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Welcome to Baltimore Family Room 304

February 02, 2020
By Carroll High School
Baltimore House Family Room 304
Michael Taylor '20
Michael Taylor '20

We're a month into the second semester, and all the Houses are preparing for a great second half of the school year.  In the first semester, the Houses participated in two House competitions and countless family room activities, but it is now time to look forward to what is coming.  Skylynn Pierce 21’ from Family Room 304 shared some thoughts about how her Family and House are prepping for a fantastic second semester. 

“The first semester went well, and our Family Room bonded with each other and had more communication throughout the House which created a closer bond with each other,” Pierce said.  Communication is very important in the House System because it allows for every House to better understand what each Family is doing and how to improve certain activities or ideas. 

When asked what her goals were for the second semester, Skylynn said, “My goal is to improve my Family Room because I want to help grow as a family and make sure that everyone in my Family Room knows that they are welcomed.  Anyone from the House System is welcomed, because we are such a loving community, and that responsibility is primarily on the students.  We are all coming together as one to bond."

A personal bond seems to be very important to most members of Carroll.  They feel a personal connection not only to their fellow students, but also the Houses themselves. This is the most important part of the second semester; the ability to keep up the pace and continue to grow this bond with each other and with Carroll.  All the students at Carroll are ready for another great semester, and all they need to do is keep the great pace set by first semester.  With the House System, this is not only possible, but extremely enjoyable.

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