Shadowing Q & A

Q & A About Shadowing:

Who can shadow?
Any prospective 8th grader, from private school, home school, charter or public school, can shadow by a parent/guardian making an appointment or completing the Visit Form.  7th graders who do not currently attend Catholic elementary schools can shadow in March and April, 2016.

What should I wear?
Khaki pants and a polo shirt, sweater, or button-up shirt are fine. We ask that you not wear jeans, t-shirts, shorts or sweatpants.

What do I do about lunch? 
You will be treated to lunch!  The menu is posted on the website so be sure there is something you like.  You are always welcome to bring your lunch and we encourage you to bring a few dollars if you would like to try out our snack line!

What if they are taking a test in a class? 
You will be provided an activity booklet to occupy your time and let you have a little fun learning about Carroll.

What time should I be there and when should I be picked up? 
Classes begin at 8:05 AM.  You should arrive at the Main Office no earlier than 7:55 AM.  The school day ends at 2:53 PM.  Your parents may choose to pick you up early, if you prefer.