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Why People Give to the Carroll Patriot Fund


Why Members of the 2021-2022 Leadership Team continue to give back to the Carroll Patriot Fund year after year...


Faculty & Staff Chair 

"I was blessed to experience Catholic education and now understand how greatly it benefited me.  Carroll has become an integral part of my life in the few years of my time at the school, and I can’t think of a better way to help Carroll feel like home for families than to gift the school with the tools that it needs to ensure that Carroll can continue to bless the lives of every Patriot that walks through the door.  Each day I have the opportunity to see the impact that the Patriot Fund makes.  The light bulb moments when a concept finally clicks and the powerful school Masses as a community remind me of why the future of Catholic education matters.  I know that my gift to the Patriot Fund supports Carroll in continuing to evangelize while providing a top-notch education to students for the years to come.

~Liz Emser, Carroll High School Mathematics Teacher

Parent Captains, Class of 2022

"Our family was welcomed with opened arms by the Carroll community when our daughter, Mikayla, transferred in after her freshman year.  We have watched her thrive at Carroll and for that we are so grateful!  Carroll is rooted in the Catholic faith, challenges its students academically and provides numerous opportunities for extracurricular experiences through athletics, theater or its unique House System (just to name a few).  We give to Carroll High School because we believe it is an investment in high quality Catholic education, one of which we see the value on a daily basis." 

         ~Tom & Angeline Petrovic, Carroll High School Parents of Mikayla '22

Parent Captains, Class of 2023

“We wanted a Catholic education for our children when we moved to the Dayton area, and Carroll made the decision easy and worthwhile.  Carroll provided a positive community for our son, Brian.  The premier education grounded in a foundation of faith separates Carroll from other schools in the area.  We are so proud our son is a Patriot!"

~Brian & Jennifer Crum, Carroll High School Parents of Brian '23

Parent Captains, Class of 2024

"'Be kind and make good choices' has been our mantra for our children throughout their lives.  Our children made a very good choice when they decided to attend Carroll High School.  The academics at Carroll challenge our children in a way that we know will prepare them for their lives after graduation.  The smaller size of the school, Family Rooms and House System provide a sense of community which feels like home.  We are very grateful to be a part of this community and because of that gratitude, we support the Patriot Fund.  We hope that the little bit that we do today will help generations of Patriots to come." 

~Rick & Theresa Davis, Carroll High School Parents of Zack '22 and Maria '24

Parent Captains, Class of 2025

“As a military family, we make supporting Carroll High School a priority because the people here have become an extended family for our kids.  Through its fun and inclusive clubs, sports, Family Rooms, and House System, Carroll makes sure every student is nurtured and feels part of the community.  Our kids are receiving an excellent education—but even more importantly, they are forging lifelong friendships with their dear classmates.  We truly could not have asked for a kinder, warmer high school experience for our children than Carroll High School!"

~Kyle & Colleen Kolsti, Carroll Parents of Matthew '23 and Kathleen '25

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1967

"I confess to some nostalgia in the last few years.  Things I haven't thought about for a long time are once again becoming important to me — the things we did along the way, things to be thankful for.  Among those things is my time spent at Carroll and the education and relationships made there.  I remember dedicated teachers and coaches, both lay and religious, who helped us through these very formative years.  Maybe, like some of you, I met my best lifetime friend and made other close and lasting relationships with Carroll classmates that remain today.  Our years at Carroll provided us with the Christian foundation and background to participate in and succeed in a difficult and challenging world.  We came together at Carroll in a Catholic environment that taught values the world needs.  We need to continue this Carroll tradition and make a gift so that those currently attending Carroll can, like us, one day look back with pride and gratitude for the Catholic education they received."

~Steve Freeze, Carroll High School Class of 1967

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1972

"I choose to support Carroll High School for several reasons.  I feel that Carroll prepared me academically for college and for life-long learning.  More importantly, Carroll instilled in me a sense of service and  Catholic values.  For these reasons my husband Jim (‘71) and I also chose to send our three children to Carroll.  It is important that we continue to offer these opportunities to students."

~Mary (Franz) Frommeyer, Carroll High School Class of 1972; Parent of Elissa '98, Amanda '99, and James '05

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1977

"I personally am so grateful to have Carroll High School as part of my life.  The education, memories, friends, and co-workers that I made during all my time at Carroll are unforgettable.  Being a student, alumna, parent, employee, and now retiree of Carroll are all reasons why I donate to our Alma Mater.  Please join me and donate to our amazing school." 

~Pat (Strathearn) Schwieterman, Carroll High School Class of 1977; Parent of Kristin '06 and Elyse '08

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1982

“Amazing; this 2021-22 year is my big 4-0 reunion year!  Yet those Class of ’82 memories remain so fresh in my mind.  The deep friendships, supportive teachers, solid academics, and diverse extracurriculars have had a profound influence on my life.  This is THE YEAR to give to the Patriot Fund; current CHS students and teachers need our financial support especially during these challenging times.  Join me in making an investment in the high quality, values-based education of CHS, which will continue to yield stellar servant-leaders for generations to come."

~Mark Cannon, Carroll High School Class of 1982

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1987

"I give to Carroll because Carroll High School was, and still is, a very special place for me.  Back in the mid 80's, I loved coming to Carroll every day, not to learn, but to hang out with all of you.  For me, it was an awesome time, making great friendships and great memories.  I made lifetime friends with people I may never have met if not for Carroll High School.  Now, 35 years later, I still come to Carroll every day as an employee of the school.  Though there have been many changes since we roamed the halls here, Carroll still offers young people an excellent community to make great friendships and great memories…..(and, of course, get great education).  Giving to the Patriot Fund helps kids who may not have the financial means to attend Carroll become Patriots.  It gives them the opportunity to hopefully have similar experiences and make some of the same lasting friendships that I did 35 year ago.  CARROLL CLASS OF 87 RULES!!!!!"

~Kevin Kates, Carroll High School Class of 1987; Parent of Luke '22 and Kara '24

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1992

“It is hard to believe that it has been 30 years since we walked out of the doors of Carroll High School and into the world of adulting.  Over these past 30 years we have all seen changes to our lives, our families, and our friends.  Change is the one thing that is a consistent theme in our lives.  The one thing that hasn’t changed though is our commitment to supporting Carroll High School.  Please consider a donation to our Alma Mater to continue the progress that is being made and pay it forward for the education and memories that we made all those years ago.  Our family is seeing first hand what all of these changes are doing for the current student body and we are fully on board to continue supporting Carroll High School’s mission."

~Bill & Cindy (Frantz) Ryan, Carroll High School Class of 1992; Parents of Natalie '22 and Addie '24

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1997

"Carroll High School and the Carroll Patriot Community have proven a lasting and very important part of our lives.  Even beyond graduation, we continue to be blessed by the friendships and opportunities provided to us and our children as a result of being a part of the Carroll Family.  It is our honor to give back and contribute in some way to ensuring the blessings Carroll has brought to our family can be enjoyed by future generations of Patriots as well." 

~Dustin & Theresa (Davies) McGlothen, Carroll High School Class of 1997

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2002

"Carroll High School is a very special place where family, friends, teachers, staff, and community all come together to show our Patriot pride.  It's a place where many memories and friendships were created that will last a lifetime and for that I am truly grateful."   

~Chris Coleman, DDS, Carroll High School Class of 2002

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2007

"Carroll invests in its students and community and believes strongly in the character and personal development of our students above all else.  I strongly believe in the culture created by the Carroll community and the way that it establishes a foundation of faith, service, community, and academic success for our students.  Having attended Carroll, taught in public schools, and returned to teach at Carroll, I've been exposed to the true value of all that Carroll is and stands for, both as a student and educator.  The benefits Carroll offers our students is beyond measure and comparison." 

~Aaron West, Carroll High School Class of 2007

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2012

"From the rigorous science classes to the connections within the Carroll family allowing me to shadow a CRNA, I’m incredibly thankful this paved the way to my career as a Nurse Anesthesiologist.  The leadership opportunities and community involvement at Carroll enabled me to grow as an individual and healthcare provider.  By giving back to Carroll, my hope is that it will set the foundation to enrich the experiences of students for generations to come."

~Sunny Vu, Carroll High School Class of 2012

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2017

"I am extremely proud of and grateful for my education at Carroll High School.  I attribute my collegiate preparedness to my experiences at CHS. Success at Carroll requires discipline, tenacity, and strong character.  Despite the need to be self-motivated, teachers at Carroll support students with great care, preparing them to solve novel problems across a variety of disciplines, from STEM to the humanities.  Additionally, students develop a strong sense of community since Carroll offers a plethora of ways to get involved-- service groups, drama, sports, the arts etc.  So many opportunities for finding your place exist, and accordingly, students emerge as polished human beings and leaders.  Personally, my experiences within the music department from 5-12th grade inspired me to pursue music education as my vocation and prepped me for music making at the collegiate and professional level.  Ultimately, I acquired the skills and dispositions required for a successful life while attending Carroll.  Because of this, I truly believe in the efficacy of CHS and urge you all to continue to support its mission." 

~Brooke Butler, Carroll High School Class of 2017

Recent Graduate, Class of 2021

“I find Carroll High School to be a place of discovery, innovation, collaboration, communication, and a place to call home.  Carroll’s intense courses challenged me to push beyond my limits and increased my desire to learn and to succeed in the future.  My teachers worked so hard to help me to become a better student and to do more than I believed myself to be capable of.  Thank you for your support in keeping tuition costs more affordable, helping my family manage to keep me at Carroll, and leading me on the road to success.”

~David Ferguson, Carroll High School Class of 2021

Recent Graduate, Class of 2021

“I am deeply grateful for the financial aid I received to attend Carroll High School.  Knowing that people outside my family contributed to my education motivated me to take my classes more seriously and instilled a sense of confidence in myself, making me want to work harder so that I, too, may be able to help another student someday.  Carroll helped me develop valuable life skills, such as teamwork and self-discipline, that will help me beyond my education.  In spite of COVID-19, the staff did everything they could to make sure our education was not slowed or halted, and they found a way to provide us with school activities and memories to take with us into the future.”

~Grace Valentine, Carroll High School Class of 2021


"Every day, I'm reminded of the tremendous support we have from the parents, faculty, alumni, and friends of Carroll High School. We know that God calls us to be sensitive to the needs of others and to be willing to do what we can to make their lives easier. This is the Spirit of Giving that we all strive for -- to give generously to the people, places and causes that are important to us. Thank you for your support of the Carroll Patriot Fund. May the joy of such giving bring you great peace. It's a great day to be a Patriot!"    

~Matt Sableski, Carroll High School Class of 1991; Parent of Annie '22, Patrick '22, and Nora '24

Director of Advancement 

"When I think of all the opportunity and growth that I was able to realize because of the sacrifice and faith of my parents and my family through a Carroll High School education, I am filled with joy to be able to extend those wonderful things to Patriots today and tomorrow. The Patriot Fund ensures that our students will also have the chance to fulfill their promise one day wherever life takes them, it is equal parts Gift and Investment. I hope you will join me in supporting the Patriot Fund and play your part in carrying on the Tradition of Excellence that is a Carroll High School education."

~Pete Williams, Carroll High School Class of 1998

Director of Alumni Relations

"My husband, Sam Weitz '91, and I have made it a priority to give back to our Alma Mater every year, since our marriage in 1998.  We do this, not only for the students of today, but because of the amazing teachers, topnotch education, lasting friendships, and fun extracurricular activities we both experienced.  I, especially, am inspired by Carroll's history, traditions and countless number of dedicated alumni who do everything in their power to ensure Carroll's success into the future."

~Julie (Hemmert) Weitz, Carroll High School Class of 1994; Parent of Cameron '18, Mandi '20, Max '22, and Caleb '26

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