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Welcome to Mercy Family Room 106 (2020)

September 23, 2019
By Summer Medina '20

This school year has started off with a boom!  Now that we have finished the 5th week of school, the Family Rooms have become comfortable with their new friends.

In Family Room 106, the Mercy students went out on Thursday to chalk up the sidewalks. I asked Ronald "RJ" Sticka ‘21 what his favorite thing about Family Room was. RJ said, “The food parties that we have and all the friendships.”

After these first couple weeks of school, the freshmen are now in the flow of Family Room. On Monday, Family Room 106 had a birthday part for Tyler Wuebben ‘20 and Preston Davis '23 helped make popcorn and pass it out. The House System is very important to help all the grade levels connect and participate with each other.
Not only do Family Rooms focus on the fun aspect of school, but they also help with academics. Tuesdays are the Academic Day, and that's when students can have help from each other with homework, whether it's studying or just help understanding a concept. Mercy House is excited to continue on with this already great year and cannot wait to see what the students have to bring over the coming months!

Welcome to Baltimore Family Room 306

September 16, 2019
By Michael Taylor '20

Students at Carroll meet four days a week in Family Room, and it is very important that each room feels comfortable with each other and participate in activities that allow each individual at Carroll to feel like they belong to a family, and not just a school. Helping to spark investment in the House System by doing a variety of activities that suit each room is the goal for every captain and Family Room teacher. This week, Olivia Hickman ‘20 talked about her Family Room, Room 306.

“In the past, even if it’s not an Academic Day, we talk about academics and make sure that everybody is on track, which makes me feel really good about my grades," Hickman said.  "We also go outside occasionally and play frisbee.” Family Rooms are not all fun and games.  Sometimes, students need to focus on their academics, and this is what the aforementioned Academic Day is for. Tuesday is now a day entirely designed around students getting help and focusing on their studies for a little while.

Touching base with students even when it isn’t an Academic Day is a wonderful idea, but Family Room is about much more than studying and playing with frisbees. 

The way Family Room makes every student feel is very important. Olivia says, “Family Room makes me feel included and makes me feel like I have a safe space to go to.” This is truly the most important part. No matter how many fun games they do, the best part about Family Room is the way it makes students feel. They truly feel like the people in their room are there for them, and they feel like they belong there. That is the beauty of Family. Every week that passes makes every student feel more and more like a real family.

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