You know us...

We're the students educated to be more, do more.

We're the thousands of alumni who have stayed up late studying for tests and practiced hundreds of hours in the gym and on the track. Now we are in the community - as doctors, lawyers, computer experts, teachers and disciples.

We're the parents who believe in the immense value of a Catholic education for our children.

We're the teachers who are dedicated to the mission of our school and are devoted to helping students become servants of the world.

We're the marching bands who have called forth school spirit at sporting events.

We're the athletes who, win or lose, give 100% of ourselves each time we enter competition.

We're the scholars who learn that knowledge is valuable when you help build a better world.

We're all the workers who have loyally served the Carroll community over the years.

We're the donors who continue to give life to this valuable endeavor through our support.

We're a community.

We're a  family

We are Carroll High School!

Our high school has educated more than 10,000 alumni in the last 50 years.