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What does the Patriot Booster Club do?
Our mission is to give enthusiastic support to all Carroll students in the best way we can…THE PATRIOT WAY!! The Patriot Booster Club has a positive impact on Carroll High School by supporting programs and activities that benefit every student.

We’re coming off a great year!
*In 2015-2016 Patriot Boosters continued the concessions operation for football, soccer and basketball. With the help from parent volunteers, we raised approximately $17,000! 
*In addition, Boosters partnered with the Carroll community of Alumni, Carrolleers, Parent volunteers, students and teachers to help raise approximately $40,000 from the St Pat’s Fest, of which 30% is allocated to the Boosters.
*We voted to support areas of great need for our students. We are donating approximately $24,600 toward a cooling system for the gymnasium along with $2,000 for After Prom for a total donation of $26,600.
*We adopted a plan to keep 10% of our concessions profits for our operating budget and to invest 10% in a savings account to help support future needs of Carroll High School students. This account is now up to $5,500.
*We sponsored two Town Hall meetings for parents with speakers on Internet safety and drugs in the Dayton area.

Our goals for 2016-2017:

*Continue fundraising with the concession stand for football, soccer and basketball
*Support planning and provide volunteers for the St Pat’s Fest
*Identify and develop future funding projects
*Encourage more participation by members of the Carroll community by increasing Booster membership
*Organize Town Hall meetings where we can invite guest speakers or have an open forum of questions/answers with the Principal on areas of interest.
*Continue to increase community spirit by offering Exclusive Booster Members Only Jackets!!

What does it take to be part of the Patriot Booster Club?

*Complete and return the attached membership form or register online
*Attend our monthly meetings, the first Monday of the month (Sep-May) in the school library
*Participate in fundraising activities

How will you benefit by becoming a Patriot Booster?
*Booster members will have the opportunity to purchase a Carroll High School jacket (2 styles) that is only available to Booster members! (See attached form)
*Booster members receive a membership card that earns a 10% discount in the Spirit Shop and 5 free bottles of water from the concession stand
*Booster members get to know their school leaders, learn about important CHS developments, ask questions and provide input
*We enjoy time together that is both productive and fun. It’s very satisfying to be part of the positive direction Carroll High School is heading…The Patriot Way!!

Board Members:
Co-Presidents: Roger Obergefell (Wife Karla Sorrell ‘86, children Kevin ’13, Jason ’16, Gretchen ’19)
Kathy (McDonald) Moddeman ’89 (Husband Mike ’87, children Abby ’17, Will ’20, Jacob ’25)
Secretary: Brian Buttrey (Zachary ‘19)
Treasurer: Carrie Dirksen (Jenna ’15, Justin ‘18)


If you have questions regarding the Patriot Booster Club, contact