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Each health and physical education course is designed to promote the total fitness of the student.  We believe a healthy body is essential for physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth.  Through a variety of activities and lessons, the student is encouraged to develop respect for oneself and others, to assume responsibility for establishing a healthy lifestyle, to strive for excellence in daily tasks, and to appreciate the benefits derived from teamwork and cooperation.  The values and outcomes of physical education are realized most fully when the individual has developed an appreciation for movement and physical activity becomes an important element in his/her pattern of daily living.  Recognizing the correlation between health and physical education, as well as experiencing athletic and recreational sports, becomes essential for one’s commitment to a physically active lifestyle through adulthood.

The purpose of Health education is to provide a concept of wellness and health that includes the well-being of the body, mind, and relationships with others, as well as developing respect for one’s body, a sense of reverence for all forms and stages of life, and a concern for one’s own well-being.  It is the intent of the program to develop positive attitudes toward maintaining effective health and to establish holistic health practices.  Our focus is on prevention, the practice of healthy behaviors, and avoidance of high-risk type behaviors.

Physical Education

Students will be taught fundamental principles of outdoor and indoor team and individual games.  Team games studied may include soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball, and floor hockey.  Individual activities may include archery, badminton, and aerobic and anaerobic activities. Students may repeat course for credit.

Lifetime Sports

Prerequisite: Prior athletic experience (Physical Education course or sport)

This is an elective course for physically active juniors and seniors.  This course will highlight the significance of lifetime physical fitness, leisure time activities, and sportsmanship.  Lifetime Sports activities will focus on court and field games.  Examples of these activities include Ultimate Frisbee, disc golf, badminton, volleyball, ultimate volleyball, 3-on-3 basketball, soccer, archery, team handball, pickle ball, floor hockey, ping pong, corn toss, bocce, horseshoes, and speedball.  This class will also stress the importance of performance, sportsmanship, and rules and regulations. Students may repeat course for credit.


Health education stresses the concept of total-body wellness.  It encompasses the physical, mental, and social aspects of human well-being.  Health of body, mind, and spirit requires a deep respect for one’s own body, right choices to stimulate one’s mental quotient, and formulation of guidelines that determine parameters in developing healthy relationships with others.  It is the purpose of Carroll High School’s health education program to help students develop positive attitudes toward a holistic approach to healthful living.  Carroll High School’s health curriculum focuses on the practice of healthy behaviors and the prevention of harmful or high-risk behaviors.

Online Health

Note: This course will appear on Family Portal the following Fall semester. This course will be offered two different terms, one in summer and one in October-March.

Health education stresses the concept of total-body wellness.  It encompasses the physical, mental, and social aspects of human well-being.  To participate in this course, students must have daily access to the internet and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) or Google Suite.  Each student is required to spend a minimum of 60 hours (independently) to fulfill the minimum course requirements.  All course requirements and grades are available on an Online Learning Management System (Blackboard is currently being used).

Department Faculty

Mr. Jason Ashworth, Chair

B.A. Physical Education, College of Mt. St. Joseph

Physical Education Exemption

In accordance with Ohio Core Legislation passed December 2006, students can earn an exemption from the physical education requirement.  A student who participates in interscholastic athletics, marching band, or cheerleading for two full seasons can apply for an exemption to the Physical Education requirement.  There is no partial exemption.  Student must be eligible the entire season.  In compliance with the Ohio Revised Code, the student shall still be required to earn the required 23 credits.