Elementary Instrumental Music Program (EIMP)


Every fall, the Carroll High School Music Staff, Mr. Carl Soucek, Director, and Mr. Ryan Griffin, Assistant Director, offer group instrumental music lessons at six Catholic elementary schools.  These lessons run the duration of the school year.  Students meet twice a week at their school and one day a week at Carroll.  Members of the music program perform four yearly concerts, combined with students from all six Catholic elementary schools.  There is no prerequisite, and students can start any time in grades 5-8.

Current participating elementary schools:

St. Brigid
Immaculate Conception
St. Helen
Our Lady of the Rosary
St. Luke
  • Students, along with other beginning instrumentalists at their school, meet twice weekly with a Carroll High School band director for small group instruction.
  • Each week, one 30-minute lesson will be given during the school day, as well as one 45-minute lesson outside of school. (Exceptions:  Students at Our Lady of the Rosary and Immaculate Conception will meet twice a week during the school day and students at Ascension will have an augmented schedule).
  • Each student will receive at least 20 lessons during the first semester and at least 30 lessons during the second semester.
  • In addition to the individual attention given during these small group lessons, weekly full band practices, including all six schools, will be held at Carroll High School so that students can experience a large group rehearsal on a regular basis.


  • Students are not charged on a per-lesson basis.  Instead, there is a flat tuition fee for the entire school year (2013-2014 fee - $210 per student).  This is drastically reduced from previous tuition rates and we are working hard to keep these fees low.
  • Your tuition fee pays for all of the following:
  • over 50 small group lessons
  • weekly full band practices at CHS
  • four concerts during the course of the year
  • an instructional method book for your student
  • teacher salaries
  • band music
  • music stands and equipment used at each school
  • The average cost of a private lesson with an independent instructor runs anywhere from $15 - $20 for one half-hour session.  The price of each lesson your student receives through the Carroll EIMP is under $4.00.  In addition, they receive all the amenities listed above.  This is a wonderful opportunity to learn an instrument at a great price!

Highlights of the Program:

  • Band Night at a Carroll High School football game
Students have the opportunity to spend the football game in the stands with the high school band.  A special half-time performance including all EIMP students, will take place.
  • Four concerts at Carroll High School, including all students in grades 5 - 12.
  • Field trip to King's Island for all EIMP students (optional activity).
  • Large group meetings once a week.

The band students will meet every Wednesday at Carroll High School for a large group rehearsal.  Every student from all six elementary schools will meet at Carroll for 45 minutes.  5th Grade rehearses from 7:15 - 8:00 p.m. and 6th, 7th and 8th Grades rehearse from 8:00 - 8:45 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Do I have to buy an instrument for my child?  Most parents arrange with a local music company for a rent-to-own plan.  Renting an instrument is a cost-effective way to start your new instrumentalist.  There is a list of recommended instruments and accessories that we have chosen through careful evaluation that we feel is the best combination and price.  Always rent an instrument from a music store with a qualified repair shop!
  2. Can my student play a used instrument?  Many fine used instruments are available from former band students and local music companies.  Please do not buy or begin to play on a used instrument until you have had it evaluated by one of the directors or a repair technician.  There is a wide variation in the value and quality of all musical instruments and it is to your advantage to get your money's worth.  We have found that old instruments sometimes will deter the student's progress (grandpa's trumpet from the 50's may not be in the best condition anymore!) and may eventually cost more in repairs than purchasing or renting a new instrument.
  3. Can my child be musical even if the parents are not?  No person can predict whether your child will become a musical person.  The success of all instrumental performance is determined by many factors, the most important of which is desire.  No prior musical training is necessary to be in an instrumental music class and we feel that all students can find success in music.
  4. Is private instruction available or required?  While we encourage private instruction, it is not required to participate in our instrumental music classes.  If interested, we will be happy to suggest a private lesson teacher.
  5. How important is practicing at home?  In order to succeed in learning an instrument, students will need to practice at home.  It is important to have a quiet place to practice and a music stand (we suggest that you purchase a folding/portable music stand for home practice).  The amount of time necessary for students to practice varies from student to student, but students should aim for at least 2-3 practice sessions of 30 minutes per week.  It is important for all students to practice and for parents to encourage and praise the results.
  6. Can my child participate in music and sports?  The administration, coaches and music teachers make every effort to avoid conflicts in scheduling so that students wishing to participate in both activities may do so.
  7. When will my student need to have an instrument?  Please make arrangements for your child to have an instrument at their first lesson.  Having an instrument ensures all students can begin class on an equal level.
  8. Why is there a music company at the parents' meeting?  We invite reputable music companies to display the instruments and accessories that we recommend and to explain the concept of rental plans.  You are not required to rent through these companies, as they are there simply for your convenience and as a service to us.  However, we feel strongly that Kincaid's Music and Hauer Music represent the highest quality of band supplies and encourage you to rent from them.  Convenient arrangements can be made for future service of your musical instrument needs.