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Student of the Week: March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020
By Mrs. Beth Branum

To the student who...

  • stops by my room for lotion and says "hi"
  • moves their book bag so I can pass through the aisle
  • opens the door and offers to help me with my bag
  • allows me to share in their journey through their years at Carroll
  • works hard to understand difficult concepts in my class
  • encourages their partners and gives them tips to learn vocabulary
  • says "thank you" when I hand them an assignment or test
  • asks how my day is going
  • prays for a family member during prayer
  • congratulates a classmate who did well in an academic or sports contest
  • offers to be helpful just to be helpful

I am reminded of how kind and loving our students are at Carroll!  These little acts of kindness may seem small, but to me, they show the heart and character of our students!

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