Carroll High School offers parents and students a way to monitor classroom grades and attendance online.

Each student is provided with a unique user name and password. This information was sent to students through the homeroom in September of last year. The user name and password will be the same for all four years. If a student forgets this information, it can be obtained from the front office at any time.

Each parent is also provided with a unique user name and password. The user name and password is the same for each child enrolled at Carroll and will be the same for all four years. To view grades of different children in your family, use the down arrow on the left side of the page. If you forget or lose this information, it can be obtained from the secretaries in the front office at any time.

LOGIN Procedure:

Enter the address for the Carroll High School website— On the bottom right-hand side of the page, under Quick Links, are active buttons.  Scroll down to find NetClassroom.  Click on the logo or you may click on the logo at the top of this page.  On the Login page, enter your User ID and your password. Passwords are not case-sensitive. Passwords are computer-generated and can be changed to something you will be able to remember.


How do I change my password?
Once you have logged in successfully to your student’s academic page, choose the Administration tab at the top of the page and follow the prompts.

What will I be able to see in NetClassroom?
Teachers will enter the name of the assignment and the grade your student received. Grades will be shown in percentages. The current average in the class will also be posted.

Do I have different passwords for each of my children enrolled at Carroll?
No, parents have the same ID for all of their children. On the left side you will see a box that states: Show for: Use the arrow to choose a different child.

Can brothers and sisters see each others grades?
If you allow them to view via the parent Login, they can see each others grades. Each student has his or her own User ID and Password. In the Student Login, only that student’s grades are available for viewing.

What else can I see in addition to grades?
You can view your student’s schedule and their individual class attendance. School-wide announcements will be posted. Individual teachers can also post announcements for their class.

When and where can I view NetClassroom?
You can log in from any computer with an Internet connection, including area libraries. You can view any time between 6:00 AM and 11:00 PM, including Saturday and Sunday.  If you are having trouble, check your security settings and pop-up window blocker.