Guidance Department

The mission of Carroll High School's Guidance Department flows directly from the mission of our school . . . To form a community where caring educators impart instructional excellence and model Christian values.  It is our hope that through service to their families and others, our students will become responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

Carroll's counselors aim to help our students attain meaningful self-direction for their lives, develop an understanding and acceptance of themselves, attain optimum personal development through education, progress toward productive and rewarding careers, and develop satisfying relationships with others.

The Guidance Department utilizes Family Connection, a comprehensive college and career readiness solution, designed to support and promote our students in planning for their futures.  Utilizing the online tools in Family Connection will help our students set S.M.A.R.T. goals and build a professional resume, which may help in attaining jobs and assisting teachers in writing letters of recommendation.  These tools will also aid our students in identifying careers of interest based on personalized results from questionnaires and interest profilers, leading to thorough exploration of those careers via Family Connection.  These tools will facilitate our students in searching for and comparing colleges and scholarships that align with their needs and interests.  Overall, Family Connection will enhance our students' college and career preparedness and push them towards achieving their future goals.


Guidance services constitute an integral part of Carroll High School's educational program.  Three qualified counselors assist and support our students with their academic, college, career, and personal needs.

A sampling of services includes:

  • Providing individual academic, college, career, and personal counseling
  • Coordinating and conducting classroom guidance
  • Organizing student and parent informational presentations
  • Facilitating small group meetings
  • Offering educational and informative resources
  • Assisting students in the scheduling process
  • Tracking Carroll High School graduation progress

Guidance Staff

Bev Lightner
Administrative Assistant

(937) 253-8188 Ext. 313

Lois Lane

9th & 10th

(937) 253-8188 Ext. 319

Courtney Graham

11th & 12th / A - L
(937) 253-8188 Ext. 343

Chris Pennington

11th & 12th / M - Z
(937) 253-8188 Ext. 342