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All alumni are welcome and encouraged to help out!

If you are interested in serving on any of the following committees, please contact the committee chairperson or Julie Weitz at or (937) 253-8188, extension 339.

Nominating Committee

Responsible for preparing a list of possible nominees for Alumni Association representatives and submitting it to the Executive Committee for approval (VP is automatic chair).

  •     Committee Members: Patty (Hattan) Buhrman '80, Marc McNulty '94, Julie (Hemmert) Weitz '94 
  •     Committee meets on an as-needed basis

Communication Committee

Responsible for developing techniques to connect alumni with Carroll. Its focus is to build relationships among alumni and encourage more people to be interested and involved with the Alumni Association. 

  • Currently, there is not a chairperson leading this committee and this committee is inactive.  Carroll's Alumni Director and Communications Director are currently leading all communication initiatives of the Alumni Office.  If anyone is interested in leading this committee, offering their communication expertise, or just simply has ideas, please contact Julie Weitz or Michael Franz.
  • Committee meets on an as-needed basis; most communication is via email. 

Alumni Scholarship Selection Committee

Responsible for overseeing the selection process of the Carroll Alumni Association Scholarships given annually to incoming students, freshmen through seniors. The selection committee chairperson is appointed by the President of the Alumni Association and is sworn to strict confidentiality as to protect the applicants. In no event shall any member of the selection committee be a family member of any applicant for a scholarship. At least one legacy scholarship shall be awarded per grade level to students with parents, grandparents, or legal guardians who graduated from Archbishop Carroll High School.  One non-legacy scholarship shall be awarded for other dedicated Patriots. The amounts of the scholarships shall be, depending on available funding, approximately $1,500 each. The amount shall be set annually by action of the Alumni Association. The selection of scholarship winners shall be based upon specific selection criteria found on the application and evaluation worksheet, all approved by the Alumni Association. 

Applications for scholarships are available online in September and are due December 1st.  All winners will be notified through the mail or by phone in mid-January. 

  • Chairperson: Heidi (Willhelm) Garlow '88
  • Committee Members: Katie (Frey) Klain '65, Helen (Cantrell) Wyskiver '75, Nan Christensen '75, Barb McCoy '83, Heather (Wildenhaus) Fawley '88, and Heather (Naber) Steineman '88. 
  • Meetings planned on an as-needed basis. The voting meeting occurs in early-January after the December 1st application deadline. Winners are notified in mid-January. 

'Pass the Torch' Committee

Responsible for promoting, encouraging, and recruiting new and future students to our Alma Mater.

  • Most communication via email.  Contact Heather (Taylor) Terbay, Carroll's Director of Admissions, for specific ways to help with the recruitment efforts at Archbishop Carroll High School.  She can also provide you with 'talking points' and CHS facts.

Alumni Mentoring Committee

Responsible for implementing the Carroll Alumni Mentor Program with the goal to provide a framework for positive relationships between local and national alumni and students.  These relationships will help contribute to the student's positive interactions between their school, community, and family.  In addition, students will be helped to develop communication skills, as well as vocation, career and college awareness in order to make better life-long decisions and contributions.  Mentoring Committee Events include Alumni Job Shadow Day (available to juniors and seniors in October), the Passing the Torch Alumni Speaker Series, and the Medical Career Club.

  •     Chairperson: Julia (LeMaster) Bey '95
  •     Committee Members: Julie (Hemmert) Weitz '94, Melissa Leaman
  •     The committee meets as needed.  Most communication via email.

Awards and Recognition Committee

Responsible for evaluating the criteria, researching the candidates, soliciting nominations for alumni sponsored awards, and hosting the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame ceremony held every other year in September or October during Alumni Weekend (odd years). The Inaugural Ceremony was held on September 13, 2008. For more info, go to the Alumni Hall of Fame page

  • Chairperson: Gwyn (Fox) Stump ‘99
  • Committee Members: Jeannie (Heid) McManus ’66, Sharon (Schneider) Becker ‘69, Kathy (Kuntz) Heeb ’70, Bev (Kissell) Rose ’70, Greg Notestine ’71, Cathy (Wuebben) Jackson ’75, Patty (Hattan) Buhrman ’80, Mark Jobe '83, Kim Timm '86, Amy (Sableski) Wittmann '88, Marc McNulty ‘94, Julie (Hemmert) Weitz ’94, and Jill Kilby
  • Meetings typically held once per month. Meeting dates determined at previous month’s meeting. Communication via email also occurs. 

Athletic Hall of Fame Committee

Responsible for evaluating the criteria, researching the candidates, soliciting nominations, and hosting the Athletic Hall of Fame ceremony held every other year in September or October during Alumni Weekend (even years). The Inaugural Ceremony was held in January, 2003. For more info, go to the Athletic Hall of Fame page

  • Chairs: Julie (Staton) Malesko '93 and Chris Youngerman '79
  • Committee Members: Mike Hennessy ’70, Don Fortener ’72, Kelly (O'Brien) Maxwell ‘90, Cindy (Frantz) Ryan '92, Julie (Hemmert) Weitz ’94-ex officio, Joey Mauro ‘98, Greg Terbay ’98, Amanda Frommeyer '99, Nick Herrin '08
  • Meetings typically held once per month. Meeting dates determined at previous month’s meeting. Communication via email also occurs.  For more information about this committee, please contact the committee chairs. 

Alumni Golf Outing Committee

Responsible for planning the annual golf outing held on a Friday during September (typically the week following Labor Day) 

  • Chairperson: Bob Miller '76
  • Committee Members: Jan (Voss) Galiardo '66, Jeannie (Heid) McManus '66, Mary Ann Wendeln '69, Greg Notestine '71, Nan Christensen '75, Helen (Cantrell) Wyskiver ‘75, Sue (Sheetz) Graham ’76, Denise Drake-O'Neil '79, Kim Timm '86, Marc McNulty ‘94, Julie (Hemmert) Weitz ‘94, Paul Huffman ’04, Jillian (Heigel) Chaney ’13
  • Meetings held monthly between May and October. The committee communicates other needs throughout the year via email as needs arise.

Special Events Committee

Responsible for providing assistance in planning alumni events, assessing current programs, and revising events to meet the needs and interests of Carroll alumni. Current events planned by this committee are the annual Alumni Night and Alumni Mass during Alumni Weekend. This committee has also planned summer events in the past, such as the Dayton Dragons alumni outing. 

  • Chairperson: Sue (Sheetz) Graham ’76
  • Committee Members: Emilie Dymond '65, Katie (Frey) Klain '65, Jan (Voss) Galiardo '66, Jeannie (Heid) McManus ’66, Mary Ann Wendeln '69, Jeff Graham '74, Nan Christensen '75, Helen (Cantrell) Wyskiver '75, Chris Youngerman ’79, Patty (Hattan) Buhrman '80, Linda Edly-Mead '80, Myrna (Fisher) Gazzerro '81, Mary (Sammons) Jobe '81, Kelly (Sheetz) Becker ‘82, Tim Norbut ’82, Lori (Dahlinghaus) Wolff '83, Carol (Dodaro) Brown '86, Kim Timm '86, Toni (Hemmert) Weitz ’86, Heidi (Willhelm) Garlow '88, Christina (Allen) Molnar ‘88, Karen (Tegenkamp) Klepacz ‘89, Julie (Hemmert) Weitz ‘94, Angela (Stauffer) Bolin ’98, Amy Gilmore ’11, Jillian (Heigel) Chaney ’13
  • Meetings planned on an as-needed basis and are normally planned around the timeframe of the event the committee is currently working on (one pre-event meeting & one wrap-up meeting). The committee also communicates via email. 

Carroll St. Pat's Fest Leadership Team

Responsible for planning the annual Carroll St. Pat's Fest typically held on the Friday-Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day Weekend, including the traditional Friday Irish Fish Fry and Saturday Irish Festival.  This committee is a combined effort of the Alumni Association, Patriot Parents/Students, and the Carrolleer Booster Association.

  •     Current Chairs/Event Leads: Mike Moddeman '87 & Kathy (McDonald) Moddeman '89
  •     Future Chairs/Co-Chairs: Ed & Kelli (Waltemathe) Lawhorn '87
  •     Past Chairs/Senior Advisors: Steve Leaman & Melissa Leaman
  •     Staff Lead/Director of Alumni Relations: Julie (Hemmert) Weitz '94 (937-253-8188 x339)
  •     Additional leadership team members include Logistics Chairs Scott Jokerst, Mike Wittman, Tom Pyatt; Lead Finance Chairs Bruce Comer '98 & Amy (Kulhanek) Comer '98; CHS Business Manager/Gambling Chair Kevin Kates '87; Fundraising Chairs Pat (McCoy) Glaser '71 & Wendy (Lobbestael) Fleisher '85; Recording Secretary Linda Edly-Mead '80; Corresponding Secretary Jeannie (Heid) McManus ‘66; Volunteer Chair Debbie Rose; CHS Director of Communications/Publicity Chair Michael Franz ‘05; Stage Chairs Bill Baron ‘76, Drew Hilgeford ’89, Andrew Connair ’20, Nathan Snizik ’23; Food Chairs Rick & Theresa Davis, Meaghann (Crowe) Fite '97; Drink Chairs Rachel & Jared Price '07; Silent Auction/Raffles Chairs Angie Holzinger, Missy Mae Walters, Katie (Landis) Williams ‘92; Leprechaun Land Chairs Amy Gilmore ’11, Dina (Adducchio) Thurman '94, Marie Austria; Life Size Games Lynn (Lapierre) Brown '98; Aux Gym Finance Booth Chairs Nick Wahl '07, Matt & Beth (Wahl) Savage '86
  •     And many, many more dedicated booth chairs and day-of-the-event volunteers...
  •     Meetings held monthly between June and April; communication also via email. 

Alumni Historical Display Committee

Responsible for overseeing the alumni historical window display created in the hallway outside Carroll's Collaborative Learning Center (CLC, otherwise known as the former library).  This display is changed two times per school year, in August and December.  The theme changes each time and is based on historical moments in Carroll's history.  Anyone is welcome to give theme suggestions, donate historical items, or help with the creation.  Committee members also help in other ways, such as identifying or scanning historical photos for the archives.  Anyone interested in helping, please contact

  •     Chairperson: Heidi (Willhelm) Garlow '88
  •     Committee Members: Cathy (Wuebben) Jackson '75, Karen (Tegenkamp) Klepacz '89, Julie (Hemmert) Weitz '94
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