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Important Times and Dates

Tuesday, May 18 - 10:45 a.m.

Graduates pick up caps and gowns on the Carroll stage.  Enter through the boys’ locker room door, exit by cafeteria side of stage.

Friday, May 21 - 8:00 a.m.

All seniors must be in the Carroll gym for the Senior Awards Ceremony. Graduates' attendance at the assembly is mandatory.  The assembly will be followed by breakfast for graduates in the cafeteria. 

Dress Code for Awards:

  • Ladies: A dress, dress pants or skirt.  No revealing tops.  No shorts or jeans.  Skirts and dresses must be no more than 4” above the knee.
  • Gentlemen: Clean shaven, proper hair cut per handbook policy, dress slacks, dress shoes (no tennis shoes), shirt, and tie. No shorts or jeans.

Masks must be worn at all times by graduates and their guests.  Due to COVID restrictions, the Awards Ceremony on Friday morning will be graduates and invitation only seating.  The awards ceremony will be live streamed on the Carroll YouTube channel for anyone who wants to watch. Breakfast will be served to graduates after the ceremony.  Assembly invitation to parents and guests for the ceremony will be required due to limited seating. 

Friday, May 21 - 11:00 a.m.

All seniors assemble at the Trent Arena and take assigned seats on the floor for graduation rehearsal (graduate seating forthcoming).  Expect to stay until 12:30 p.m.

Friday, May 21 - 6:00 p.m.

Baccalaureate and Graduation at Trent Arena in Kettering

Cap and Gown Informaiton

If graduates have any problems with caps and gowns, stop in the main office on Wednesday, May 19 or Thursday May 20.

Returning your gown

Graduates will be presented the cover for diplomas during the graduation ceremony and return gowns immediately after the ceremony.  Gowns will be exchanged for the diploma. TAKE NOTE: Please take any and all pictures with caps and gowns you would like prior to the ceremony.  Due to COVID restrictions, Trent Arena will be cleared immediately following the ceremony.  Families and graduates will be asked to make their way home as soon as the evening concludes. We will release graduates from the staging/gown collection area once Trent Arena is emptied.

Ticket Information

Students will be allotted four tickets for the baccalaureate and graduation at Trent Arena.  Due to COVID restrictions set forth by Montgomery County and Kettering City Schools, we can only allow four family members/guests per student. Trent Arena will only allow “pods” of four people to sit together regardless of connection. We must adhere to this strictly. Public Health Dayton and Montgomery County has required us to follow this protocol in order to have this event. We truly wish we could allow more seats per student.  Carroll High School will live stream baccalaureate/graduation on the school's YouTube channel.  Details on the live stream and process of ordering tickets will be forthcoming.

Baccalaureate and Graduation Information

Proper face coverings must be worn by graduates and guests at all times during all assemblies and ceremonies.

Friday, May 21 - 11:00 a.m.

Rehearsal at Trent Arena (EVERY GRADUATE MUST ATTEND.) Please be sure not to park in spaces reserved for the Fitness/Wellness Center.

Find your seat as soon as you enter the arena.  Mr. Derus, Mrs. Kilby, and Mr. Sableski will assist you.  Do not change places. This is the order your name will be called at graduation.  Note your row and number.  Also, familiarize yourself with the person who is next to you on both sides.

Do not wear caps and gowns for rehearsal. Students who have parts in the Graduation Liturgy or Commencement should plan to stay after the general practice for approximately 30 minutes.

Friday, May 21 - 5:00 p.m.

Graduates assemble in the Athletic Center Gym of Kettering Fairmont High School which is located next to Trent Arena and take assigned places in your assigned staging area in the school auxiliary gyms. We will have two staging areas.

Friday, May 21 - 6:00 p.m.

Baccalaureate and Graduation begins. Gowns will be collected in your original staging gym immediately after the ceremony ends.  Graduates will receive diplomas and be released once Trent Arena is emptied. 


All graduates must wear caps and gowns.

  • Ladies: Wear a dress or skirt and shirt with appropriate shoes.  Be mindful of colors and patterns as the gowns are somewhat transparent.
  • Gentlemen: Wear a shirt, tie, and dress pants – no jeans or shorts.  Socks and dress shoes are required (no tennis shoes).  You must be clean shaven.

Wear your tassel on the right side of the cap.  After all graduates have received their diplomas, the tassel is transferred to the left side of the cap.  A signal will be given for this transfer.

Additional Information

Proper face coverings must be worn by all graduates and guests at all times during all assemblies and ceremonies.

Please remind your family and friends that despite being in an arena, Liturgy should be treated in a respectful and reverent manner.

Easterling Studios will be taking individual pictures of you as you receive your diplomas. You will be mailed the proof from Easterling Studios along with purchase information. You are under no obligation to purchase a graduation picture from Easterling Studios.

There are to be no air horns, noisemakers, or other items that distract during the ceremony.  These items will be confiscated by Trent Arena security, and you may be asked to leave the facility. Trent Arena prohibits silly string and confetti.


All guests must be seated before the start of Baccalaureate. Seating of guests will only be done before Liturgy and before the graduation ceremony.

If you have any questions regarding graduation or further information, please contact Greg Derus, Assistant Principal, or 937-253-8188 ext. 308 

Directions to Trent Arena

Trent Arena is located at 3301 Shroyer Road in Kettering, Ohio 45429 behind Kettering Fairmont High School.  You may park in any of the areas by the school, however, please be sure not to park in spaces reserved for the Fitness and Wellness Center.  Thank You!