2016-2017 Carroll Patriot Fund Leadership Team

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Why Members of the 2016-2017 Leadership Team continue to give back to the Carroll Patriot Fund year after year...

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2007

"I support the Carroll High School Patriot Fund because I know what Carroll afforded me during my time as a student. Looking back, I knew I was highly involved in many different clubs, organizations, and school-funded experiences; however, I didn't realize what sort of resources are needed to fund those activities. Without those experiences, I would have never been able to determine what I like, don't like, or what I'm good and not good at. I developed in so many different ways because the opportunities were there. I give to the Carroll Patriot Fund because I know it made me who I am today, and I hope it can do the same for today's Patriots."

~Dan Prindle, Carroll High School Class of 2007

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1977

“I contribute to the Carroll Patriot Fund because Carroll High School, like my family home, is 'the house that built me.' It has been my second home for over 40 years. I attended CHS from 1973-1977. My youngest sister, Joanie and younger brother, Joe, graduated from Carroll in 1978 and 1979. I attended their band concerts and continued to follow Carroll athletics as a spectator and public address announcer. I began coaching basketball at Carroll in 1980; our first day of practice was the day Carroll's boys soccer team won the state soccer championship at Welcome Stadium. In 1983, Carroll's principal, Mr. Charles Eckhart hired me to teach history and coach the boys Junior Varsity basketball team. Between 2002 and 2011, I had the great pleasure of teaching my three children at CHS. Zachary, my oldest son, graduated in 2006; Benjamin, my second oldest, graduated in 2008; and my daughter, Caroline, graduated in 2011). After 32 years as a Catholic educator, 31 of them at Carroll, I retired at the end of the 2014-2015 school year. Carroll High School, however, is still a place I call home. Please join me and contribute as generously as you can to the Carroll Patriot Fund. CHS is a place we can come back to, a place to reminisce about, a place where we feel safe; a place we can root for. Truly, there's no place like Carroll High School - the HOME of the Patriots!”

~Chris Heider, Carroll High School Class of 1977; Parent of Zachary '06, Ben '08 and Caroline '11

Parent Captains, Class of 2018

“We contribute to Carroll High School because we value a Catholic, faith-filled education for our son. We value: the dedication of the teachers and staff; the House system's sense of community and belonging; and the core values taught, practiced and honored. We value these attributes because they consistently produce reliable, resourceful and responsible young adults who are prepared to share these gifts with whomever they encounter. Our family knows this from experience (Shawn ’82, Sheila ’82, Jeanine ‘78, and Steve ’77).”

~Nancy and Shawn Blatt '82, Carroll High School Parents of Connor '18

Alumni Class Agents, Class of 1972

"Lynda and I are proud to be supporters of the Carroll Patriot Fund. Several years ago, we made our annual donation a priority as a way for us to 'pay it forward.' Carroll High School did so much to prepare us for college, our first jobs, our roles as parents, and the importance of being a contributing member of a community...and we have carried these lessons and values with us as we moved through our careers and in our lives. I, especially, feel attending Carroll was transformational and led directly to my success at Wright State and in my career. Lynda and I feel blessed to be able to continue to support CHS education, even after all these years...and we also feel very lucky to have met each other. In fact, thanks to Carroll High School, we just celebrated our 40th anniversary, have three wonderful children, three beautiful grandchildren, and the most wonderful life together!"

~Rob & Lynda (Cordonnier) McCoy, Carroll High School Class of 1972

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1997

"I support the Carroll Patriot Fund because, as an alumna, I feel that it’s my responsibility to support Carroll High School. I feel so fortunate for the education and strong foundation I received at Carroll, for the experiences provided to me and for the wonderful memories that I made during my four years there. I truly believe I would not be the person I am today had I not attended Carroll. I make an annual contribution as a show of support for all the good work that the faculty, staff and students at Carroll High School continue to do; my financial contribution is the least I can do to show my gratitude."

~Andrea Siefring-Robbins, Carroll High School Class of 1997

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2002

"CHS really prepared me for college. The faculty and staff always went above and beyond for the students and genuinely cared about our success. Giving back in any capacity is vital in keeping this tradition of excellence alive."

~Stacy (Miller) Luchin, Carroll High School Class of 2002

Parent Captains, Class of 2017

"We give to the Carroll Patriot Fund each year because we feel that Carroll High School is an investment in our child's future. Carroll has given our son a head start on his college education and has helped to develop his leadership skills and faith life. We believe that it is important for each person to give back to the Patriot Fund and show their appreciation for all of the great work done by this fantastic institution."

         ~Edward & Lori (Dahlinghaus) Wolff '83, Carroll High School Parents of Eddie '17


"Every day, I'm reminded of the tremendous support we have from the parents, faculty, alumni, and friends of Carroll High School. We know that God calls us to be sensitive to the needs of others and to be willing to do what we can to make their lives easier. This is the Spirit of Giving that we all strive for -- to give generously to the people, places and causes that are important to us. Thank you for your support of the Carroll Patriot Fund. May the joy of such giving bring you great peace. It's a great day to be a Patriot!"   

~Matt Sableski, Carroll High School Class of 1991

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 2012

"High school is a unique and formative time, and my Carroll education played a huge role in shaping the person I am today. I made great friends and memories, learned the importance of serving others, became more involved in my community, and even discovered my future career path. I give back to the Carroll Patriot Fund because it's something that I truly benefited from, and I want others to be able to do the same."

~Taylor O'Neil, Carroll High School Class of 2012

 Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1992

"I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the Carroll Patriot Fund each year as it serves as a reminder how fortunate my brother and I were to have parents who placed an emphasis on getting the best education possible. My parents, like most of our parents, made financial sacrifices to put us through Carroll and any amount we can contribute as alumni will help current and future students receive an outstanding education while surrounding those individuals with teachers, coaches, friends, and classmates who will offer them a safe environment where they can develop and flourish through these impressionable high school years. I am very proud to be a part of the Class of 1992 and an alumnus of Carroll High School. I would like for future generations to have this sense of Patriot Pride so the least I can do is offer my support through a financial contribution, regardless of the amount. I kindly ask that you consider making Carroll a recipient of your generosity so our school can continue to provide the necessary resources to its students to be one of the top academic high schools in Ohio." 

~Jeff Kellerman, Carroll High School Class of 1992

Parent Captains, Class of 2019

“We looked at the other Catholic schools in Dayton. We chose Carroll because of the community - the friends that are intertwined between the classroom and our Catholic parish. Two years later, we feel even better about choosing Carroll as our Catholic high school. The teachers truly want to see every student, regardless of ability, to succeed. Carroll sees beyond the child's academic success. Carroll sees the formation of a person of God here to love and serve - building character along with academics. Our sons pray and celebrate the Eucharist with their athletic teams. We live in the Kettering School District, a great school district; Carroll offers us a smaller school that is faith-based. We did not want our children to fade into masses of children being educated in a large public school system. The Patriot Fund has helped our family invest in our children's education. It alleviates some of the financial stress that every family experiences when they have multiple children, all in Catholic schools.

~Kevin and Karen Westgerdes, Carroll High School Parents of Zach '18 and Jacob '19

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1982

"There are many reasons why I continue to yearly support the Carroll Patriot Fund. Carroll provided me, as well as my husband and four children, with an outstanding education! The Carroll Community provides an environment of strong Catholic values and beliefs, academic excellence, and numerous extracurricular and athletic possibilities. There are multiple opportunities for every student to succeed. Carroll enriches the lives of their students while shaping and building strong foundations for tomorrow's leaders! Any child should have the opportunity to become a PATRIOT for life!"

~Maureen (Murray) Hemmert, Carroll High School Class of 1982; Parent of Nick '11, Nathaniel ' 13, Patrick '15, and Meg '17

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1972

"It seems as I get a little older and the more that I look back on my youth and growing up, I think that I was lucky to have gone to Carroll High School and fortunate to have had the priests, teachers, coaches, and friends that all contributed to my personal development. Now, as a grandparent of 5 grandchildren, I believe more than ever in the value of a Catholic education and I want them to have the opportunity to benefit from the quality education and experiences that Carroll provided me. As we, the Class of 1972, celebrate our 45th reunion in 2017, I hope that all of you will join me in contributing to the Carroll Patriot Fund as evidence of the value that we placed on our experience at Carroll. I think that you will agree that a strong school produces strong alumni support and that strong alumni support helps make a strong school."

~Tony Lacon, Carroll High School Class of 1972

Director of Advancement

"How can I not support the Carroll Patriot Fund!  Carroll High School - teachers, coaches, lunch ladies, all supported me during those painful teenage years.  I knew I was loved and safe at school as well as at home.  The least I can do is provide some financial support to the institution that supported me, and to ensure that other students are provided the same opportunity to better themselves."

~Pam (Staton) Tipps, Carroll High School Class of 1991

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1967

"During my first year in college at Marquette University in 1967, I began appreciating how well Carroll had prepared me. Among the 40 guys on my dorm wing that first semester, the average GPA was 1.9, while mine was 3.6. The difference was my preparation as a writer thanks to Sr. Marie Christopher, who I had in English both my junior and senior years at Carroll. She taught me to avoid overusing verb forms of "to be" ("Action verbs, please!") and to capture detail ("Show, don't tell!"). She also taught Bob Dylan's lyrics as poetry and led a field trip to my first music concert at UD. An English major. I started my career as a high school English teacher, inspired by both Sr. Christopher and Mr. Hemmert, my freshman English teacher (who made us read Ivanhoe and Lorna Doone) and also my baseball and basketball coach. I taught English and coached girls' basketball for 5 years in the Milwaukee Public School system before eventually going back to school for my Ph.D. at Northwestern."

~Dr. Richard "Dick" Campbell, Carroll High School Class of 1967

Parent Captains, Class of 2020

“We chose Carroll High School for our children's education because we were looking for a better alternative to the large Dayton Public School system we live in. At Carroll, we found a close knit school with families from all over the Miami Valley that shared in our commitment to high academic standards, as well as a school where our children could continue their religious education. We and our children are happy we chose Carroll High School. Carroll offers many clubs, organizations and activities that encourage the entire student body to be involved and accountable as they prepare themselves for higher education. The Patriot Fund afforded us the chance to give our children an opportunity to be taught by caring educators that have a commitment to excellence. We will continue to support the Patriot Fund, so others can share in the many great opportunities Carroll has to offer.”

~Jamie and Larry Blevins, Carroll High School Parents of Tori '15 and Trey '20

Alumni Class Agent, Class of 1987

“I choose to support the annual Carroll Patriot Fund as a small gesture of gratitude and appreciation for the important role high school Catholic education has played in my life - educationally, spiritually, and socially. Carroll provided me a high-quality education that prepared me well for college and beyond. Additionally, Carroll provided me a strong spiritual foundation that strengthened my understanding and relationship with God. Finally, Carroll provided me the opportunity to develop relationships with so many great people – including some of my best, lifelong friends. I hope my small gesture of support can assist in providing similar experiences for future generations of Patriots.”

~Rob Tonetti, Carroll High School Class of 1987

Faculty & Staff Chair

"I was not born nor raised a Patriot. In fact, I didn’t know much about Carroll when I was hired here in 1996. Although my husband, Joe, and I are both transplants to the Dayton area, we contribute to the Patriot Fund each year because we’re thankful: we’re thankful for the Carroll legacy, we’re thankful for the families and the faculty who believed in the school in its early days, we’re thankful for the academic excellence for which Carroll is known, we’re thankful for so very many good people who make Carroll a community in which students are able to discover and grow their gifts and talents, and perhaps most of all, we’re thankful for the countless opportunities and blessings Carroll has given us and our family. My colleagues are all the most amazing bunch of talented, dedicated, brilliant people! I know from experience how this Carroll community takes each new group of students and challenges them, prepares them, believes in them, shares their faith stories with them, and, one way or another, helps them transition to young adulthood. At our best, this community does that for hundreds of students every year! I’m thankful for the chance to be a small part of that.”

~Mary Ollier, Carroll High School Math Teacher/Department Chair; Parent of Katie '11, Jacob '14 and Rachel '16

Director of Alumni Relations

"My husband, Sam Weitz '91, and I have made it a priority to give back to our Alma Mater every year, since our marriage in 1998.  We do this, not only for the students of today, but because of the amazing teachers, topnotch education, lasting friendships, and fun extracurricular activities we both experienced.  I, especially, am inspired by Carroll's history, traditions and countless number of dedicated alumni who do everything in their power to ensure Carroll's success into the future."

~Julie (Hemmert) Weitz, Carroll High School Class of 1994; Parent of Cameron '18 and Mandi '20


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