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This overnight, off-campus retreat encourages juniors to grow in their relationship with Christ and foster a deeper sense of community within their class through exploring journeys of faith, highs and lows in life and faith, blessings that flow from a relationship with Christ, healing through forgiveness, affirmation, and acceptance.

This retreat takes place at the Bergamo Center in Beavercreek, begins on a Sunday afternoon, and ends on a Monday afternoon.  Carroll's Campus Ministry Team assigns a retreat date to each student, but students can reschedule in the case of special circumstances as determined by the Carroll Campus Ministry Team.

Retreat Highlights

  • devotional prayer experience
  • sacrament of Reconciliation
  • large group presentations and witnesses
  • large and small group discussion
  • journaling
  • affirmation
  • icebreakers
  • recreation

The Bergamo Center

The Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning was founded in 1967 by the Society of Mary (Marianists) religious order. Bergamo was named after the childhood home of Pope John XXIII. Originally established strictly as a retreat house, Bergamo grew over the years to become a full-service retreat and conference center. Bergamo resides on the 150-acre campus of Mount Saint John, home to many Marianist of Ohio and numerous other Marianist projects.  Click here to learn more about the Bergamo Center.

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