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Welcome from the Deans

Go, Gonzaga! Go, Go, Gonzaga!  Our students chant, and we love it!  Gonzaga House is named for Aloysius Gonzaga, an Italian priest who is the patron saint for young students, all Christian youth, plague victims, and most recently AIDS victims and their caregivers. Gonzaga was of noble birth, but renounced his title of nobility to enter the priesthood. He died at the age of 23 after volunteering to help care for plague victims, succumbing to the plague himself.

In Gonzaga House, our students proudly sport our burgundy and white shirts with our crest which prominently depicts a lion, reminding our students to be both bold and courageous like Gonzaga.  The lilies represent purity as we seek to be purely devoted to God and others.  The skull reminds us that life is fleeting, and we should live our life with that daily reminder.  The crown on the lion’s head recognizes the nobility of Gonzaga and that Christ is the Lion of Judah.  The cross is the symbol of Jesus as the Christ, and the Fleur de Lis at the bottom of the crest represents Mary (as Gonzaga was a Jesuit devoted to Mary) who willingly served God despite the consequences.

Gonzaga House strives to set a strong example of spirit, service, and academic excellence at Carroll.

Welcome to Our House

House Colors: Burgundy and White

Our Motto: Set an example in love, faith, and purity

Core Values: God, Grace, Giving, and Gratitude

Patron Saint: Aloysius Gonzaga

Namesake: Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Crest of Gonzaga house
Crest of Gonzaga House


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