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Hayden Everding '23: Student of the Week April 4, 2023

April 04, 2023
By Archbishop Carroll High School

Hayden Everding ‘23, St. Mary’s House & Holy Angels School Alumnus, with Mr. Dennis Brun '85

Hayden is disciplined, leads by example, and is well-rounded.   He has demonstrated leadership by obtaining the Star Rank in Boy Scouts, helping to lead our Music Ministry at school and as a Family Room leader, his achievements in Track and Cross Country, and his achievement in the classroom.   Each time I taught Hayden, he has taken his coursework seriously, participated in class, and was a model student for his peers to observe and follow.  He’s not afraid to speak up or take initiative.   When Hayden says he’s going to do something, you can count on him to do it.

-Mr. Dennis Brun '85

What activities do you participate in?

I participate in Cross Country, Mass Choir, Track and Field, and Jazz Combo.

What's your favorite part of being a student at Carroll?

I enjoy the wide variety of extracurricular opportunities.

What should school “do” for you?

It should allow you to immerse yourself in whatever your things are; arts, sports, academics, and more. You should be able to tailor your own experience.

What’s a lesson you learned when you overcame a difficult obstacle?

Sometimes, you need to focus only on the task at hand to overcome an obstacle. You have to push all the doubts and other possibilities out of your mind and just do what you can at that moment. 

What’s your biggest dream in life?

A job in the music industry. I would like to be a recording engineer, as I love music and science. I would be living "the dream" if my job somehow involves music.

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Reflections on our Catholic faith

February 04, 2020
By Carroll High School Campus Ministry
Catholic Faith and Jesus' Cross

Martha Saurine, Campus Ministry Director and Worship Coordinator:

Campus Ministry Director Martha SaurineIn light of so many challenges the Church is facing in recent years, we thought it would be nice to focus on the gratitude we feel for being Catholic.  The Catholic Church has an amazing grasp on the beauty about what it means to be human.

The Church offers us the gifts of the sacraments, the liturgy, masterpieces of art, sacred music, thousands of years’ worth of stories of those have gone before us in holiness, its stand on the dignity of life and work for justice.  One of the most beautiful things about being Catholic is encouraging the use of our intellect and conscience.  A professor explained it as we are not called to “check our brains at the church doors,” but to use the gifts that God has given to pursue truth.  

Melissa (Balsom) Fisher '83, Service Coordinator

Melissa (Balsom) Fisher '83The reason I am grateful for being Catholic is the nourishment I find in the Eucharist.  During the consecration, there is a peacefulness that happens; knowing that God will help to take care of things.  The Eucharist, with the community and reflections on the scripture, energizes us to live the life that God is asking.  The Eucharist reminds us of the sacrifice that Jesus lived and died for all.

The Catholic faith guides and challenges us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be, and Pope Francis is an inspiration of that mission.  One thing I'll always remember about traveling to see him in Philadelphia is 2015 is how many people who were filled with such joy in celebrating their faith.  One quote of his that is a favorite of mine is, “Jesus is our hope. Nothing—not even evil or death—is able to separate us from the saving power of his love.”

Jim Murray, Retreats Coordinator

Jim MurrayOne particular aspect of my Catholic faith that I treasure is the Community of Saints.  How wonderful it is that we celebrate the memories and models of our ancestors in faith and have their examples to follow; whether it be canonized saints or our very own loved ones.  This enables us to more fully grasp and encounter the broader Church and the connection to Christians across time and place.  We are able to see the activity of Christ’s presence in one another; to see and be a part of the living church.

It also boldly lays before us the responsibility to consider who God calls us to be in our present time and place.  It can be daunting to consider, but we have hope and support in those who have shown us the way.  As St. Oscar Romero says, "Beautiful is the moment in which we understand that we are no more than an instrument of God.”

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