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Ohio EdChoice Program /

Traditional & Expansion Scholarships

All students in the State of Ohio qualify for the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship.  The full amount of the scholarship is projected at $8,408 per high school student.  Under the traditional scholarship program, families who reside in designated public school districts are eligible for the full amount of the scholarship. The expansion scholarship designates families whose household income is at or below 450% of the federal poverty line as eligible for the full amount of the scholarship.  Families with a higher household income are eligible for a prorated amount of the scholarship.  Families making 785% or more of the federal poverty line are eligible for a $840 scholarship.  Click here to see a better estimate of how much aid you can expect to receive through this program.

EdChoice Scholarships apply towards tuition only.  School fees are still the responsibility of the family.

How do I renew my EdChoice Scholarship?

Whether you were awarded a Traditional EdChoice Scholarship or EdChoice Expansion Scholarship for the 2023-24 school year, you can renew your scholarship for the 2024-25 school year by doing the following:


  • You should receive a renewal form in the mail at your home.  Submit the renewal form to Archbishop Carroll High School along with an approved proof of residency document (see below).
  • Check the Federal Poverty Guidelines to determine if you meet the income requirements to qualify for low-income status.  If you do, fill out the portion of the form to have your income verified.


  • You should receive a renewal form in the mail at your home.  Submit the renewal form to Archbishop Carroll High School along with an approved proof of residency document (see below).
  • You will NOT need to complete the income verification process unless you would like to have your income recalculated for a new award amount.

When do I Apply?

The application for the 2024-25 academic year will open in February 2024.

Remember, only your school of choice can submit the Ohio EdChoice scholarship program request form to the State of Ohio, so be sure your student is accepted for enrollment at Carroll first. After you have been accepted for admission to Carroll, submit the scholarship request form to the school so that they can apply for the scholarship on your behalf.

How do I Apply?


Fill out an EdChoice Scholarship Request Form and submit it to Carroll along with a copy of the student's birth certificate and a current (within 90 days) utility bill detailing your service address.

Click here to access the request form

  • This form and supporting documents can be brought directly to the main office.
  • This form and supporting documents can be scanned and submitted to  Photos of the documents are also acceptable.

Upload income verification documents to the OH|ID website.  You will receive a scholarship award based on your family’s Adjusted Gross Income.


Households with dependents who are 18-21 year old children can count these children toward their household size.  However, the State website will not accept them if added in the normal fashion.  Here is the workaround:  Add a note to the Head of Household with the subject, “18-21 Year Old ON FORM PLEASE ADD as a family member”.  Notes can be added with the documents tab on right side of the screen.  Once a note has been added, upload page 1 of your federal tax return listing your children as dependents with the documents tab.

Due to high demand, the ODE website is operating slowly, especially during business hours.  Please be patient and persistent.


Click here to access the income verification portal

Click here for income verification portal instructions

What Information is Needed?

  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate
  • Proof of Residency Documentation
    - A current (less than 90 days old) utility bill. The utility (electric, gas, water, sewer, cable/internet) bill MUST SHOW MATCHING SERVICE AND MAILING ADDRESS in the name of the parent/guardian.  Post office boxes (except in rural areas where residents only have a PO Box) and cell phone bills have no service address and therefore are not accepted.
    -A monthly mortgage statement (less than 90 days old) OR lease/rental agreement (signed by lessee and lessor) AND a piece of current business mail (examples: pay stub, bank statement, insurance statement, car payment statement, etc) with parent/guardian’s name and address.
  • Completed and signed EdChoice Scholarship Program Request Form (Click here to download the English form)
    (Haga clic aquí para descargar el impreso en español)
  • Custody Documents if applicable

How do I Submit my Application?

How Can I Check my Application Status?

The Parent Portal within OH|ID allows you to monitor your application for real-time information.  Follow these steps to check your application status.

  1. Log into the OH|ID website:
  2. Go to “My Apps”
  3. Locate the “Department of Education Application Request” App
  4. Click "Open App"
  5. In the “Request Information” selection, choose “Scholarship” in the Application dropdown menu.
  6. Type “Check Scholarship Progress” in the “Reason” field and press “Submit”.
  7. You should be able to access the “Scholarship Programs” shortly after you complete Step 6.  This will allow you to view your Scholarship Parent Dashboard and access award status information for your students.

Other FAQs

How will I know when my application has been processed and accepted?

The State of Ohio will notify families when applications are approved.  This message will also contain information about your scholarship amount.

Do I need to do anything else after my application has been accepted?

Upon notification of approval from the State of Ohio, you will receive an acceptance form that must be completed and returned to Archbishop Carroll High School.  Carroll will notify you if there are changes to this process.

Will I need to make my monthly tuition installments if applying for an EdChoice Scholarship?

Yes.  Tuition payments will continue to be collected on the scheduled dates, and your FACTS payment account will be adjusted accordingly when Carroll receives your scholarship funds from the state.

Making your monthly payments as previously agreed is critical to our operational budget.

Will my family still owe an out-of-pocket tuition balance?

Ohio EdChoice qualifies families at or below 200% of the FPL guidelines qualify for low-income status. The law states that low-income families are not required to cover any remaining tuition balance.  Those above 200% can be billed for the remaining tuition balance after the scholarship is applied to your account.  All families, regardless of income status and scholarship eligibility, are responsible for all fees.

If my family received the full scholarship in the past, do we still qualify for the full scholarship?

Yes.  Families who qualified for the EdChoice program before the 2023-24 expansion will still receive the full scholarship amount.

What if I receive merit-based scholarships to attend Carroll?

All scholarships awarded by Carroll and third-party organizations will still be applied to the balance of your tuition.

What if I receive financial aid?

All families that who are interested in receiving  financial aid from Carroll will be required to apply for an EdChoice Expansion Scholarship.  In most cases, the EdChoice Scholarship will replace and even surpass the amount of aid provided by Carroll.  Your financial aid award will be based on the amount of tuition left after the EdChoice Scholarship is applied.

Where can I find more information?

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