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File Management System (Web based)

Carroll High School offers several ways for teachers to post information for students. Our latest program for students and teachers is called eBackPack. You can access eBackPAcks through the Carroll High school web page at .  Click on the Logo at the lower part of the Homepage or you may click on the icon at the top of this page. Not all teachers are using eBackPack. Your child will be able to tell you whether or not there will be assignments posted on eBackPack. eBackPack is student based and is not available for parent view at this time.

The student login information is:

User name:  20090001 (Student ID#)
Password: 55555 (Student zip code - may be changed at log-in)

How can I use eBackPack?

•    Students can save documents to My Documents on their home or school computers. They can open up their eBackPack account and upload the document into their personal storage. The document can then be accessed from any computer at any time to print or revise. This eliminates the need for discs and flash drives.

A STUDENT GUIDE may be downloaded (PDF)

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