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As can be seen in the photos below, graduation year does not matter too much.  Whether you are from the class of 1965, 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005, 2015, or 2025...  Once a Patriot...always a Carroll Patriot and always cheering for the red, white, and blue...  

Carroll High School has scanned all of our historical photos to store them electronically. Our goal is to have an electronic, historical recording of every single school year since 1961. Many of these photos have been identified by volunteers and may be incorrectly labeled. If you notice a photo that is mistakenly included in the wrong school year, please contact Julie (Hemmert) Weitz '94, Director of Alumni Relations.

If you have any historical photo(s) you'd like to share, please email

This is work in progress.  The classes following 2011 will also eventually be included.  Be sure to visit again!


Variety of Photos, 1961-1983 (unidentified)

These photos below were unable to be identified with a specific school year.  If you know where a photo belongs, please contact  Thanks for your help!

Historical Window Display at CHS

The Carroll High School Alumni Association organizes and creates a historical archive display in the window/cabinet outside the library/collaborative learning center.  Heidi (Willhelm) Garlow '88 and Karen (Tegenkamp) Klepacz '89 leads the effort in changing out the display two times per school year.  Below are photos of past displays.  If you have any Carroll memorabilia you'd like to share for future displays, please contact  

2018 August Display

2018 December Display

2019 August Display

2019 December Display

2020 August Display

2021 August Display

2022 August Display

2022 December Display

2023 August Display

2023 December Display


The Dayton Metro Library has a select number of historical Carroll High School yearbooks scanned and displayed online.  You can find them at the link below.

Carroll Yearbooks Online


Do you remember Fr. Victor Ries, Carroll's first principal from 1961 until 1968, whose academic and financial expertise still influences the school today?

Do you remember cheering in the stands in the early 1960's? 50 years of history has not changed a thing in regards to SPIRIT! Carroll students and alumni are PROUD to be PATRIOTS!

Do you remember the May crowning ceremony in 1962? Carroll's Catholic identity was strong then...just as it is strong now!

The Drama Club is one of the oldest student organizations at Carroll, formed during the first school year in February, 1962. Do you remember the first three-act play presented on April 20-21, 1963, entitled The Little Dog Laughed, directed by Mrs. Arthur Stucke and Mrs. Lawrence Marlin?  Pictured here is Chuck Merrill, Pat Gilmore, Jerry Lantz, Shirley Hutchinson, and Jim Russell.

When Fr. Ries became the first principal of Carroll, he requested top-notch teachers from the Archbishop and Mother Superiors of various orders of nuns, each order to control a different department.  Do you remember 1964? Pictured here, in the front row (left to right), are Sr. M. Boniface OSF, history; Sr. Regina OSU, mechanical drawing; Sr. M. Eugenio SND, music; Sr. Rose Joseph SND, Spanish; Sr. M. Maura RSM, art; Sr. M. Giovanni CPPS, mathematics; Sr. Marie Irene SC, English; and Fr. Jerome Eilermann CPPS, religion.  In the back row (left to right) are Mr. James Hemmert, English; and Fr. Stanley Neiheisel, guidance.

Do you remember the 1964-65 school year when CHS relay runners first carried the burning "torch" as a symbol of enlightenment, hope, life, & truth to encourage others to follow them in bringing school spirit to off-site sporting events?

Do you remember Typing II class at Carroll High School in 1966?  Pictured here are Angela Delabar (left), Tamara Montgomery and Teresa Bizzarro.

Remember the opening mass in 1966?  Pictured here (left to right) are Fr. Tom Dorenbusch; Fr. John Zvijak, CPPS; Fr. Ray Kammerer; Fr. Thomas Rolfes; Fr. Victor Ries; Fr. Stanley Neiheisel; Fr. John Fay; Fr. Jerome Eilerman, CPPS; and Fr. Edward Martoch, CPPS.

Do you remember 1966?  Studying in the library (left to right) are James Tomaszewski, Richard Fisher, Karen Hurr, Adele Shoup, Kathleen Connolly, Roberta Laux, Thomas Nelson, Joseph McAllister, and Michael Staigers. Standing (left to right) are Leslie Lane and Librarian Teresa Bizarro.

Do you remember the Homecoming Queen, Pam Robinson, in 1966?

Liberty Belles...drill team...guard: the names may have changed throughout Carroll's history, but quality has not! Carroll's guard continues to have one of the best reputations in the area!  Do you remember 1969 and Carroll's Liberty Belles pictured here?

Do you remember when Dale Hess '67, along with friend and classmate Michael Bashaw, acquired the Victory Bell for Carroll, built its base, and began the tradition of ringing it after games won?  In this 1968 photo, Fred Duff, Mike Lowery, Steve Bashaw, & Dave Forsthoefel ring the Victory Bell...

Dale Hess later died in a ground battle near Cam Vu, South Vietnam on April 30, 1968.  His brother, Kevin Hess '73 shared the following story at the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame in 2008:
"When the Victory Bell was acquired, parts of the system ended up in our garage. And some in the basement. Then behind the garage. One story I have is the origin of the Victory Bell. In the days of strict boundaries, we were one of the few St. Anthony families that were in the Carroll school district. St Anthony had built a new church and the old church bell was setting unused on the school building, clearly visible from the playground. Between Dale and friend Mike Bashaw, they came up with the idea to use that bell as the Victory Bell for Carroll. Dale approached the pastor, Fr. Backhus and the bell was his - if he could have it removed. Fr. Heinl had connections through an Air Force family at Carroll to have the bell removed using an Air Force crane. Now for a little background - In the 1960’s Wright Patterson had an active squadron of B-52’s and on their approach to land, the pilots would lineup with the runway using the St. Anthony church steeple. The school building is next to the church and the huge planes would fly over school and shake the building and rattle the windows, and the nuns had to stop teaching for all the noise. These were also the days of Civil Defense Air Raid practices where we would crawl under our desks once a month to protect us from a nuclear attack. The nuns would be praying that the planes would make it over the school safely and the kids were ready to dive for shelter. It was quite a scene. On the day the bell was being removed from the building, our principal Sr. Norberta Marie, heard that the Air Force was outside on the playground with a crane.  She heard “Air Force” and may have heard “plane” instead of crane because she proceeded to go out to the playground and told the crane operator to “stop flying those planes over the school and scaring the children!” You can imagine the crane operator…  Dale and friend Mike Bashaw – with a little help from some Dads, built the original base for the Victory Bell and mounted it for future victories over the evil Alter Knights."

Do you remember 1970 - the year of spirited students on the Dayton Carroll bus, Torch Runners, and the first Carroll musical?  Pictured here with the students is Sr. Mary Annette, O.S.F., Social Studies teacher.

Do you remember the first Carroll musical, My Fair Lady, performed by the senior class in May, 1970, co-directed by Sr. Bernice Janszen and Sr. Judith Kastle?

Do you remember Fr. Stanley Neiheisel, Carroll's second principal from 1968 until 1974, whose goals were to diversify the curriculum, pull the community together, and in doing so, endlessly gave of his own time to help build or fix things around the school?

Do you remember the Fall of 1970 when the "torch" runners ran their longest record ever - a 225-mile run to a football game in Ravenna, Ohio, south of Cleveland?

Do you remember praying as a team in Carroll's chapel in 1971?

Do you remember gathering with your friends at the Homecoming Dance in the 1970's?

Do you remember running the torch in 1973? The torch runs ended in the late 1970's when the runners began to experience obstacles. New groups eventually formed such as the Red Brigade and the Flag Patrol that used other methods of carrying spirit through the Carroll stadium.

Do you remember Fr. Robert Obermeyer, Carroll's third principal from 1974 to 1979, whose goal was to increase family spirit at the school and teach respect of self, others and God?

Do you remember the Audio Visual club in 1974: Rick Clement, Larry Dempsey, Marie Guglielmo, Bill Baron, Guy Mouton, Jeff Nelson, Jim Baron, Randy Botteri?  Pictured here is Jim Baron ’76 with Mr. M. Malesko.  In 1975, the Audio Visual club spent hundreds of hours putting the school’s closed circuit TV system back in working order. 

Do you remember 1975 and the faculty/student relays?  This photo shows the faculty side of “tug of war.”  Pictured here (left to right) is Fr. Robert Obermeyer, Mr. Jim Kuntz, Mr. Jim Spoerl, Mr. Dennis Scott, Mr. Tim Walsh ’67, and Mr. Dave Luzio.

Do you remember 1976 and Carroll’s outstanding band?  In 1975-1976, Carroll’s band and drill team were honored by Senator John Glenn and represented Ohio in Washington D.C. celebrating our country’s bicentennial.
Do you remember Carroll’s drill team in 1978?  Also in 1977-1978, Carroll’s Victory Flag, designed by Dina Hilgeford ’78, was first flown.
Do you remember Mr. Charles Eckhardt, Carroll's fourth principal from 1979 until 1983, who had a strong influence on the development of character and who was dedicated to the feeling that "you teach by example?"  In this photo, Mr. Eckhardt is talking with students Larry Keller and Ryan Colucci.
Do you remember cheering in the stands in 1979? PATRIOT POWER!

Do you remember 1979 and the famous pep rallies that were held on every Friday of a home game?  Pictured here are Mark O’Brien ’79 and Mr. Joseph Sens in his much-remembered raccoon coat and huge clown glasses.  Oh…the memories...and the spirit back in those days!
Do you remember Fall of 1980 when the men's soccer team, coached by Mike Donohue, won the state championship for the very first time?

Do you remember spirited pep rallies in 1981? Here is Mr. Jim Spoerl and the football team leading the group in victory chants.

Do you remember Mr. Joseph Sens, Carroll's fifth principal who served from 1983 until 2011, whose goals included academic excellence, tuition assistance, and dedication to his faculty and staff?  This photo was taken in the mid 1960's when Mr. Sens taught science at Carroll.
Do you remember the performance of The Importance of Being Ernest, directed by Miss Doris Waldrop, May 22-23, 1983? Pictured here is Chris Sorrell and David Saitta.
Do you remember the Stebbins Exchange in 1983 when Carroll's Patriot accepted Stebbins' tomahawk in victory?  After years of revolution, four football players, four cheerleaders, class officers, principals, and student council members from each school met to draft a treaty.  These meetings had results!  At ceremonies after the annual Carroll-Stebbins football game, each school gave awards to MVP's.

Do you remember Lockermania in 1983?  As stated in the yearbook, “Lockermania is a disease that sparkles everyone’s life at locker period.  It shows one’s personality.  Some have pictures of stars, or their favorite rock group.  Others have spirited signs for different activities they are in.  And yet others are surprised to walk in on their birthdays to see the outside of their locker decorated.”

Do you remember 1983 when the Carroll High School Marching Band, led by Mr. David Luzio, was named Division A Grand National Champion at Bands of America? In those days, the band and drill team consisted of over 150 members and used a unique and difficult precision drill style used by very few schools at the time. 
Do you remember decorating the halls for Carroll’s Homecoming in 1985?  Pictured here are the Muppets and the “Rainbow Connection.”

A salute to Carroll Cross Country teams, coached by John Agnew '80, who have won more league championships than any other Carroll sport (except for soccer): men 23 and women 14. Remember 1989 when the men's team was the first CC team to qualify for state?

Who said that teachers don't have fun?   Do you remember the1990 senior/faculty games?  After threats from the seniors, the faculty not only came out on top in volleyball and basketball, but they had a great time!  After having worked up an appetite, pizza was served to seniors and faculty.  Pictured here is Mrs. Lois Lane, guarded by a senior.

Do you remember 1990 and the excitement leading up to the big Homecoming game?

Do you remember class with Sr. Ursula Hausfeld in 1990?  Steve McCarthy ’70 states: “Sr. Ursula was a true modern day saint.  She inspired so many throughout her teaching career.  She had a true charitable and loving heart.”

Do you remember 1993 when both the men's and women's cross country teams received 1st place in regionals and, for the first time, both qualified for state? The men also went to state in 1991 and 1992.

Do you remember 1994 and Chicken Patty Day at Carroll High School?  Pictured here (left to right) are Brent Deep, Ryan Jasper, Chris Skapin, Joe Schutte, Mike Long, Matt Rauch, and Chad Macek.

Who can't forget the Homecoming sock hop in 1994?  Oh the good ole days!

Do you remember 1994 and the seniors’ last day?  Pictured here in Sr. Mary Alice Stein’s classroom (left to right) are Charlie Middleton, Charlene LaFleur, Shaheen Wirk, Yong Bakos, and Mary Harrison.

Do you remember experiencing PATS retreats in 1999?

Do you remember the Carroll SPIRIT in 1999? What fun!

Do you remember the Spring 2000 production of Fiddler on the Roof, directed by Mrs. Melissa (Balsom) Fisher '83, Sr. Mary Alice Stein, Mrs. Marcia (Hemmert) Hughes '83, and Mr. Kenny Bierschenk? Pictured here is Adam Cullin.

Do you remember the Walk-a-Thon in 2000?  Lots of good memories spending the day with your friends and, of course, getting out of class.

Do you remember 2001 when the women's cross country team qualified for state? The women's team also received 1st place in regionals in 1994 and both the women and men advanced to state in 1994 and 1998.

Do you remember the exuberant faculty and staff in 2004?   Pictured here (left to right) are: Mr. Dennis Brun ‘85, Mrs. Bev (Amatulli) Lightner ’73, Mr. Tom Clark ’65, Mrs. Jayne Garman, Sr. Mary Alice Stein, Mrs. Pat (Strathearn) Schwieterman ’77, Mrs. Melissa (Balsom) Fisher ’83, and Mrs. Beth Watson.

Do you remember 2004 when Carroll's flag patrol, under the direction of Mr. Mike Rakel, inspired the crowd to cheer the Patriot team onto victory?

Do you remember the 2006 Homecoming Court of Kristina Corcoran, Katrina Corcoran, Queen Elizabeth Barnett, Steffany Ott, Jamie McGuffin, Nikki Jett, and Jamie Carmody?

Remember 2006 when both the men's and women's cross country teams qualified for state once again? The women placed 5th at state and the men placed 11th. The men also went to state in 2005.

Do you remember 2008 when the men's soccer team, coached by Scott Molfenter, won the state championship for the second time?

Do you remember 2008 and pizza day at Marion’s Piazza?  Carroll’s development office treated us to pizza for collecting pledges for the Walk-a-Thon!  What fun!

Do you remember Mrs. Kathy Keller – one of your favorite Chemistry teachers?  Pictured with Mrs. Keller in this 2009 photo is Josh Keller ’10.

Do you remember 2009 and Carroll's Winterguard? The Winterguard was state champion in 1989-1990, and placed fifth nationally in open class competition. In 1994-1995, Carroll's Winterguard placed third in the country in a world-class competition.

Remember the 2009-10 school year when Carroll students and Flag Patrol members carried out their own "torch" tradition with the Spirit Run prior to a home football game?

Do you remember 2010 when the men's soccer team, coached by Scott Molfenter, won the state championship for the third time in Carroll's history?

Do you remember 2011 and the Right to Life March in Washington D.C. defending the sanctity of human life?

Do you remember the March 18-20, 2011 performance of Grease, directed by Mrs. Toni (Hemmert) Weitz '86, Mrs. Melissa (Balsom) Fisher '83, Mr. Jack Glaser '69, Mr. Carl Soucek, and Ms. Ann Huber? 

Hats off to another state soccer championship in 2011!  Congratulations!!

Do you remember March of 2011 when the Carroll High School Girls Basketball Team made it to the state championship?  What a wonderful experience for them!

Do you remember the 50th Anniversary Celebration in October 2011 and the strong tradition of religious priests and nuns who served Carroll High School in the past? Pictured here, left to right, are Fr. Jim Manning '66, Fr. Stan Neiheisel (Carroll's 2nd principal), Fr. Lou Wenke, Fr. Mike Holloran '73, and Fr. Robert Obermeyer (Carroll's 3rd principal).

Carroll Patriots will never forget the men's state soccer championships in 1980, 2008, 2010, 2011, and most recently, 2012!  Congrats to Coach Scott Molfenter, Coach Mike Donohue, and all those who made up these teams!

2013 was another great year! The men's cross country team qualified for state and placed 12th. The men also went to state in 2007, 2008, 2012, and the women went to state in 2009.
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