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Student Work Permit /

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  • Students must be 14 years of age to obtain a work permit. 
  • Fill Out APPLICATION FOR MINOR WORK PERMIT at home and have your parent or guardian sign it. Be certain to include your city and zip code on the address line. 
  • Have your employer fill out the PLEDGE OF EMPLOYER section (Tax ID number mandatory), including filling out information in Boxes 1-4. This must be specific. 
  • Have your physician complete PHYSICIAN'S CERTIFICATE FOR MINOR WORK PERMIT on the back page. A copy of a current school year sports physical is also acceptable. 
  • Please bring a form of identification confirming date of birth to the Main Office with the completed application to have your work permit processed. 
  • You must be present in the office to sign the processed work permit.

Click here to download a copy of the Student Work Permit

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