House System

It is our mission to form a community where caring educators impart instructional excellence and model Christian values.  It is our hope that through service to their families and others, our students will become responsible citizens and leaders of tomorrow.  Here, young adults learn to face the challenges of the futuresustain their lives with prayerlearn to think criticallysolve problems, and live compassionately.

This is our mission and our prayer.

The House System will further enhance the mission of the school by developing Christian leaders among the students, by providing a vehicle for pastoral care for all students, and by strengthening the school community.  What makes the House System and Carroll High School stand out amongst other high schools in the Dayton area?
  • Adult mentors form a bonding relationship with each student within each house, providing both academic and pastoral care.
  • As a family member of a house, students will learn to demonstrate respect and support of each other while developing a mindfulness of inclusion through peer tutoring, encouragement, acts of integrity, positive role modeling, and friendship.
  • The House System will provide leadership opportunities to students beyond typical roles of Student Council, Class Governance, Athletic Captains, and Activity & Club Leaders.
  • We are teaching our young boys and girls to make decisions to become responsible men and women by providing a safe, comfortable environment in which to grow up and discover how to be the best version of his or her true self.
  • Carroll High School provides the education and formation of the whole person; mind, body, and spirit.  From daily prayer and All-School Mass to personal ministry, each Patriot will pray for their brothers and sisters and receive prayer in return.
  • The discipline of a skilled life teaches us that every action has a reaction and a consequence.  Thus, we prepare our students with academic challenges, self-responsibility, resourceful technology, and competitive skills that foster resilience.
  • We learn love by receiving and giving it.  The House mentors push for a higher goal -- love of life, love of learning, and love for the promise found in what they teach.

    Carroll High School begins operating within the House System at the start of the 2016-17 School Year.  Contact Jodi Shannon, Director of Admissions, to find out how your child can be part of Carroll High School's newest way of educating each of its students -- mind, body, and spirit.