Freshmen Retreat


  • For freshmen to meet new people, prepare spiritually for the challenges of being a teenager and identify the choice before them to live a life of character and faith.


  • "Life To The Full" explores the deep and universal desire in our hearts for a life centered on a relationship with God. It also explores the dissatisfaction we experience when we place the things of this world before our relationship with Him.


  • Required one-day retreat held on a Thursday and Friday during the school day.
  • Retreat is held off-campus.
  • Facilitated by NET Ministries (see below).  Carroll families are needed to help house the NET team members for 1-2 nights.
  • Prayer and worship includes creative prayer and praise and worship music.
  • Combines fun, community-building games and activities along with small group discussion and quality time for prayer and reflection.

Freshmen Retreat 2013

We are excited that this year's Freshmen Retreat day is being facilitated by NET Ministries.  The National Evangelization Team Ministries gathers 120 young adults each year, ages 18-28, to serve as modern-day disciples.  They give a year of service through leading retreats for parishes, grade schools and high schools across the U.S.  Many utilize the NET experience to work later as DRE's, youth ministers, catechists and volunteers.  Nearly all NET alumni remain in active service with the Church after their year "on the road" and 15% pursue a religious vocation.  Learn more at