Retreat Program

A comprehensive retreat program is offered for each grade level. As students mature, the level of intensity of the retreat experience increases. Below you will find a brief description of each retreat. For more comprehensive retreat information, click on the retreat heading or the link in the left margin to access a more detailed retreat page.  Please contact Mr. Jim Murray, Retreat Director, if you have questions regarding any of these retreats.


The PATS (Praying And Thinking Spiritually) retreat is an optional spiritual experience for seniors. It is led by other seniors and teacher moderators. The PATS retreat provides an opportunity to get to know classmates on a deeper level and to reflect individually and communally on some of the greatest mysteries of life and our faith. This is a three-day, two-night retreat held Wednesday through Friday at Kirkmont Center near Bellefontaine. 


So that students may have a special opportunity for spiritual growth, and to show how such growth merits an investment of time and treasure, Carroll High School requires an overnight retreat of all juniors. Within the framework of Christian faith and worship, retreat activities focus on self-appraisal, openness to others, and community-building within the junior class. Retreats are scheduled throughout the year. Students leave Carroll by bus on Sunday morning and return on Monday afternoon. Details of time and place and other important specifics are published in a letter to the parents before the time of the actual retreats.

As sophomores, students get to truly ‘retreat’ away from Carroll High School for a day to one of our partner parishes. Sophomore boys are transported to one location and sophomore girls are transported to another. By separating the genders, we can choose retreat models that can be more attentive to the fine differences in male and female spirituality. It also allows for a more frank discussion of gender-specific issues. The main focus of these days is building Christian character and living a virtuous life. A team of teachers and student peer-ministers are used to lead the retreat.


The freshman retreat is a one-day program for all freshman held off-campus. The freshman retreat is designed to help freshman meet new people, to prepare them spiritually for the challenges of being a teenager that lie ahead and encourage them to live a life of character. The freshman retreat highlights the value of each individual and his/her importance to the Body of Christ. The retreat is led by teachers, area youth ministers and a group of student peer ministers from the school. The retreat day combines fun, community-building games and activities with time for prayer, discussion, witness talks, and other learning experiences.