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Student of the Week: Chase Hunt '24

September 09, 2021
By Carroll High School
Student of the Week Chase Hunt '24: September 9, 2021

Chase Hunt '24, Charity House with Mrs. Beth Branum

Chase is extremely kind.  He recognizes the needs of others and diligently gives his gifts and talents to fill those needs.  I miss teaching him this year.

-Mrs. Beth Branum

What activities do you participate in?

I'm a member of the basketball team.

What's your favorite part of being a student at Carroll?

The great teachers and great environment. Everyone is very welcoming.

What should school “do” for you?

School should provide a great education that involves me learning great life skills to use in the future.

What’s a lesson you learned when you overcame a difficult obstacle?

Make sure you understand the whole situation before acting.

What’s your biggest dream in life?

I want to give back to my parents.

How do you like spending your free time?

I like to play basketball, go fishing, and play with my dog.

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