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Welcome to Family Room 307

February 09, 2020
By Jill Roberts '20
Charity House Family Room 307

The second semester has begun, and students are buckling down. Winter sports teams are headed into the tournament and are prepared for the seedings.  Looking into the future, Carroll’s St. Pats Fest is coming up soon.  Students are asked to sign up for a shift

Jill Roberts '20, Charity House
Jill Roberts '20, Charity House

in order to fulfill the 80% goal to receive a day off.  Also, each House is putting together a basket for the Silent Auction.  Each basket has a theme which will be announced by House deans.  This month is also full of school dances with Turnabout on February 22, Father-Daughter on February 28, and Mother-Son on February 29.  Finally, it is important to check calendars for the listed upcoming days off in February. 

In Family Rooms, students are busy taking in every moment as time is winding down.  This coming Friday, Houses will participate in the third Quarter House Event, a game show presented by Gonzaga and Mercy Houses.  Also, Charity captains are busy planning events for Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays.  In Room 307, Jackson Stanard '20 has been planning fun events like Pictionary, Hangman, and TikToks!  One of our very own Charity mentors, Mr. Ben Joplin, knows PUBLIC, the band whose song inspired one of the most popular TikTok trends.  The band said if Family Rooms make a TikTok to “Make You Mine,” the best video would be featured on their page.  In Room 307, I asked Morgan Sanko '20 a few questions about starting her final semester of high school.

“Family Room has brought me closer to people who I never thought I would be friends with,” Morgan says.  "We all know each other very well and respect each other.  We have fun and play lots of games just to bond.  I am going to miss our celebrations the most.”

Everyone can see the importance of community that the House System has instilled.  Each student is comfortable with their peers they spend time with every day. There are different purposes for having the House System, but one is definitely to create a family sensation in the school environment for every student. 

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