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Rooted in the vision of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati and influenced by the leadership and patriotism of Archbishop John Carroll, our school’s namesake, Carroll High School affirms its founding mission as a diocesan, co-educational, comprehensive Catholic high school that prepares students to meet the challenges of the future. Founded in 1961, Carroll’s mission is to form a community where caring educators impart instructional excellence and model Christian values. We commit ourselves to guaranteeing that the values and traditions of our past are as vibrant today as they were generations ago. We pay tribute to those who came before us – especially our dedicated former faculty and staff and the 12,500 alumni who have proudly taken their places as ethical leaders in today’s society. Through constant change and continual improvement, we remain united in providing an education that remains accessible, transformative, and equal to the challenges of our time.


Christine Rafalko '72
Larry '72 and Lynn (Volk) Blanford '78


Tim Norbut '82
Dr. Alan '78 & Reneé Thurman


AECOM Technology
Dan '80 and Tracey Austria
Tim and Cassie Barlow
Bob and Marge Bathelemy
Nick Bartlett '99
Tim and Lynn Bete
Mike '97 and Emily Bir
Fr. Dave Brinkmoeller
Jim '74 and Suzy Butler
Jack Butler
Richard '67 and Dianna Campbell
Carroll Athletic Club
Dave Chapman
Joseph and Donna Edly
Nick and Linda Edwards
Bob and Carol Evers

Susan Falter
Ted '73 and Cathy Fecke '73
Dave '74 and Teresa Gasper
Robert and Sharon Gemin '67
Dave '78 and Linda Green
Jim Harworth '77
Frank '81 & Maureen Hemmert '82
Roy and Sin Cha Kellerman
Paul Kemma '72
E.J. and Bev Lightner '73
Joe '70 and Peggy Mark
Charlie '65 and Chris Middleton
Gail Moddeman
Paul Nitz
Greg '71 and Karen '73 Notestine
Fr. Bob Obermeyer
Mike '71 and Kathryn Pleiss
Mark and Tammie Retzloff
Jeff '85 and Loree Roberts

Peggy Ruhlin '67
Matt '91 and Mary-Kate Sableski
Tom and Patty Sableski
Mark Schneider '71
Tony Schock and Marcia Evers '92
Cathryn Schwarzman
Richard and Jackie Siefring
Larry and Loretta Stauffer
Michael Sticka '00 and Brian Kim
Brian '96 and Ronit Thomeczek
Jim '66 and Marilyn Thomeczek
Larry and Julie Thorner '81
Pam Staton Tipps '91
Pete '98 and Becca Williams
Craig and Janet Wolfenbarger
Dan '78 & Janet Wolodkiewicz '78
Laszlo Hary Endowment
Myers Estate Endowment
Canon Family Endowment