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The Crest of Carroll High School


The crest of Carroll High School reflects both the spiritual and temporal objectives and ideals of the school's namesake, its faculty, and its student body.

Surrounding the outside is the laurel wreath, the ancient and modern symbol of excellence both in academics and athletics.

The monogram "M" over the vertical olive branch in the center represents the Blessed Virgin Mary, to whom Archbishop John Carroll was intensely devoted. The slogan, Via Pacis (Way of Peace), recognizes Mary as our intercessor with Christ in obtaining that peace which the world cannot give.

The eagle is primarily the symbol for St. John the Evangelist, to whom the school chapel is dedicated. Soaring heavenward, it reminds us that we too should lift our hearts above earthly aspirations. Also well-known as an American symbol, the eagle urges us to be strong, to be sure, and to be satisfied only with the heights in both our spiritual and temporal lives.

The torch at the lower right represents the "lamp of learning" as well as the spirit that fired the Patriots of early America to love, to work, and to fight for God and Country.

The plow of Cincinnatus identifies Carroll as being an institution within the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

Overall, Christ's Cross with its open arms spanning the universe, teaches men true freedom and how to enjoy its gift of peace here and hereafter.

So now you know. Wear your crest with pride and strive to be the Patriot reflected in our most historic symbol!