddie '17, Luke '20 and Annelise '23

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1971

"Carroll High School has always meant a quality education to me.  My parents prioritized a Catholic education, from Kindergarten through high school, for their six children.  They believed that a foundation of a solid education would prepare us for life.  This would then lead us to continue on to higher education or to enter the workforce, as we saw fit.  As someone who has benefited from the solid footing my four years at Carroll gave to me, it is only fitting that I do my part in supporting Carroll's mission, making it possible for the students of today to receive the same advantages in life that I was given."

~Mark Schneider, Carroll High School Class of 1971

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1976

"The education my husband, Jeff '74, and I received at Carroll High School, not only prepared us for our respective careers, but also for our lives and one of the main reasons we chose a Carroll education for our children.  The Catholic values, excellent academics, and attitude of service is why we continue to value and support CHS for its current students and our grandchildren to come." 

~Sue (Sheetz) Graham, Carroll High School Class of 1976; Parent of Jonathan '98, Jim '00, Jeff '10, and Sarah '19 

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1981

“After this crazy year of COVID-19, our class will be more than ready to celebrate our 40th Carroll High School Reunion next year!  How can 40 years have passed already?  Many of us have had children (and even perhaps some grandchildren?) attend Carroll and other Catholic schools across the country, and we know it makes a difference in their lives, just like it did for us.  So now it’s time to show our gratitude and help our Alma Mater and the current students!"

~Julie (Thurman) Thorner, Carroll High School Class of 1981; Parent of Eve '19

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1986

"As my oldest daughter begins her senior year of high school in a Central Ohio school, I find myself reflecting back at my time at Carroll.  I realized how fortunate I was to have graduated from Carroll.  I remember always being surrounded by a strong support system, whether it was from students, teachers, directors, or parents.  I loved the school size as it was small enough for me to know most students, but just large enough to meet someone new.  I distinctly remember looking forward to the change of classes each day and the echo of hellos as everyone passed each other in the halls.  At Carroll, students knew what was expected of them, not only in education, but also in character.  I felt safe and was able to flourish in a positive environment.  My only wish is that we lived back in the Dayton, Ohio area so that my three daughters (Becca, Ella, and Ava) could attend Carroll as I did.  I do take solace however in watching my nephew, Alex, as he begins his second year at Carroll (with air conditioning, finally)!  I am forever grateful and blessed for all that Carroll has given me and I hope to continue building on the foundation to enable more students to have the same opportunity that I did.  The environment that Carroll provides to young kids is needed now more than ever, and I am proud to continue my support and hope others will support as well."

~Janet (Edly) Borton, Carroll High School Class of 1986

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1991

“Carroll High School has impacted my life in so many ways.  CHS was able to instill in me Catholic values that I use every day and it provided me friends for a lifetime.  The encouraging coaches and positive teachers taught me discipline, fun, and drive to become successful in life.  I have so many fun, great memories of my four years at Carroll!  When you become a student, you become a Patriot for life. You can graduate and send your kids years later and the loving supporting CHS family still remembers you and is awesome and welcoming and caring to your kids.  My twins attend Carroll and it is so nice to know my extended family is watching over my kids each day.  Carroll is truly a school of excellence!  When the school went virtual, the teachers executed the plan with absolutely no flaws.  I want the best for my children educationally and that is provided by Carroll.  The student house system is fantastic and such a cool concept and also is great for the kids.  I support Carroll because I believe in their mission for teaching academic excellence, community service, and development of life virtues.  The students, alumni, and parents are family; we support and take care of one another.  The Carroll community is non-judgmental and you cannot ask for a better environment for your children to learn.  I support Carroll because I want this school legacy to continue!"

~Serena (Parrish) Thompson, Carroll High School Class of 1991; Parent of Max '22 and Sam '22

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1996

"I think back and remember all of the fond memories of my time at Carroll with my friends.  The dedicated teachers and staff helped instill very high moral values which have served me well in my life.  The staff continues to provide a needed sense of community and acceptance to all students and guests.  The excellent education I received has helped me pursue my career goals.  I give back to Carroll to repay the school for all it has given me and to allow the tradition to continue in providing similar experiences and opportunities to future Patriots.” 

~Brian Thomeczek, Carroll High School Class of 1996

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2001

"As for why I donate to the Carroll Patriot Fund, it stems from a compelling sense of responsibility that I gained while at Carroll.  Quality education has afforded me many opportunities in my life.  Particularly now that I have children, I know how hard people work to ensure their children have strong educational opportunities.  Donating allows others access to Carroll High School’s education advantages from which they can build a brighter future."  

~Ashley (Ruef) Graham, Carroll High School Class of 2001

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2006

"Carroll High School, personally, brought me a new beginning.  The education and values instilled at CHS continue with me to this day, which is why I continue to give back to our high school each year.  I attribute much of my professional success to the teachers, peers, and administrators at Carroll.  Thank you for setting me on the right path and for carrying the honor of being a Patriot for life.  The Carroll Patriot Fund is to help benefit not only the future success of current students, but for all of you to support an institution that brought so many memories to your life." 

~Nick Derksen, Carroll High School Class of 2006

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2011

"I give back to Carroll High School because Carroll gave me a solid foundation for my life, both personal and professional.  I am in a position to give back today because of the values and skills I learned in high school.  Since graduating, I've seen all of the positive changes at Carroll and want to ensure that future students have the same opportunities I did and more."

~Mike Pitstick, Carroll High School Class of 2011

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2016

"I take pride in giving back to Carroll High School and the community that guided me through four transitional and cherished years.  The knowledge gained from the education and experiences I received have proven applicable to many of my life’s challenges post-graduation.  Without my time at Carroll, I would not have been on the path I am fortunate enough to be on.  I will continue to support my community, new students and the future of Carroll High School." 

~Anthony Meeker, Carroll High School Class of 2016

Recent Graduate, Class of 2020

“I am ready for college and it is all thanks to the way Carroll prepared me.  The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how supportive my Carroll family is and how powerful their acts of kindness are in shaping the community.  My amazing teachers proved they were capable and willing to adapt to change and went above and beyond the call of duty to provide each of us with the best opportunity to learn, teaching us how to adapt to any situation.  Carroll helped me to become a well-rounded student through leadership positions, AP classes, and completion of over 700 hours of community service.  I plan to attend Ohio University, major in Biology, follow the pre-med track, and attend medical school after college.”

~Brittney Sargent, Carroll High School Class of 2020, Daughter of Adrian '90 & Cathi (Marshall) Sargent '90


"Every day, I'm reminded of the tremendous support we have from the parents, faculty, alumni, and friends of Carroll High School. We know that God calls us to be sensitive to the needs of others and to be willing to do what we can to make their lives easier. This is the Spirit of Giving that we all strive for -- to give generously to the people, places and causes that are important to us. Thank you for your support of the Carroll Patriot Fund. May the joy of such giving bring you great peace. It's a great day to be a Patriot!"    

~Matt Sableski, Carroll High School Class of 1991; Parent of Annie '22, Patrick '22, and Nora '24

Director of Advancement 

"When I think of all the opportunity and growth that I was able to realize because of the sacrifice and faith of my parents and my family through a Carroll High School education, I am filled with joy to be able to extend those wonderful things to Patriots today and tomorrow. The Patriot Fund ensures that our students will also have the chance to fulfill their promise one day wherever life takes them, it is equal parts Gift and Investment. I hope you will join me in supporting the Patriot Fund and play your part in carrying on the Tradition of Excellence that is a Carroll High School education."

~Pete Williams, Carroll High School Class of 1998

Director of Alumni Relations

"My husband, Sam Weitz '91, and I have made it a priority to give back to our Alma Mater every year, since our marriage in 1998.  We do this, not only for the students of today, but because of the amazing teachers, topnotch education, lasting friendships, and fun extracurricular activities we both experienced.  I, especially, am inspired by Carroll's history, traditions and countless number of dedicated alumni who do everything in their power to ensure Carroll's success into the future."

~Julie (Hemmert) Weitz, Carroll High School Class of 1994; Parent of Cameron '18, Mandi '20, Max '22, and Caleb '26

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