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Welcome to Charity Family Room 203

October 07, 2019
By Jillian Roberts '20

At the beginning of the new year, we try to focus on acclimating the freshmen to their new school and making them feel as welcome as possible. But, Family Room is for all grades. We hone in on helping each other out with various subjects, issues and becoming a small family.  I asked Sean McKitrick '23 about his favorite part of in Family Room so far.  

“My favorite thing was playing the games and activities," McKitrick said. "They were fun, and I got the opportunity to learn more about my fellow classmates.”

For this second week of school, my Family Room has been preparing for the first House Event of the year: a cheer competition. On Monday, the captains taught the students our Charity House cheers in Family Rooms. On Tuesday, the entire House met in the Auxiliary Gym and practiced as a whole. I assigned specific tasks like making signs, finding noise makers, gathering head gear, and painting to each Family Room to accomplish by Friday. Thursday, my Family Room brought together our ideas about how we want to decorate our poster signs. On Friday, a couple of students went outside to begin spray painting while the other students stayed inside to practice cheers.

I would say we are feeling pretty confident about our cheers! Next week, we plan on wrapping up our signs and final touches to our cheers. Before we know it, all the Houses will be taking the field for the competition.

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