Alumni Association

The Carroll High School Alumni Association (CHSAA) represents over 12,000 graduates.

The mission of the Carroll High School Alumni Association is to develop, strengthen and preserve the past, present and future relationships of the Carroll High School community. 

The purpose of the Alumni Association is the following:
(1) To serve as an advisory board to Carroll in the name of the alumni;
(2) To further the financial development and advancement of Carroll;
(3) To foster a spirit of faith, loyalty, and fellowship among the alumni;
(4) To provide opportunities for alumni to interact with current students; and
(5) To maintain and strengthen the mutually beneficial relationship between Carroll and its alumni.

You should be thrilled to hear that over the past eight years, Carroll’s Alumni Association has built on what former board members began, renewed the pride and excitement among the alumni, strengthened camaraderie among alumni and faculty, and re-organized the association so that more representatives from various graduating years join in giving input to help ensure Carroll’s potential for future generations.

All Carroll graduates are members of the Alumni Association. An executive board and representative assembly of 2-5 representatives from each graduation decade meet four times per year, take the responsibility for making decisions on behalf of their classmates, and discuss pressing issues and committee needs. Many alumni have volunteered over the past several years to serve as representatives and help with crucial committees. You are encouraged to also get involved so that Carroll’s excellent tradition can continue and more can happen!

Please contact Pete Williams '98, Alumni Association President, at or Julie (Hemmert) Weitz '94, Director of Alumni Relations, at (937) 253-8188, extension 339, or, if you are interested in learning more about the Alumni Association or sharing some ideas.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or becoming an Alumni Association representative, please click here to fill out a questionnaire.