Athletic Hall of Fame

The next Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony is scheduled for Alumni Weekend: October 20-22, 2017.  The ceremony will be held on Saturday at the Hilton Garden Inn. Congratulations to the 2017 Inductees: Terry (Nail) Williams ‘80, Jason Bullens ‘99, Mark DiSalvo ‘00, Katie (Flaute) Shelton ‘02, Alex VanderSluijis ‘03, Katie (Streck) Clingner ‘04, Marilyn Hall as a special contributor to Carroll’s athletic program, plus the 1980 State Champion Soccer team.

The Athletic Hall of Fame was established in February of 2002 to recognize individuals who have made "significant athletic contributions" to Carroll High School and assist the administration in perpetuating the spirit of pride and loyalty.

There are two categories for consideration; Athletes and Special Contributors. Athletes must be a Carroll graduate and have lettered in at least one sport for two years, or two plus sports for one year. They may not be considered until 10 years after graduation. Special Contributors must have served Carroll for at least 15 years, or have been retired for at least 3 years.

The volunteer selection committee makes nominations and considers those received from alumni and the community. Members may nominate anyone from any era. Once a candidate is nominated, his/her name cannot be removed from the list unless subsequent research discovers they do not meet the criteria.

The Nominating Committee is interested in receiving nominations of qualified individuals for inclusion in the Carroll High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

Athletes must be a graduate of Carroll High School and have lettered in one sport at least two years, or two or more sports for at least one year.
Special Contributors, including coaches, administrators, or support staff, can qualify if they have given a minimum of fifteen years of service, or have been retired from their position for at least three years.

You may complete the nomination form here

You can also find out more information at the Athletic Hall of Fame Facebook Page.

Questions?  Please contact the chairperson:
Dan O'Bryan '71 -

Past inductees include the following:
2003 Inaugural Class                                                                
Coach Jim Hemmert
Frank Klotz                                      
Coach Jim Spoerl                             
John Neatherton '65
Fred Borgert '67                       
Mike Bennett '70
Denny Lane '72
David Green '78
Teri Hobbs '81
Mark Vest '81
Jeff Popp '83
Mark Frankenberg '86
Elita Presutti '91

Howard Burger 
Jim Kuntz
Eugene John Schmitt M.D. 
Charlie Beecroft '69
John Schneider '71 
Pat West '72    
Steve Hohl '73
Dave Heider '79
Don Popp '79
Pam Staton Tipps '91

Coach Michael Donohue
Donny Fortener '72
Edward Schaeffer '72
Ty Reuber '77
James J. Spoerl '78
Randy Bitsko '86
Matt Leopard '92
Jodi Bitsko Dahm '93

Michael Roberts
Todd Jones '70
Steve Wolodkiewicz '71
Sharon Biegel Beck '73
John Agnew '80
Sheryl Jennings McGurk '85
Carri Campbell Seaman '95

Chris Schmitt '71
Kevin Mosher '74
Dina Hilgeford Byrnes '78
Pat McDevitt '82
Tim Norbut '82
Tony Ferraro '84
Julie Staton Malesko '93
Mark Gerhard '72

Coach Ron Russo
Nick Anello '71
John Fisher '75
Terry Thill '72
Janet Emerson Hollenbeck '83
Colleen Edward O'Rourke '84

John McHale '70
Chris Barney Sacksteder '76
Shawn Blatt '82
Susan Blommel Gates '92
Paul Hilliar III '93
Charlie Middleton '94
Missy Belcher '97

Mike Rotterman '66
Pat Kiggins '70
John Kappeler '72
John Schaeffer '76
Christine Youngerman '79
Sarah Henninger Dunn '91
Kyle Geswein '98

Click here for the 2010 Program with descriptions of the inductees.

Terry Jones '67
Greg Furderer '81
Aaron Howard '93
Rhonda Rains Skare '93
Paul Schaeffer '93
Christin Lacroix '94                 

Coach Scott Molfenter
Damian Schmitt '81
Nick Germano '90
Phil Long '92
Dan Flaute '95
Jeff Clemens '01

Coach Steve Bartlett
Rick Good '69
Glen Manny '72
Maria (Sprauer) Bechtold '78
Scott Franz '79
Matt Rotterman '94
Joey Mauro '98

Click here for more specific information of the 2013 Inductees.

Monica Notestine ’76
Dennis Wahle ’84
Tim Bell ’96
Robyn Swain ’99
Dr. Chris Coleman ’02
Nick Terbay ’02
Dr. Patrick O’Bryan ‘03

Coach Marilyn Hall
Terry (Nail) Williams ‘80
Jason Bullens ‘99
Mark DiSalvo ‘00
Katie (Flaute) Shelton ‘02
Alex VanderSluijis ‘03
Katie (Streck) Clingner ‘04
1980 State Champion Soccer Team

Coach Stev


Coach Steve Bartlett
Rick Good '69