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The Business Department offers a wide variety of elective courses that benefit students from both collegiate and personal standpoints.  Since the business world is constantly changing, courses are designed to keep students aware of recent developments.  Using current technology and timely resources, students will learn practical, job-related skills they can put to work immediately and continue to use throughout their lives.  The courses are open to all students, not just those who plan to pursue business as a career.  Any student considering business as a college major is encouraged to take Introduction to Business and Business Concepts.  All students are encouraged to take Personal Finance or Honors Personal Finance.

Introduction to Accounting

This course is designed to provide a basic background of business terms, procedures, and financial statements in all three types of businesses.  Automated accounting procedures are integrated with manual exercises to reinforce and apply practical accounting skills.

Introduction to Business

This course will introduce students to such business concepts as entrepreneurship, accounting, and marketing skills relevant to today’s global economy.  Students who take Introduction to Business may appreciate an exploration of these basic business topics. It will serve as a foundation for those who wish to learn more in Business Concepts.

Business Concepts

Prerequisite: Introduction to Business
This continuation course will explore the interesting business topics of personal law, social media advertising, sports/restaurant management, and related careers.  Students who take Business Concepts may be considering a business major in college.

Personal Finance

Prepare for your future by learning how to manage your personal finances. This course introduces topics such as budgeting, banking, saving, prices, credit, and online shopping.

Honors Personal Finance

Prepare for your future by learning how to manage your personal finances.  Learn about and play the stock market, as well as simulate practical banking activities.  

Department Faculty

Mr. Chris Ochs

M.A. Educational Administration and Higher Education, Southern Illinois University


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