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Welcome to Baltimore 315

October 09, 2019
By Carroll High School

The beginning of a new year means the introduction of freshmen to the House System, and to their Family Room. The beginning of the school year is the most important because it will shape how the freshmen view the House System and Carroll as a whole. Ryan Ballou ‘21 answered some questions about the first week, which featured four extended Family Room periods. 

When asked what his favorite activity in Family Room this week was, Ryan said “My favorite thing was probably playing two truths and a lie just to get to know everyone, and get to know more about their personal lives.” 

Small activities such as two truths and a lie are very helpful in Family Room during the early part of the school year, in order for all of the classes to get to know each other, and truly become the ‘Family Room’ that we strive for. When looking at getting to know each other, the most important group to take into account is the freshmen. Bringing them into the fold and allowing them to express themselves and participate is a great way to be inclusive. Ryan also had insights on this. “We’re planning on incorporating the freshmen and having different Family Room rules, we’re doing a lot of birthday activities and different games to get them accustomed to Carroll.”

Family Room is a tool to broaden our horizons, and to expand our group of friends.









But Family Room isn’t only for the freshmen. The entire point of a Family Room is to incorporate students from all grade levels and allow them to help each other and become a family of sorts. When a student is placed into a Family Room, they stay there for their entire high school career, so the people in that room should be a family to them, and they should allow the new students that come in after them to participate in this same family feeling that they were able to experience. 

Family room allows everyone to be included. It is a true family, and after four years, it should impact the student for the better. The entire focus of Family Room is based on inclusion, but everyone likes something different about it. Here’s what Ryan says is his favorite part: “My favorite thing about family room is just getting to interact with people from different grades, people I don’t see normally in my classes.”

And that really is the whole point. Family Room is a tool to broaden our horizons, and to expand our group of friends. Family room truly is the definition of family.

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