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Career Discovery Program

Alumni Job Shadow Day

Carroll juniors and seniors have the opportunity to observe and learn from alumni about a career or vocation that interests them.  The student does not need to be decided in their career field to participate; the shadow day is an opportunity for them to learn more about their options. 

Alumni Job Shadow Day normally occurs on one school-selected day during the school year, typically in the fall on Parent-Teacher Conference Day.  The selected date for the 2023-2024 school year is Thursday, October 5, 2023.  The Alumni Association is also continuing the Passing the Torch Speaker Series as another option to learn more about various careers (go to for more information). 

Job Shadow Day is an excused absence for those students who choose to participate.  All students interested in participating in Job Shadow Day for 2023 can sign up here - please sign up no later than Friday, September 8th.

Students and alumni will be notified of their assignment one week in advance.  Alumni can designate certain hours for the student to shadow them; it does not have to be the entire workday.  Third shift hours cannot be accepted and the job location must be within 80 miles of Carroll High School.  We cannot guarantee the possibility of matching students with alumni in health care fields because of HIPPA laws; however, we do encourage these students to participate in the Medical Careers Club offered at Carroll.

The purpose of the Alumni Job Shadow Day experience is to link students with alumni.  This is not the time for students to shadow their parents, family members or friends; those shadow experiences should occur on a day when school is closed.  The only exception to this is if alumni cannot provide the shadow experience the student is looking for.  



Parental approval must be received in advance for those students under age 18.  Private one-on-one meetings are not encouraged, unless they are held in a public place, such as a restaurant, library, workplace, conference room, or classroom when other individuals are nearby. 

Prior to participating in the Job Shadow Day or any other Alumni Mentor Program activity that is not on Carroll premises, students are required to have a permission slip filled out by their mentor and signed by their parent or legal guardian. The completed permission slip then needs to be submitted to the Alumni Office via email at