Sophomore Retreat

  • For sophomores to grow as young men and women of integrity and character rooted in a relationship with Christ and foster a deeper sense of community within their class.


  • Integrity, character, forgiveness, community building.


  • Required one-day retreat held on a Wednesday or Thursday during the school day.
  • Students are divided by gender for this retreat held at area partner parishes.
  • By separating the genders, this retreat model can be more attentive to the fine differences in male and female spirituality.  It also allows for a more frank discussion of gender-specific issues.
  • A team of teachers, parish youth ministers and student peer-ministers lead the retreat.
  • Prayer and worship includes creative ritual prayer experience and a healing service or Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  • Combines fun, community-building games and activities with time for prayer, discussion, witness talks, panel Q & A and other learning experiences.

Freshmen / Sophomore Retreat Leaders

In choosing retreat leaders, the teachers working on the retreats attempt to find students who seem to be living a Christian life in their actions and in their words.  We look for students who:

  • make a habit of putting others needs before their own
  • demonstrate a sincere desire to be the person God calls him/her to be
  • are active in growing their faith through service, involved in spiritual activities at school and in their parish
  • display leadership skills and responsibility with commitments
  • comfortable in giving witness to their faith and life as disciples of Christ
  • are juniors or seniors