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Mr. Dennis Brun '85

29 years at Archbishop Carroll High School

1995 - 2023

Since 1995, for 29 years, Mr. Brun dedicated his life to educating Carroll students.  Mr. Brun was also the Religion Department Chairperson since 2009.  Mr. Brun was innovative and dedicated to students' spiritual needs, becoming Carroll's first campus minister and beginning many new programs.  He was involved with L.I.F.E, PATS Retreat, Summer Appalachia Program, Dayton Service Workcamp, Willing to Wait, Spiritual Life Committee, Integrity Committee, Peer Ministry, S.O.S, and he was Pastoral Director and Liturgical Choir Director.  Prior to Carroll, he served three years at St. Peter School, totaling 32 years in Catholic education! 

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Saying Goodbye to Carroll Retirees
  • Archbishop Carroll High School Retirees (May 2023)

    * Mr. Dennis Brun '85: Religion Department Chair - 28 years at Archbishop Carroll High School (1995-2023)

    We invite you to write notes of appreciation to Mr. Brun who has dedicated 28 years to educating Carroll students.  Please fill out this simple form for him no later than Monday, May 22nd.  Notes received will be printed and given to him at Carroll's end-of-year luncheon.  Whether these notes are heartfelt or humorous, they will mean so much to him as he retires!

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