Service and Clubs


"Service is the rent we pay for being.  It is the very purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time."                                                       
                                                                                                 - Marian Wright Edelman

Service is an important component to individual maturation and personal growth. Students at Carroll are encouraged to engage in service at the level in which they feel most able to help. We encourage our students to grow outside of their comfort zones and serve where God calls. While we do not have a specific service requirement, we do encourage students to serve and provide numerous opportunities through classroom experiences, athletic teams and extracurricular activities. Carroll students serve at all levels including, local, state, national and in other countries. Patriots are making a difference!

Carroll students each year give of themselves generously both to the school community and the broader community of the human family.  Here are just some of the opportunities that Carroll provides for service to the community beyond Carroll High School. 

Campus Ministry invites any Carroll student to participate in these activities!
Prayer & Liturgical Group     Mrs. Saurine, Rm. 218
Any student who would like to be a participant at Mass (i.e. reader, server, Eucharistic Minister, usher), please see Mrs. Saurine in Rm. 218.
Social & Outreach Group     Mr. Murray, Rm. 208
This Revolution committee organizes trivia contests, birthday greetings, Photos with Santa, Find Flat Pat and issue awareness days.
Service     Mrs. Fisher, Rm. 217
For all service activities, sign up in Rm. 217 or at


S.T.A.R.S. is a character enrichment program that provides high school students with the tools to make healthy decisions. S.T.A.R.S. stands for Students Teaching Abstinence Relationships Self-Control. The STARS leaders serve as peer mentors and positive role models with the goals of helping other students learn the importance of setting goals, defining character, developing a positive self image learning about love, abstinence, dating and healthy relationships.

The Liturgical Choir leads the music for each of our school-wide liturgical celebrations. We celebrate the Mass as a student body several times each year, including an opening Mass at the beginning of the year, as well as Masses for Holy Days of Obligation. No prior experience is necessary to be a member of this choir. In addition to singing voices, the liturgical choir welcomes those who can play musical instruments. All students in all grades are welcome.

Liturgy Committee is an active group of students working to make the liturgical celebrations and season alive within the school. The committee is composed of many students with different gifts and varying amounts of time they are able to give to this committee. Members create and implement ways to make the liturgical celebrations flow smoothly using different themes and other forms of prayerful expression. Others may work on developing methods to make the liturgical season and events physically present in the school building. We have students who assist as alter servers, Lectors, gift-bearers, and Eucharistic Ministers. All students are invited to join this committee—no experience required.

Each year, Carroll seniors collect toys, clothes, linens and blankets to deliver to the people of Campton, Kentucky.   Items are collected in October and November and transported by student leaders to Campton Catholic Center.  This small parish center supports a small thrift store which employs local citizens. As the Carroll bus and truck arrive, Sister Amy’s welcoming smile makes all the hard work worthwhile for our students.

This is an alternative to the semester long Christian Service course. Students earn one/half credit in service through intensive community service in a brief period of time. The prerequisites are a minimum of three teacher recommendations and department approval. This intensive workshop will consist of an experience in which students will spend five days performing between 32-40 hours of service, study scriptures, and reflect on the work they have done in light of the scriptures and church teachings. The service location will be in the Greater Dayton area or in an Appalachian community. In addition to full participation in the program, those earning credit may have additional reading requirements and must submit a reflection paper after the experience to the facilitator of the program. There will be a course fee to cover program expenses. Details about the workshop will be available in February. Participation is limited to 30 students. 


 As part of our goal to encourage students to volunteer in the community and to choose careers of service to others, Carroll hosts a volunteer and vocational fair in the gymnasium. Every two years, several 40 local charities, religious orders, human service organizations and church organizations attend the fair in order to connect personally with our students and to invite them to explore various vocations or volunteer opportunities. The fair is a win/win situation for both our students and the many agencies that visit us. To read about the 2012 Vocation Fair, click here!