Our Mission (orig. wording)

In view of the demands of the twenty-first century, Carroll High School prepares its young men and women to meet the challenges of the future. Thus, it is our mission to form a community where caring educators impart instructional excellence and model Christian values. It is our hope that through service to their families and others, our students will become responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow. Here, young adults learn to face the challenges of the future, to sustain their lives with prayer, to learn to think critically, to solve problems creatively and to live compassionately. This is our mission and our prayer.

Carroll High School is a Catholic, coeducational school located in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Influenced by the tremendous leadership and patriotism of the school's namesake, Archbishop John Carroll, competent and caring educators form a Christian community with one another and with the young men and women they teach. Within this value system of Catholic beliefs, the educational process unfolds.

The community of Carroll strives to develop each student intellectually, physically and spiritually. By providing a quality education, involving students in a variety of learning experiences and fostering the ability to make responsible choices, we prepare students to meet their own needs and those of the society in which they live. To this end, Carroll High School provides a broad spectrum of course offerings, academic and spiritual guidance and numerous opportunities for student development through service-oriented projects. Educators in our school promote total growth of students not only by what they teach but also by who they are. This role-modeling, coupled with instructional excellence, is the heart of Carroll's program.