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Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Guidelines

Your fellow alumni, the administration, faculty, staff, and students of Archbishop Carroll High School want it to be known that you are distinguished in our midst and shall evermore be remembered as a member of this honored Hall of Fame in which you are recognized and held up as an example of what it means to be a Carroll Alum, a true Patriot for Life, and an example of the ideals of Church, family, country, community, and service. Be it so known. Be you so honored.

Archbishop Carroll High School’s Alumni Association established the Awards and Recognition Committee in May 2006 in order to evaluate criteria, research candidates, solicit nominations for alumni sponsored awards, and coordinate the planning and hosting of an annual Alumni Hall of Fame awards ceremony.  Being named to the Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame is an incredible honor and is based on post high school achievements.

There are two categories for consideration: Alumni Distinguished Patriot and Honorary Patriot. 

The Alumni Distinguished Patriot Award honors Carroll graduates (at least 15 years out) who have made a significant impact on their communities and professions.  The volunteer selection committee makes nominations and considers those received from alumni and the community.  They solicit nominations from diverse backgrounds and vote for the "best" of the "best" after reviewing the following areas of accomplishment:

  • Academic Excellence: Graduates who have demonstrated a passion for learning and have achieved academic excellence.
  • Career Achievement: Graduates who have outstanding achievement in their professional field. Their achievements have brought distinctions to themselves and benefit to their community.
  • Christian Leadership: Graduates who contribute to the spiritual growth of a community through their involvement in service oriented and religious activities and whose personal integrity reflects the values of Jesus Christ.
  • Dedicated Service: Graduates who have given extended, extraordinary service or philanthropy to Archbishop Carroll High School or have demonstrated a commitment to public service that has substantially benefited their community, state, region, or beyond.
  • Heroism: Graduates who have prevailed over adversity or who have distinguished service in the Armed Forces.
  • Humanitarian: Graduates who have devoted their life to the welfare of all human beings.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Graduates who have contributed to the enhancement of cultural arts, music, theater, literature, film, or media.

The Honorary Patriot Award honors those who are not Carroll graduates who have had a lasting and profound effect on Archbishop Carroll High School, its students, and its community through their commitment to Catholic education and their active involvement, leadership, and support of the school.

Nomination forms must be received by the first day in September to be eligible for induction the following school year.   Once candidates are nominated, their nominations remain active in subsequent years.

The Awards & Recognition Committee Chairperson is Gwyn (Fox) Stump ‘99.  Current committee members for the 2023 ceremony are Jeannie (Heid) McManus ’66, Sharon (Schneider) Becker ‘69, Kathy (Kuntz) Heeb ’70, Bev (Kissell) Rose ’70, Greg Notestine ’71, Cathy (Wuebben) Jackson ’75, Patty (Hattan) Buhrman ’80, Mark Jobe '83, Kim Timm '86, Amy (Sableski) Wittmann '88, Marc McNulty ‘94, Julie (Hemmert) Weitz ’94, and Jill Kilby.

The Alumni Association needs your help in identifying alumni and their accomplishments.  If you know of someone to honor, please fill out the nomination form online.  If you have any questions, contact

The next Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held during Alumni Homecoming Weekend, September 29-October 1, 2023, at the University of Dayton Daniel J. Curran Place.  To see the videos of the recent Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame school assemblies & awards assemblies, go to

Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

Distinguished Inaugural Class of 2008
  • Standing, left to right: Kevin Hess '73 (representing deceased brother, Lance Corporal Dale Hess '67), JP Nauseef '84, Ann Marie Stieritz '87, David Gasper '74, Diane (McGarvey) Wright '79, Cheryl (McHenry) Chabali '74, Steve Bognar '81, US Congressman Steve Austria '77, Chris Clifford '79 (representing deceased best friend, Col. Paul Kelly '79)


2008 Event Program

Distinguished HOF Class of 2009
  • Front Row, left to right: Kathy (McGarry) Brewster '70 (representing deceased husband, Dr. Robert Brewster '70), Honorary Patriot Rita Kroger, Peggy (Miller) Ruhlin '67
  • Back Row, left to right: Leo Dugdale '70 (also representing friend, Dr. Robert Brewster '70), Capt. Tony Tangeman '66, Dr. Greg Notestine '71, Lt. Col. Ed Robbeloth '66, David Seiter '70, Michael Bashaw '67, Dr. Jim Volz '71; not pictured Rick Good '69

2009 Event Program

Distinguished HOF Class of 2010
  • Front Row, left to right: Sharon (Schneider) Becker '69, Steve Ries and Charlie Middleton '65 (representing deceased Honorary Patriot Fr. Victor Ries), Julie (Thurman) Thorner '81
  • Back Row, left to right: Lt. Col. Mike Milord '67, Jack Glaser '69, Michael Gaines '86, Ted Fecke '73

2010 Event Program

Distinguished HOF Class of 2012
  • Front Row, left to right: Carol (Gasper) Huber '68, Bill Hess '71, Tamara Gonzalez '71
  • Back Row, left to right: Thomas Hischak '69, Honorary Patriot Fr. Stanley Neiheisel, John Timm '89


2012 Event Program

Distinguished HOF Class of 2014
  • Front Row, left to right: Honorary Patriot Sr. Mary Alice Stein, SC, George Kuntz '65 (representing friend Mike Lofino '65), Carole Hohl '67
  • Back Row, left to right: Larry Blanford '72, Dr. Mark Stibich '91, Dale Nieberding '76, Steve Haller '68


2014 Event Program

Distinguished HOF Class of 2016
  • Front Row, left to right: Andrew Osgood '22 & Michael Osgood '20 (representing deceased father Mike Osgood '78), Dr. Cheryl Conley '69, Honorary Patriot Joseph Sens
  • Back Row, left to right: Becky Osgood (representing deceased husband Mike Osgood '78), Matt Joseph '90, Dr. Alan Thurman '78, Lt. Col. Charlie Middleton '94, Michael Neatherton '70

2016 Event Program

Distinguished HOF Class of 2018
  • Front Row, left to right: Dr. Kathleen (Greaney) Cashman '83, Honorary Patriot James Hemmert, Michael Easterling '65
  • Back Row, left to right: Jim Chervenka '66, Dr. Mark Draper '84, Dr. Mike Pleiss '71, Dr. Richard Campbell '67

2018 Event Program

Distinguished HOF Class of 2021
  • Left to Right: Honorary Patriot Tom Hoefler, Amy (Menke) Loges '65, Christine Rafalko '72, Dr. Stephen Blatt '77, Jim Skowron '87 (representing his sister, Dr. Elizabeth Skowron '84), Col. Urban Gillespie '86, and Michael Sticka '00

2021 Event Program

Nomination Form

Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination