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Please enjoy a sampling of the amazing artwork provided by the senior AP Art students. These senior artists have utilized the technical knowledge acquired in their Drawing, Design, and Studio Art classes and creatively expanded upon it to produce a unique body of work that originated from their own individual ideas. 

Kevin Brun

"What I enjoy most about my artwork is bringing pictures that I’ve taken to life through different mediums and styles.  Throughout my four years, I've used charcoal, chalk pastel, colored pencils, graphite, paint, and Photoshop to take my pictures and bring them to life.  I have always loved taking pictures, and being able to draw them makes me want to take even more creative pictures so that I can draw things that are a lot of fun.  My main style of drawing is realistic and varies from chalk pastel that is vaguely realistic to my self-portraits that I try to make as realistic as possible." - Kevin Brun '21

Delaney Conger

"Throughout the years of creating art, I have always been drawn to human anatomy, (specifically, the skeleton.  I loved the idea that even though bones can be frail and weak, when linked together, they form a body of armor for the human.  Skeletal anatomy has since become my concentration.  There is no specific look or material needed to be used, however, I really enjoy having the freedom to explore new ideas and elements.  The materials that are seen more frequently throughout my works include colored pencils and alcohol-based markers." - Delaney Conger '21

Anna Fernandez

"I like to paint people, especially the face, and I use specific moments in time that have created vivid memories or emotions with people I know.  In my artwork, I want to use a wide range of different colors to give each painting personality, flair, and emotion.  Using colors to create a unique response to each moment I paint brings the viewer closer to the feelings of happiness, sorrow, joy, or pain that I try to create. " - Anna Fernandez '21

Victoria Fowler

What I enjoy most about the type of art that I do is the fact that it lets me relive the memories I made with the subject of each piece.  Almost every piece that I have made over the last two years has had something to do with an object that I've either had since childhood or an object that I have had for a couple of years.  As I draw or stipple my piece, I remember where a stray mark on a Beanie Baby's material came from, how a scuff came to be on one of my Vans, or why a wooden building block is partly chipped.  Each piece of art holds more than just the medium I used to create it. - Victoria Fowler '21

Shayla Harris

"I want to show nature's beauty and try to help more people see it.  I want to preserve the wildlife. My process through art is first an idea which is getting harder and harder to come by, but once I get an idea, I sketch out how I want it and then start painting.  I try to stay inspired the whole time by listening to music and watching shows to keep myself motivated.  My paintings are like children, but instead of loving them the more I see them, I see all of their impurities." - Shayla Harris '21

Kennady Hash

"My art is like a physical piece of my mind; it's a culmination of my thoughts and sights.  I am just trying to communicate something colorful visually, something simple but with symbolism.  I made this kind of concentration because I love Renaissance paintings and Catholic iconography.  I also like studying anatomy.  I feel these go hand in hand sometimes in famous paintings." - Kennady Hash '21

Gretel Helm

"During junior year, I focused my concentration on flowers.  I wanted to try something a little different and expand, so this year my concentration has evolved, and I have started to incorporate surreal elements into my pieces while still incorporating flowers in some way.  I can't pinpoint where exactly my inspiration comes from, whatever I make just sort of happens.  Art is subjective, so regarding meaning, it is up for interpretation." - Gretel Helm '21

Myrna Leopold

"My concentration has drifted for a while now, originally being on animals.  Over the course of the past few years, I grew accustomed to a more linear concentration, focusing on fish.  The main reason I started drawing fish was due to the inspiration of my pet goldfish, Phil.  He has inspired me to do new pieces and explore with different mediums, all the while making every piece I've constructed to be very enjoyable." - Myrna Leopold '21

Caroline Velten

"My concentration is focused around the innate beauty flowers exhibit in their natural environments.  I've always been drawn to the elegance flowers exhibit in unexpected places.  I work to capture the awe I feel when I observe flowers enhancing the world around them in unexpected ways." - Caroline Velten '21

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