Academic Excellence

 Carroll High School graduates know the meaning of hard work and dedication.  They are Educated to Be More ~ Do More.  Carroll students are expected to do everything to the best of their abilities.  They will leave Carroll with a clear mission to build a better world.  We have proof that they watching our former students who are now in politics, creating vaccines, and even educating the poor in third world countries.  They're also inventing new breakthroughs in science and technology and providing leadership in their communities, including our local Catholic schools.  98% of our students pursue post-secondary studies after graduation, over $10 million in college scholarships are offered to seniors each year, and Carroll continues to have a high number of National Merit Scholars in comparison to other area schools.  In addition, the Ohio Academy of Science has repeatedly granted Carroll the prestigious Governor’s Thomas Edison Award and has recognized Carroll for having more participants in the State Science Day over the past 25 years than any other public or private school in Ohio!

Carroll High School carries out its mission as a Catholic college-prep school dedicated to educating and transforming students by providing a solid foundation of educating body, mind and spirit.  We offer a wide range of student-centered academic courses that prepare them for the challenges of the future.  Our required courses are designed to ensure that each student learns at a level suited to his or her needs and receives a foundation in all academic areas to prepare them for college.  Our unique electives allow our students to delve deeper into interest areas such as STEMM, economics, industrial arts, family and consumer science, and fine arts.