John Carroll was born in Upper Marlborough, Maryland on January 8, 1735. After being educated in Europe, he joined the Jesuit order there in 1753. He returned to America in 1774, and joined the cause for American independence. His cousin Charles was a signer of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and his brother Daniel signed the United States Constitution in 1787.

In 1784, John Carroll was appointed Superior of the Mission for the new American Republic upon the recommendation of Dr. Benjamin Franklin. He became the first bishop in the United States in 1789, when Pope Pius VI confirmed him as the Bishop of Baltimore. He founded both Georgetown University and St. Mary's Seminary in 1791. In 1808, Pope Pius VII elevated John Carroll to Archbishop. Archbishop John Carroll died on December 3, 1815, and is buried in Baltimore.



¨ Doors were opened to Carroll students for the first time on September 6, 1961
¨ Beginning of school clubs and other extracurricular activities
¨ Establishment of the Carroll Boosters
¨ First awards assembly
¨ Initiation of competitive athletic history in the Greater Dayton League
¨ Drive to increase the number of books in the school library
¨ Elections for Carroll's first Student Council
¨ First pep rally
¨ Gradual move to coed classes
¨ Increase in the number of lay faculty
¨ First prom
¨ First induction of National Honor Society members
¨ First sports banquet
¨ Publishing of the first school paper, The Torch, in the spring of 1964
¨ First graduation held at NCR Auditorium on May 31, 1965
¨ First Homecoming Week
¨ The first official ringing of the Victory bell, May 24, 1966, for a varsity athletic victory


¨ Dedication of Patriot stadium in 1971
¨ 1971 was the first undefeated season for a varsity football team
¨ New band and wrestling additions to the original building were opened in 1973
¨ Start of soccer on the varsity level in 1975
¨ The 1975 - 1976 Band and Drill teams were honored by Senator John Glenn when he
asked them to represent our state in Washington, D.C. This occurred on Ohio's Day
during our country's Bicentennial celebration
¨ The first major renovation of the school chapel


¨ Archbishop Joseph Bernardin joined the Carroll community for a concelebrated
Thanksgiving liturgy
¨ The 1980 - 1981 soccer team brought Carroll its first State Championship
¨ Athletes began competition in the Western Ohio League in the fall of 1982
¨ The 1983-84 Marching Patriot band members were THE Grand Champions of the Marching Bands of America national finals in Johnson City, Tennessee and represented Carroll and the Dayton community in the 1984 Orange Bowl Parade. They placed an overall eighth throughout the nation.
¨ Official establishment of the Alumni Association
¨ Computer labs added, increasing the use of new technologies in the curriculum
¨ Athletes began competition in the Mid Miami League in the fall of 1987
¨ The 1989 - 1990 Carroll Winter Guard won the State Champion title


¨ Seven period day introduced in the 1993 - 1994 school year
¨ Legacy of Excellence Capital Campaign was established in 1994
¨ Continued growth in enrollment
- Carroll’s Winter Guard received the highest placements and scores in the history of Carroll guards in the early to mid-1990’s. In 1991-92, they placed fourth out of fifteen finalist guards at the Winter Guard International World Championships. In 1993-94 and 1994-95, they placed third in the country in this same world-class competition.
¨ Updating and expansion of computer rooms
¨ New walkway and landscaping added to the main entrance
¨ Renovation of the school chapel in 1998
¨ Addition of a new wrestling room, weightlifting facility, and industrial arts room
¨ Physical campus and parking improvements


¨ Building of the Marian Shrine on the school grounds
¨ Continued expansion of technology, including labs and workstations
¨ Wireless computer network installed
¨ Teachers equipped with laptop computers
¨ Completion of Phase 1 of the new building addition
¨ Continued consecutive wins of the Mid Miami League All Sports Banner
¨ 2008-2009 Men's State Soccer Champs
- 2010-2011 Men's State Soccer Champs
- 2010-2011 Women's State Basketball Runners Up
- 2011-2012 Men's State Soccer Champs
- 2012-2013 Men's State Soccer Champs


Voices ringing in a pledge of loyalty
To our great Alma Mater, we promise fealty.
All days, always in the things we do,
We will show your spirit and be true.
Hail, Carroll, to you.

We praise thee, Carroll High,
May you be always blessed.
Your sons and daughters now
Share your happiness.

Voices ringing in a pledge of loyalty
To our great Alma Mater, we promise fealty.
All days, always bearing cross or crown,
We shall prove our love for God above
And, Carroll, for you!


We’re the Carroll team
And we’re right on the beam –
Always fighting right down to the end.
We’re out to gain our high school fame –
So watch out you (Knights…), Beware!!
All our fans are true to the red, white and blue
And all our foes will hear us say
“Better step aside, we’ll do or die –
Keep your eye on Carroll High!”

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