Alumni in the Military

Carroll Alumni Patriots in the Military

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May God bless those who are currently serving in the military!  

In addition, let us remember all those who have served in the past - thank you for your sacrifice! 


Michel Bonno '65: two combat tours in Vietnam, 1971-1973

Jeff Clifton ’65: US Navy

Lt. Col. Mary Dohr '65: retired from US Air Force (served 1969-1992 in Southeast Asia and the Gulf 1 areas)

Dick Bennett '66: US Army; served in Vietnam

Richard Fisher ’66: retired from US Navy as an officer

David "Mike" Girton '66: served in the US Navy from Dec. 1966 to Sept. 1970

John Keith '66: retired as an Air Force Reserves Tech Sargent; served 4 years in Active Navy, 9 year in Navy Reserves, 7 years in Air Force Reserves; served in Gulf War, Desert Shield & Desert Storm

William Potts '66: US Marine Corps (retired); purple heart veteran; served two years in Vietnam

Col. Gene Quintanilla ’66: retired from the US Air Force in 2004

Lt. Col. Ed Robbeloth ’66: retired from US Air Force in 2002

Jerry Sableski '66: US Navy (4 years); 2 tours in Vietnam 1968-1970

Dave Senkowski '66: US Army; served in Vietnam

Capt. Anthony Tangeman ’66: retired from US Coast Guard

**Lance Corporal Dale Hess '67: US Marine Corps; killed in a ground battle near Cam Vu, South Vietnam on April 30, 1968.

Lt. Col. Mike Milord ’67: Air National Guard, Washington D.C.

Dr. Michael Brown '68: US Air Force Captain; Veterinary Corps; 1975-1979

Lawrence O. Lantz '68: US Navy "SeaBees", 1968-1972

Lt. Col. Dixie (Francis) Lyon ’68: US Air Force

Mark L Middleton ‘68: served in the US Air Force, 1969 to 1973

Tom Ryan '68: US Army

Col. Bob Kirsch '69: retired from US Army in 2003

Doug Lane '69: served in USAF, 1974-1980

Capt. Steve Santez ’69: retired from the US Navy in 2002

Jerry Weinert, RN '69: Medical Corpsman in the US Air Force, 1970-1974


David Chilbert ’70: served 4 years in the US Marines and also served in the US Army

Fernando "Frank" Kanauka '70: joined the US Army for warrant officer flight training in June 1970, served in Vietnam, Germany, Korea, Utah, Kentucky, Alabama, Massachusetts, and Virginia as a US Army Helicopter Pilot. Retired as Chief Warrant Officer 4 (CW4) in October 1990.

Richard Zember ’71: Ohio Air National Guard

Lt. Col. Kevin Hixson '72: US Air Force, retired September 1997 after 21 years of service

Lt. Col. Larry DePasquale ’73: US Air Force

Michael Peterman '73: US Air Force

Dan Hemmert ’74: retired from US Air Force on May 1, 2007 as an E-9 Chief Master Sergeant (after 30 years)

LT James (Chris) Fisher '75: US Coast Guard, Retired

Lt. Col. John Place ’76, US Air Force

David Adducchio ’77: Ohio Air National Guard

Michael E. Wuebben '77: US Navy

Paul Keller ’78: US Navy

Lt. Col. James Planeaux ’78

MSgt. (Ret.) Mark Galownia '79: USAF, 1980-2000

**Col. Paul Kelly '79: US Army National Guard; killed in action near Baghdad on January 20, 2007 serving Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Chris Youngerman '79: Former Sgt. in the Air Force, 1981-1985, stationed at WPAFB


Col. Robert A. de Roziere '80: US Marine Corps since April 1, 1987

Lt. Col. Donald Duckro ’80: retired from the US Air Force

Jeff Hoertt ’80: US Marine Corps

Dale Shoup '80: US Air Force

William Sprauer ’80: US Navy

MSG Anthony (Tony) N. Brown ’81: retired from US Army

Maj. David Burke ’81: US Air Force

MSgt. Joe Hebert '81: retired from US Air Force

Bryan Herdlick '81: retired from US Navy; US Navy Chief of Naval Operations Staff; US Navy Fighter Squadron

LTC Christine Kukla ’81: US Army; 2 tours in Iraq

Capt. David Mezera '81: US Air Force

Paul Adducchio ’82: US Air Force

LTC Jason Galindo ’82: US Army; stationed in Huntsville, AL

LTC Douglas Keller ’82: US Army; served in Iraq; mobilized again, this time at CENTCOM in Tampa, FL

Maj. Samuel Morthland ‘82

Capt. John Schmidt ‘82

Christopher Shroyer ’82: retired from US Air Force in Feb 2003 (as an E-8)

LTC (Ret) Jim Toomey '82: U.S. Army, African Specialist; tours in Niger, Liberia, Haiti, South Sudan,and Djibouti and recipient of the Defense Superior Service Medal

Tom Wuebben '82: US Navy

Jim Bereda '83: US Air Force

Joe Hentrich '83: Ohio Army National Guard; joined junior year (February 1982) as a combat engineer; served 7 years

Siobhan (Costello) Tirado '83: US Marine Corps

Col. Kenneth LaVoy ’83: US Army; Division Chief, USSOCOM, Tampa, FL

Joan (Eckhart) Skillman ’83: US Navy

Maj. David Custodio ’84: US Air Force

Eric Halder ’84: US Navy

Danny Booher ’85: US Army, Retired 1SG after serving 21 years with deployments to Desert Storm in 1991, OEF/OIF 2003 and 2006

Cpl. David Duffy '85: US Marine Corps, 1987-91, served in Desert Shield & Desert Storm

Lt. Col. Ruehl F. Flores ’85: USAF; Commander, 496th Air Base Squadron, Moron, Spain

MSgt. Joseph Weitz ’85: Ohio Air National Guard; served in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm

Ronald Carpinella '86: Deployed in Afghanistan at CJTF Paladin in Bagram. Paladin is ISAF's Counter-IED and EOD mission in Afghanistan. Ron is the Command PAO.

Major Karen (Esterlin) Federici ‘86: USAF, NC; Deployed OIF/OEF ‘06

Col. William Gideon ’86: US Air Force, Executive Officer, AFMC/CCE

Col. (William) Urban Gillespie ’86: Director, Command and Control, Battle Management and Communications Development Programs for the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, Alabama

Capt. Brian Layton ’86: served in Iraq

Sean Bockelman '87: US Army National Guard 1987-1993

Nick Weitz '87: US Marine Corps

Major Heather (Martin) Dahmer ’88 - USAF, NC, Consultant to the AF Surgeon General for Neonatal Nursing, Element Leader, NICU, Langley AFB, Virginia

Terri (Mock) Hyman ’88: US Air Force stationed at Torii Station in Okinawa, Japan

Major Michael Kamin ’88: Marine Corps; deployed to Iraq in 2006 in support of Iraqi Freedom as a company executive officer (captain); now back to regular Reserve status; commands the artillery battery in Richmond, Virginia

Lt. Anita (Chorazewitz) Torrence ’88: US Air Force

Lt. Col. Tim Woliver ’88: US Air Force - Intelligence officer; 7 Jul 09, assumed command of the 9th Intelligence Squadron, Beale AFB, CA. The 9 IS processes, exploits and disseminates long roll film taken by the U-2 reconnaissance aircraft.

Lt. Col. Eric Jachimowicz '89: US Air Force fighter pilot

Lt. Col. David Shahady '89: USAFR, Air Force Research Laboratory

TSgt. Jeffery Spires ’89: USAF, Security Forces, served in Iraq


Kevin Brooks ’90: US Navy

Joseph W. Hixon '90: US Army

Jonathan Bistrek ‘91: US Army

MSgt. Shoshannah (Seymour) Cobb '91: US Air Force - Superintendent, Chapel Operations; stationed at Hill Air Force Base, Utah; deployed to the Middle East

Katherine (Clemens) Cyphers ’91: retired from US Marine Corps with 21.5 years of service

Jeremiah Rodgers ’91: US Air Force

Mark Wendling '91: US Army Reserves

TJ Whalen ’91: US Army

Brian Kraus '92: US Navy Reserves

Michael Peterson ’92: US Navy

Maj. Jim Read ’92: US Army

Capt. Jenny (Williams) Kropko '93, CA Air National Guard serving as a traditional guardsman 

Patrick James Saltsman, SFC '93: US Army, deployed in Iraq, on his fourth tour

Sean M. Caldwell ’94: Staff Sergeant, US Army; US State Department Escort Technician for Explosive Ordnance Disposal based out of Ft. Benning, GA; has served 3 tours in Iraq and 2 tours in Afghanistan, and numerous missions escorting US and Foreign dignitaries around the world as an EOD technician.

Vincent Jacobs ’94: US Air Force

Lt. Col. Charles J. Middleton ’94: US Air Force Fighter Pilot

Michael Zgoda '94: US Air Force

Paul J. Alexander '95: US Marines

Capt. Kevin Kretz ’95: US Air Force

Capt. Jared Laurin ’95: US Marine Corps; stationed in Okinawa, Japan and completed two tours in Iraq; wounded in Feb. 2007 & received Purple Heart & Bronze Star for his achievements. See

1LT Philip Naas ’95: US Army; stationed in Iraq in 2008; year-long deployment to Afghanistan January 2011-January 2012

Andrew Nartker ’95: US Army

Capt. Joseph (Alex) Orr ’95: US Army/Airborne Ranger; Intel Officer on Transition Team working with Iraqi Army

William Tagye ’95: US Marine Corps

Capt. Erik Aubel ’96: US Marine Corps

Daniel (Abe) LeMaster '96: US Army

Lt. Col. Clark Mabry ’96: US Air Force

Brian Osterfeld ’96: US Marine Corps

Alan Caldwell ’97: US Army; Sergeant First Class (E-7) in the Brigade Reconnaissance Troop, for USAREUR's 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team in Baumholder, Germany.  His duty position is Platoon Sergeant for D Troop, 5th Cavalry Regiment, deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in the northern Kandahar Province of Afghanistan. 

Brian Godfrey ’97: tour in Afghanistan

Capt. Melissa Johnson ’97: US Air Force

Chris Landwehr ‘97

Lt. Chris Myers ’97: Army, stationed in Iraq

Capt. Michael Volkerding ’97: pilot instructor in USAF; stationed at Kirkland AFB in Albuquerque, NM; served in Iraq in 2008 to advise and train Iraqi pilots

Beau Bauer ’98: US Marine Corps, stationed in Iraq

Capt. Jon Graham '98: US Air Force

Major Leigh (Pfeil) Thornton '98: US Air Force

Adrienne Perfilio ‘98

Aaron Anderson ’99: US Marine Corps, deployed to Iraq October 2, 2007

Ty Griffin ’99: US Navy

Eric Western '99: US Army Reserve; 2 tours to Iraq, 1 tour Afghanistan


David Bereda ’00: US Air Force

Captain Michael Carter ’00: US Air Force; 8th Fighter Wing Installation Deployment Officer at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea

2nd Lt. Ronnie J. Eavers II, USMC ’00: Student Naval Aviator; served two tours in Iraq

Wes Shepard '00: US Army Reserve, 2003 Iraq, combat engineer, deployed with 1st Marine Expeditionary Force (1st MEF), 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines infantry and EOD

Ronnie Tipton, Jr. '00: US Air Force, served in Kuwait in January 2010 (3rd deployment to Middle East)

2LT Josh Coffman ’01: US Army National Guard, stationed in Arizona; formerly SSgt in the USAF

Capt. Matthew Fichtner ’01: US Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California and flying the AH-1W Super Cobra; deployed to Afghanistan in 2009

Victor Hall ’01: US Marine Corps, stationed in Afghanistan

Andy Meyers ’01: US Army; served in Iraq on his second duty

Major Andrew Pisut '01: US Air Force, serving in San Antonio, Texas

2nd Lt. Sean C. Shumaker, Jr. ’01: stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma

Brad West ‘01

Staff Sgt. Charles J. White, Jr. '01: US Air Force, stationed at Holloman AFB in Alamagordo, New Mexico

Jeremy Hilgeford '02: US Navy, stationed on USS Enterprise, 2002-2008

Holly Hucke '02: SrA, USAFR, Assistant NCOIC, Personnel Relocations at Wright Patterson AFB

Capt. Joe Kluesner '02: After graduating from Truman State University with a Bachelors, Joe became active duty in the Air Force in 2007 and attended the Uniformed Services University (the military's medical school). He graduated with his medical degree in 2011 and is completing his residency in Internal Medicine at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Ashley Peeden '02: US Navy since Sept 2002; currently serving overseas in the Middle East (Bahrain)

Casey Pitsinger '02: US Air National Guard, 2002-present

Chris Tobias '02: US Navy, stationed on USS Enterprise, 2002-2006

2 Lt. Corey Aubel ’03: US Marine Corps

Matt Dempsey ‘03

Sgt. Joshua Desaulniers '03: US Marine Corps, currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan.

Phillip Green ’03: USMC 1st Battalion 8th Marines 2nd Marine Division (Infantry 0311); Fought in November 2004 Battle of Fallujah - Operation Phantom Fury. Earned Combat Action Ribbon (Iraq), Purple Heart, Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal (Iraq), National Defense Service Medal, Rifle Qualification Badge (Expert).

Sgt. Jeshua (Jesse) Laurin ’03: US Marine Corps; stationed at Parris Island, SC

Bernhard C. (Bo) Mechenbier ’03: US Air Force senior airman; served in Ballod, Iraq

2ndLt Peter J. Corcoran ’04: USMC, and the United States Naval Academy Class of 2009: currently a member of the 3/2, Third Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment.

Brent Loverti '04: US Air Force, 2006-2012

1st LT. Jordan L. Moss '04: US Air Force

Anthony Regensburger '04: US Army Infantry, 1-14 Infantry Battallion 25thID, 1-26 Infantry Battallion 1stID, Iraq OEF 07-09, Iraq OND 10-11, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Parachutist Badge, Expert Rifleman's Badge, (4) Army Achievement Medals, (2) Army Commendation Medals, (2) Good Conduct Medals, Honorable Discharge 2013

2nd Lt. Alex Volkerding ’04: US Army; assigned to 1st Infantry Division at Ft. Riley, KS

John D. Di Nino ’05 was commissioned in May 2009 as an Ensign in the Coast Guard after graduating from the Coast Guard Academy on May 20, 2009. Stationed at Portsmouth, NH on the USG Cutter Tahoma.

LT Nick Memering '05: US Navy helicopter pilot stationed at HSC-28 in Norfolk, Virginia flying the MH-60s.

2nd Lt. Krista Miller ’05: USAF; Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma

Dwight Stout ’05: served in Iraq; E-5 in the USN; Homeported out of Little Creek Amphibious Base, Virginia

Amanda Taylor ’05: USAF; ROTC field training

*LCPL Robert N. Wiley '05: U.S. Marine Corps R. Lima Company; Afghanistan Combat Veteran

2LT Tyler P. Berry '06: US Army National Guard

James Borchers '06: US Army; deployed in Afghanistan for his 3rd tour

LT. Tony Chitwood '06: US Navy Instructor Pilot; flying MH-60S in San Diego, CA

2LT Thomas Eavers '06: US Army Armor Officer

Ryan D. Gutwein ’06: US Air Force Security Forces currently in UAE; WPAFB

Hannah (Niday) Kramer '06: Lieutenant Junior Grade in the United States Public Health Service stationed as a nurse in a federal prison and on call two months out of the year to be deployed for natural/man-made disasters.

2nd LT Jonathon Laurin ’06: US Navy; finishing up TBS at Quantico, VA

Capt. Patrick J. Miller '06: US Marine Corps

Capt. Brittny Barney '07: US Air Force Helicopter Pilot

Patrick Biery '07: US Navy

Shane Howley '07: US Army Ranger

Kenny Keller ’07: US Army National Guard

Michael Pomfret '07: US Army Cavalry Scout, 3rd Cavalry Regiment FT. Hood TX- 2009-2015 - Two Iraqi Campaign Medals serving in Najaf and Diwaniyah Iraq as a driver, dismount, and gunner in a reconnaissance platoon. One additional deployment to Sinai Egypt as a Squad Leader of a reconnaissance platoon.

Nicole Gilmore '08: US Air Force

Sgt. Sean Janson '08: US Army ADA stationed in Ft. Bragg North Carolina, with previous tours in Korea and Jordan

Phil Hubbard '08: U.S. Marine Corps

Josh Manuszak ’08: US Navy Corpsman stationed at Camp Pendleton, California

Kristina Corcoran '09: US Air Force

Matthew E. Curliss ’09: US Army

Courtney Kiggins '09: US Air Force

Sean Weber '09: U.S. Air Force


Jesse Brooks '10: US Marine Corps; served first tour in Afghanistan (Camp Bastion)

Lauren Dull '10: US Air Force

Ben Harshman '11: US Army

2nd Lieutenant Cameron Potts '11: US Air Force

Cody Wolfe '11: US Marines; 2 tours in Iraq/Afghanistan

Steve Dull '12: US Navy; graduated from the Naval Academy; training to become a Navy Seal

Taylor O'Neil '12: US Air Force

Ryan Dull '13: US Navy

Garrett Potts '14: US Air Force

Shelby Springer '14: US Army National Guard

Kyle Grosselin '15: US Air Force

Mark Mueller '15: US Air Force

Justin Polk '15: US Navy (processing)

Shawn Ryer '15: US Air Force

R. Ambrose Shannon '15: US Coast Guard

Jeff Veness '15: US AFR (processing)

Adam Wilhelm '15: US Coast Guard Cadet, Coast Guard Academy; spending the summer of 2016 on duty, Coast Guard Cutter

A1C Brad Kuntz '16 - 121st ARW, Ohio Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base

**killed in combat