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In Memory of Fallen Patriots Killed in Action

Carroll High School Alumni Association Scholarships

Carroll High School’s Alumni Association offers scholarships to incoming students, freshmen through seniors, to attend Carroll High School.

  • 5$1,500.00 scholarships will be distributed each year
    • 4 legacy scholarships (one per grade level) to students with parents, grandparents, or legal guardians who graduated from Carroll High School
    • 1 non-legacy scholarship for other dedicated Patriots

A selection committee is appointed by the President of the Alumni Association. The committee is composed of Carroll High School alumni, and is sworn to strict confidentiality as to protect the applicants. In no event shall any member of the selection committee be a family member of any applicant for a scholarship. 

These scholarships are given in memory of Carroll’s Fallen Patriots: Dale Hess ’67, killed in Vietnam, and Paul Kelly ’79, killed in Iraq, in the hope that future students may learn from their courage and heroism.

Students are only eligible to be awarded ONE scholarship during their four years at Carroll High School. The Alumni Association would like to ensure that as many students as possible have a chance to win. Students may reapply each year, even if their application was declined the previous year.

Applications are due December 1st and must be filled out online.  All winners are notified by the end of January via phone or mail.  Payment will be made directly to Carroll High School in the name of the winning student.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Planning to attend Carroll High School next school year, currently in grades 8, 9, 10, or 11
  • Completes ALL SIX SECTIONS of the Application, ONLINE only
  • Be sure to follow all directions, organize material well, and use proper grammar and punctuation.  Late applications will be disqualified.

Contact if you need assistance filling out the online application.

GO HERE TO APPLY FOR THE 2022-2023 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIP (Application available in September 2021) 

Application Instructions:

We recommend that you gather required information and type the essay question in a separate document FIRST, SAVE it, and then simply COPY and PASTE into the online application form. 

The six sections of the application are the following:

  1. Name and Contact Information
  2. Academic Effort: Provide your current GPA and final GPA from last school year.  Also, scan and attach a copy of your Final Grades from last school year. If you were a current Carroll High School student last year, or if you already included your grades with your admission application, you do not need to submit these grades; the guidance & admission office will give these materials straight to the scholarship committee.    
  3. Christian Service: Provide a list of service activities that you do for others (over the past four years only). Please list and number each activity with date(s) and a brief explanation of each.
  4. Extracurricular Activities: Provide a list of extracurricular activities that you do for yourself (over the past four years only). Please list and number each activity with date(s) and a brief description of each.
  5. Leadership: Provide examples of how you have served as a leader or role model. Please list and number each example, and provide date(s) and a brief description of each. Include leadership activities from the past four years only.
  6. Essay Question: Type an essay of 300 words or fewer.  Topic for the 2022-2023 application: Pick an experience from your own life and explain how it has influenced your development. 

Questions about Alumni Association scholarships or any issues about the method of applying online?  Contact:

All other questions about scholarships for incoming students should be directed to Heather (Taylor) Terbay '98, Director of Admissions, at (937) 253-8188 x305.  Other award and scholarship opportunities at Carroll High School are available here.


2021-2022 Scholarship Winners

  • Class of 2025 ~ Dakota Clark / St. Luke ~ daughter of Cherie (Bucheit) Clark '96
  • Class of 2024 ~ Alexander Weed ~ son of Theresa (Borgert) Weed '93
  • Class of 2023 ~ Laszlo Hary ~ son of Francesca Hary '79
  • Class of 2022 ~ Jake Reuter ~ son of Laura (Woodall) Reuter '90
  • Non-Legacy: Class of 2023 ~ Seth Tivakaran / Carroll High School

2020-2021 Scholarship Winners

  • Class of 2024 ~ Jared Sargent / St. Brigid ~ son of Adrian Sargent '90 & Cathi (Marshall) Sargent '90
  • Class of 2023 ~ Abigail Noss ~ daughter of Kimberly (Skapin) Noss '95
  • Class of 2022 ~ Samuel Wittmann ~ son of Amy (Sableski) Wittmann '88
  • Class of 2021 ~ Megan Braun ~ daughter of Chris Braun '84 & Kim (Barthelemy) Braun '88
  • Non-Legacy: Class of 2023 ~ Gabrielle Green /  Carroll High School

2019-2020 Scholarship Winners

  • Class of 2023 ~ Teresa Schlegel / St. Luke ~ daughter of David Schlegel '88
  • Class of 2023 ~ Nathan Snizik / Incarnation ~ son of Maria (Chilia) Snizik '88
  • Class of 2022 ~ Emma Meyer ~ daughter of Greg Meyer '77
  • Class of 2021 ~ Samuel Reichman ~ grandson of Rita (Kuenle) Siefert '69
    • (no legacy seniors applied for 2019-2020)
  • Non-Legacy: Class of 2023 ~ Samantha Yates / St. Peter     

2018-2019 Scholarship Winners

  • Class of 2022 ~ Nathan Carnevale / St. Luke ~ son of Betsy (Vokits) Carnevale '90
  • Class of 2021 ~ Joshua Fischer ~ son of Maureen (Staker) Fischer '80
  • Class of 2020 ~ Katelyn Reuter ~ daughter of Laura (Woodall) Reuter '90
  • Class of 2019 ~ Sarah Sommers ~ daughter of Paul Sommers '88 & Mary (Farrell) Sommers '87
  • Non-Legacy: Class of 2021 ~ Emily Moore / Carroll High School

2017-2018 Scholarship Winners

  • Class of 2021 ~ Francis Kosir / Ascension ~ son of Brenda (Wahle) Kosir '87
  • Class of 2020 ~ Kaleb Wourms ~ son of John Wourms '98 & Elizabeth (Bentley) Wourms '98 
  • Class of 2019 ~ Gretchen Obergefell ~ daughter of Karla (Sorrell) Obergefell '86
  • Class of 2018 ~ Jade Chambers ~ daughter of Kristine (Bontrager) Ray '89
  • Non-Legacy: Class of 2020 ~ Ashley Martin / Carroll High School

2016-2017 Scholarship Winners

  • Class of 2020 ~ Brittney Sargent / St. Brigid ~ daughter of Adrian Sargent '90 & Cathi (Marshall) Sargent '90
  • Class of 2019 ~ Jeffrey Klepacz ~ son of Karen (Tegenkamp) Klepacz '89
  • Class of 2018 ~ Abigail Shahady ~ daughter of David Shahady '89
  • Class of 2017 ~ Abby McNamara ~ daughter of Gina (Germano) McNamara '88
  • Non-Legacy: Class of 2020 ~ Amelia Harlow / St. Brigid

2015-2016 Scholarship Winners

  • Class of 2019 ~ Jennifer Wonderly / Ascension ~ daughter of Stephanie (Herbst) Midlam ‘89
  • Class of 2018 ~ Maria Schlegel ~ daughter of David Schlegel ‘88
  • Class of 2017 ~ Julia Arnold ~ daughter of Greg Arnold ’89 & Jackie (Marshall) Arnold ‘89
  • Class of 2016 ~ Anna Fischer ~ daughter of Maureen (Staker) Fischer ‘80
  • Non-Legacy: Class of 2018 ~ Quinn Retzloff / Carroll High School
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