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Why People Give to the Carroll Patriot Fund


Why Members of the 2023-2024 Leadership Team continue to give back to the Carroll Patriot Fund year after year...


Faculty & Staff Chair 

“I am blessed to be in my 29th year of teaching at Archbishop Carroll High School.  It is a joy to walk through these doors daily and be inspired by the students, the faculty/staff and the strong Catholic faith, which is so alive.  As I reflect on my 40th year of graduating from Carroll, fond memories are thought of so often - band, friends, dances, yearbook and challenging classes with supportive faculty.  Therefore, giving back to the Annual Fund Drive has always been an important part of my life.”  

~Melissa (Balsom) Fisher: Carroll Class of 1983; Carroll Religion Department Chair; and Carroll Campus Minister

Parent Captains, Class of 2024

“We are proud to contribute to the Patriot Fund as it supports students in pursuing a faith-focused, service-oriented, and transformative education that prepares graduates to be engaged citizens and ethical leaders.  Neither of us grew up in the Dayton area, and sending our boys to Archbishop Carroll High School was an intentional decision for which we are extremely grateful.  Both of our sons were challenged to become more well-rounded individuals—academically, spiritually, and interpersonally.  They are better men for their experiences at Carroll.  We hope that others will join us in supporting the Patriot Fund, so that students may continue to avail themselves of the valuable opportunities provided by and for this community.”

         ~Joe Burdick & Laura Luehrmann: Carroll Parents of Jakob ‘22 and Andrew ’24

Parent Captains, Class of 2025

“Archbishop Carroll is a high school we strongly recommend people support.  Back in August of 2000, our second son transferred to Carroll so he could run for John Agnew.  This move to Carroll introduced our family to a legacy of faith, academics, athletics, theatrical arts, and cherished life-long relationships.  The youngest of our children, and fifth to attend Carroll, will graduate in the spring of 2025.  Like her brothers and sister before her, Hope is challenged by some incredible teachers; the dedication of this faculty and staff is unmatched.  Additionally, the availability of AP courses significantly contributes to students’ preparation for college.  Athletics at Carroll is far more than sports competition and fitness.  The teams are more like families, where parents and coaches alike help create an atmosphere of support and encouragement for the student athletes.  We have experienced this with Carroll’s cross-country program for years!  Carroll’s high caliber theatre program also offers a family-like environment.  It has helped Hope develop skills and talents she will use throughout her life.  Most meaningful for us, as parents, is the growing influence of a Catholic culture at Carroll.  The spiritual retreats, availability of Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Mass are proof of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the halls of Carroll High School.  Because of these blessings, our children have been given the opportunities to grow in their faith and understanding of what it means to live as Catholic Christians.  Much has changed since our children first began attending Carroll twenty-three years ago, but the things that matter most have remained constant.  Archbishop Carroll High School is an academic institution which fosters growth - mentally, physically and spiritually for those blessed to become part of the Patriot family.  Please consider supporting Carroll.  Children deserve the best high school experience we can give them.  They deserve Archbishop Carroll High School!"

~Mark & Rebecca Danis: Carroll Parents of Matthew '03, Maria '05, Daniel ‘10, Luke '16, and Hope ’25

Parent Captains, Class of 2026

“'Our family celebrates the Carroll Patriot Fund, how the school strives for the total formation of our son; academically, athletically, socially, and spiritually.  An investment in the Carroll Patriot Fund is an investment in this formation effort.  Carroll’s unique focus on the Catholic Faith in action is seen across the many dimensions of its students.  We invite your prayerful support of this invaluable resource.” 

~Joseph & Emily Drayer: Carroll Parents of William '26

Parent Captains, Class of 2027

“The impact that Carroll has had on our family began about nine years ago when our daughter Maggie (’24) joined the youth cross country and track program.  From the beginning we could feel how strongly the coaches felt about both the Carroll family and building up the young kids on these teams.  The family involvement and pulling up younger siblings to join the teams really made you feel welcome.  After a couple of years of being on the teams, Maggie knew she wanted to go to Carroll.  Since starting high school back in 2020 we have seen Maggie grow in her faith life, be academically challenged and supported, learn to ask questions and be inquisitive about the world and what she is being taught, and finally feel the bond of being a part of a family through the house systems and her cross country and track teams.  Maggie has learned to challenge herself and step outside of her comfort zone to be a better person.  This is truly from the impact of the relationships she has had with her coaches, teachers and other important staff at Carroll.  They are there because they truly care.  Carroll has made a huge impact on our family and how we looked at the high school experience.  Carroll is not just another high school - it is a community that is dedicated to bringing out the best in young people and making life long connections with the students and their families.  It was without doubt that we wanted the same experience for our daughter, Keely, who started her freshman year this fall.  It is also why we feel strongly about being supporters of the Carroll Patriot Fund.  Through the Patriot Fund, future students might also know the positive impact of a Carroll High School experience."

~Brett & Richelle Poor: Carroll Parents of Maggie ‘24 and Keely ’27

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1969

"My first day at Carroll, I knew only a few people.  I was welcomed by strangers and had new friends in no time.  As I’ve aged, I have grown to appreciate the values taught to me and my three kids, all graduates as well, while attending CHS.  When I learned my grandson, Nick Kaiser, was going to attend Carroll, I was so pleased.  Third generation!  Nick is now a senior and he, too, will graduate with many valuable character building qualities.  Many thanks to the teachers, coaches and support staff.  God Bless."

~Terri (Grieshop) Kaiser: Carroll Class of 1969; Carroll Parent of Rob Kaiser, Jr. ‘92, Julie (Kaiser) Emmons ‘94, Elizabeth (Kaiser) Strong ’97; and Carroll Grandparent of Nick Kaiser ’24

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1974

“Of course, my Catholic foundation was enhanced during my high school days at Carroll.  The curriculum and administration were building blocks to further my own interests with the exceptional education I received there.  My best friends are still Carroll classmates I met in high school.  I relish those four years at CHS as the very fiber of my heart and soul to this day.  I'm proud to continue to support these efforts 50 years later.” 

~Bob Van Leeuwen, Carroll Class of 1974

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1979

"My husband and I support Carroll High School because we both believe that God has blessed us in so many ways; one of which was being able to receive a Catholic education with which our parents made sacrifices for.  The standards and expectations that I learned close to 45 years ago at Carroll prepared me for what was to come not only in my higher education but in the business world as well.  As I reflect on my memories, I think about those teachers who left an incredible mark on me.  I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and patience and demonstrating to me what it means to be a caring and compassionate Catholic.

~Catherine (Vislosky) Kiley: Carroll Class of 1979

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1979

“It was 45 years ago when I first walked the halls of Carroll High School.  I am thankful for the education, and the Catholic values instilled in me.  The memories and friendships that were made back then I still cherish today.  Great things are happening at Carroll and I would like to challenge my classmates to please donate to continue this journey.  Any amount adds up."

~Christine Youngerman: Carroll Class of 1979


Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1984

“It’s hard to believe our 40th is just around the bend.  Archbishop Carroll High School prepared me well with an excellent education all those years ago, while fostering my spiritual growth and sense of responsibility and connection with others.  I am so thankful to my parents and all the Carroll faculty and staff whose dedication, sacrifice, and commitment made a real difference in my life.  Please join me in making a financial contribution to mark the 40th anniversary of our graduation.  Let’s support the dedicated Carroll teachers and staff and ensure that another generation of young citizens and leaders get a great education.  Thank you, dear old friends, from the Class of 1984!  Let’s plant some trees whose shade we’ll never rest in."

~Elizabeth “Betsy” Skowron: Carroll Class of 1984

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1989

"While it can be difficult to see at the time, the seeds of who we are to become are planted and nourished during our teens and early twenties.  With much more time on the other side, I now can see how my education and activities at Carroll High School really were the beginnings of who I am today.  My classes, yearbook, volleyball, and even a semester working in the library, set me on my path while also helping me learn how to make informed and compassionate decisions.  Even though I no longer live in the Dayton area, I still donate each year.  I want today's students at Carroll to have the opportunities to build the same start I had."

~Rosemary (Pleva) Flynn: Carroll Class of 1989

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1994

“When I graduated 30 years ago, I had no idea how much the education and experiences gained over the 4 years at Carroll would impact my future.  Carroll helped prepare me for my life as a pediatric nurse practitioner, wife and mother.  My husband and I knew we wanted a Catholic education for our children and Carroll was always our number one choice.  Our two oldest daughters are currently attending Carroll and couldn’t be happier.  It’s amazing to see all that Carroll has to offer 30 years later.  The possibilities are endless!  We have the opportunity to assist in providing the highest quality education in a faith-filled community.  Please join me in investing in CHS because the return is immeasurable."

~Dina (Adducchio) Thurman: Carroll Class of 1994; Carroll Parent of Anna Thurman ‘26 and Maria Thurman ’26

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1999

“I support the Carroll Patriot Fund because I see the results of the amazing learning opportunities students receive at Carroll!  They are able to grow, learn, and impact the future while also remaining in a faith-centered environment.  Investing in our Patriots will provide a future of smart, faithful, and hardworking leaders of the world!” 

~Amanda Frommeyer, Carroll Class of 1999

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2004

“It is difficult to articulate how much Archbishop Carroll High School means to my family.  I am one of three generations that have graduated from this school, and I’m incredibly proud and grateful to be a part of this rich tradition.  For me, Carroll is the cornerstone of my love for learning and passion for building community.  On a daily basis, I lean on lessons garnered through my Carroll experience – not only in the classroom, but also retreats, long runs, swim meets, and drama rehearsals.  I donate to my alma mater in the hopes that more students can access the well-rounded Catholic education that my parents and grandparents made possible for my family.”    

~Molly (Williams) McCourt, Carroll Class of 2004

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2009

"What makes Carroll so special is the community we have.  A community dedicated to educational excellence and equally dedicated to the Catholic faith.  I give to Carroll so that future generations of students can each be best positioned for success in all aspects of life and improve and give back to the communities in which we live.  Carroll shaped my educational life, my social life and most importantly my life of faith.  Without the gift of an education at Carroll I would not be who I am and where I am today.  It is that gratitude that drives me to give and empower more future Patriots with this same gift, and I hope to inspire more fellow alumni to join me in giving back." 

~Kevin Thurman, Carroll Class of 2009

Alumni Class Agents, Class of 2014

"For us, Archbishop Carroll High School gave us the confidence to take on the world.  With challenging academics, competitive athletics, and strong support from a faith-filled community, we knew that Carroll had prepared us for the next steps in our lives.  With our financial contributions, we are choosing to be a part of the continued evolution that will provide support for generations of Patriots to come.”

~Tyler & Sierra (Gaunt) Thompson, Carroll Class of 2014

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2019

"I support Carroll because it offered me opportunities to explore my passions.  Carroll allowed me to strengthen my passion for the arts by providing chances to be on stage while learning valuable lessons about confidence, self-identity, and leadership responsibilities.  My Carroll education also ignited my passion for physics.  Carroll’s science education challenged me in new ways which piqued my interest in a career field I had never considered before.  My time at Carroll prepared me well for my future as a scientist, educator, and a member of the Dayton community.  Now, on the other side of the desk, as Carroll faculty, I am so grateful that Carroll is still providing new opportunities to explore my love of science and the arts and encourage students to find their own passions.  I encourage you to reflect on your own passions and how Carroll provided you with opportunities to explore them.  

~Gretchen Obergefell, Carroll Class of 2019

Recent Graduate, Class of 2023

“Generosity towards us Carroll students motivated me to work harder.  The Carroll Community allowed me to grow as a student and greatly advanced my education while also allowing me to gain many new friendships and skills outside of the classroom.”

~Alex Mead, Carroll Class of 2023

Recent Graduate, Class of 2023

“Alumni and parent support of the Carroll Patriot Fund taught me to want to give back to those who helped me along the way and to help others get to where I am.  From the students to the staff, everyone has a part to play which makes Carroll such a great place.  Carroll helps us to be strong independent characters who will make a difference in the world.

~Gabby Green, Carroll Class of 2023


"Every day, I'm reminded of the tremendous support we have from the parents, faculty, alumni, and friends of Archbishop Carroll High School. We know that God calls us to be sensitive to the needs of others and to be willing to do what we can to make their lives easier. This is the Spirit of Giving that we all strive for -- to give generously to the people, places and causes that are important to us. Thank you for your support of the Carroll Patriot Fund. May the joy of such giving bring you great peace. It's a great day to be a Patriot!"    

~Matt Sableski, Carroll Class of 1991; Parent of Annie '22, Patrick '22, Nora ‘24, and Colleen ’27

Director of Advancement 

"When I think of all the opportunity and growth that I was able to realize because of the sacrifice and faith of my parents and my family through an Archbishop Carroll High School education, I am filled with joy to be able to extend those wonderful things to Patriots today and tomorrow. The Patriot Fund ensures that our students will also have the chance to fulfill their promise one day wherever life takes them, it is equal parts Gift and Investment. I hope you will join me in supporting the Patriot Fund and play your part in carrying on the Tradition of Excellence that is an Archbishop Carroll High School education."

~Pete Williams, Carroll Class of 1998

Director of Alumni Relations

"My husband, Sam Weitz '91, and I have made it a priority to give back to our alma mater every year, since our marriage in 1998.  We do this, not only for the students of today, but because of the amazing teachers, topnotch education, lasting friendships, and fun extracurricular activities we both experienced.  I, especially, am inspired by Carroll's history, traditions and countless number of dedicated alumni who do everything in their power to ensure Carroll's success into the future."

~Julie (Hemmert) Weitz, Carroll Class of 1994; Parent of Cameron '18, Mandi '20, Max '22, and Caleb '26

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