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Laszlo F. Hary Scholarship Application /

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The Laszlo F. Hary Scholarship Application
  • I have read the description for the Laszlo F. Hary Scholarship and detailed instructions.  I have provided information truthfully and to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that if I submit without all required materials or past the due date of December 1, 2022, my application will not be considered.

  • The applicant needs to be in good academic standing with a middle school (sixth, seventh & first trimester of eighth grade) minimum 3.0 GPA for core classes to include religion (please include transcript).

    The applicant should, in 200-350 words, describe how qualities of service, leadership, dedication, and integrity are being exhibited and how these will be brought into the Carroll High School community in the freshman year.  Additional information would include how non-athletic extracurricular activities or Catholic service have enabled individual growth.

    Report card, essay, and documentation of service should be uploaded below.

  • (allowed file types: jpeg, jpg, pdf)

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