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Katie (Frey) Klain '65 (left)

Katie (Frey) Klain '65 credits the legacy of her parents to inspire her to give

"My parents Adeline and Luverne Frey were among the couples who began the Carroll Boosters in 1961.  So, it is fitting that I am among the initial members of the Torch Society. I hope to honor the dedication of my parents to quality, value-based education that they provided for me. Their pledge to Carroll demonstrates the high value on an excellent, well-rounded education and the expectation of a better future for their daughter because of it." - Katie (Frey) Klain '65



Tom Clark '65, long time Carroll educator and past Carroll parent wants to say thanks by paying it forward

Tom Clark '65 with the Carroll Latin Club in 2015

“We are parents of a Carroll graduate and are eternally grateful to the school for the innumerable gifts it has given to our family.  We certainly hope everyone in the Carroll community will consider joining us in "paying back and paying forward’ the gifts Carroll gave us. It pleases me that the Torch Society gives us a chance to say a belated thank-you to my buddies I met there, to the teachers who taught me there, to the students and colleagues I met in my seventeen years on faculty and in coaching, and to my parents and to the thousands of other parents who often stretched their budgets to the breaking point to provide their children with a Carroll education.” - Tom Clark '65

The Fish Sisters, Kathleen Arquilla ’68, Betsy Brown ’69, and Susan Ayers ’71 are proud to be founding members of the Torch Society by making it a family affair

By funding an endowed scholarship for tuition assistance, Betsy states, “It’s exciting to be on the ground floor of a new society for giving, and being able to take the first step with my sisters is very important to me. It paves the way for other donors to follow.” Susan adds, ”There are many siblings and extended families that have shared the Carroll experience. What better way to show appreciation for a quality Catholic education? It's a great way to pay it forward.“ Kathleen observes “Given the current COVID environment and that many families are struggling, it is a good time to help. In addition, as tuition increases, many families cannot afford a Catholic education, and it would be a shame for students to be denied the lifelong Carroll experience because of financial circumstances.“

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