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Tina Tolias '16: WSU College of Science & Math Top Scholar

April 27, 2020
By Wright State University

Stamatina Tolias

Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology

Tina Tolias is a 2016 Carroll High School graduate. Wright State University is celebrating her hard work and success in naming her the College of Science and Math Top Scholar.

She is a student in the Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology department.  

Stamatina’s career goals are to obtain an MD/Ph.D. or Ph.D., providing her with the opportunity to extend the boundaries of our understanding of the biomedical sciences, and potentially translate those findings into new therapeutic approaches for patients. It is this pursuit of knowledge and understanding that, WSU faculty believe, defines Stamatina. At her core, she is driven to understand, in great depth, why things function the way that they do. She is not satisfied with merely memorizing facts, but in pursuing how and why systems are arranged as they are, and how that information might then be applied to new scenarios. It is this logic and creativity that has allowed her to be so tremendously successful already as a neuroscience student and a research scientist. Stamatina, only half-way through her Senior year, has already been a contributing author on six publications with Dr. Suzanne Lunsford in the analytical chemical sciences. This, in and of itself, is tremendously impressive and says a great deal to the motivation and work ethic of Stamatina.

A quote from her letter of nomination: ‘I have never worked with an undergraduate student who is so ardent towards research and encompasses the many traits a successful scientist possesses. Stamatina truly defines what it is to be a scholar. She is a productive, logical, driven, focused, and curious young scientist who recently applied to Northwestern University’s PREP Program to further enhance her research training in biomedical research. I believe that Stamatina has the capacity to be one of the upcoming scientific leaders in biomedical research.’

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